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Love Dr. Rob

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Robert Nolden is quickly becoming one of the nation’s leading Relationship Coaches. After experiencing a difficult divorce, Robert decided to turn his mess into his message. Using his own life experience as a teaching tool, he started N-Vision Life Coaching. Understanding the importance of healing, he is dedicated to helping others become healthier emotionally so they can have healthier relationships.

Robert is the author of the book” He Can’t Love You”. In the book he gives insight to the things many men endure which renders them incapable of being the men they need to be in relationships. He has also curated an event entitled Relationship Rehab. Relationship Rehab was created to help repair relationships by addressing the hurts many of  are going through.

Love Dr. Rob has been on both television and radio shows. He has appeared on the 504 with Sheba Turk.  Also, he has appeared on WBOK 1230am on the Oliver Thomas show, Let’s Live Radio, and the Morning Brewe to name just a few. He also has been on Sunday Journal with Hal Clark on WYLD FM 98.

Robert can be contacted by email

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