by Love Dr. Rob

A lot of people believe they need closure. Most can’t move on without knowing why it didn’t work. If it’s over, and they don’t what you anymore at least they can tell you why. What you need to be asking is why does it matter. 

I understand that you might be disappointed. Especially if you thought they were the one. After you gave them your all you deserve to know what you did or didn’t do. But if you gave your all what more could you have done?  Sometimes the answer is they just were too blind to see what you were doing. 

The End of a Relationship- Closure?

For many of us what hurts the most is the time we wasted. If they knew they didn’t want what we wanted why take up all our time? You could have been putting your time in to someone else. Here is the funny thing. They have moved on and you’re still wasting time. You can’t move without their explanation? 

People Only Think They Need Closure

So here are the answers you really need. They didn’t see the value in you. Anybody who saw your worth and valued it wouldn’t just leave it. It wasn’t you, it was them. I know it’s cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true. At the end of the day no matter what you did they didn’t want you. 

There is nothing that they can say that will make it easier to close that door. Also, you probably wouldn’t believe them anyway. The minute they start with what you did you will begin to defend yourself, and it will only end in an argument. Give yourself the closure you need and close that door. 

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