In April, we expressed our frustration with the apparent frontrunners for President of the United States – two acknowledged old dudes past their primes . Fast forward to the night of the June 27 debate, a debate sought out by President Joe Biden. The opposing candidate, true to form, lied, exaggerated and made outlandish statements like he always does. A young Biden would have made mincemeat out of him, but what did we see and hear? Cringe through this abbreviated version of the Biden meltdown if you can stomach it.

Even more than a week after this fiasco, Biden tenaciously holds on to his desire to be the Democratic nominee. He and his dwindling supporters have tried to attribute his poor debate performance to a “bad night”, bad cold and exhausting overseas travel. Folks are in denial. Reports surfaced that many witnessed Biden’s mental state decline for months and on several occasions. You can see how feeble he is just walking on the debate stage. There was a blank stare in his eyes, his mouth open half the time to help him breathe.

Should Biden Just Quit?

In a one-on-one interview on ABC News last Friday, Biden’s attempt to redeem himself fell short again. He’s admitted that he’s not a young man anymore, and that’s the main problem. He refused at least three times to agree to an independent neurological and cognitive exam, claiming that those abilities are tested daily through his presidential responsibilities. He dismisses what recent polls are indicating about his falling approval ratings and chances for re-election. When asked how he’d feel if he stays in the race and lost, Biden said the most important thing is that he would have given his best effort.

No sir! Your personal satisfaction is of no concern to voters of any party.

Though several Democratic congressmen have moved for Biden’s voluntary withdrawal from the race, none of them so far have significant clout in the party. The Democratic National Convention in Chicago is fast approaching on August 19-22. Biden says only divine intervention will force him out. That position will be tested soon if key players like minority House Leader Hakeem Jeffries, Nancy Pelosi and governors of large states like California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania exert pressure.

The Drew Brees Affect

A local non-political analogy, though not at all important to our everyday lives, is the demise of former Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Though a future NFL Hall of Famer, his performance showed obvious signs of decline 3 years before he finally hung it up after the 2020 season. Brees, and thousands of fans, were in denial. They made excuses (bad calls by the refs, poor pass protection, rib injury) for what was an obvious sharp decline in his arm strength. He was selfish, delusional and sold fans and ownership a bill of goods, promising a return to the Super Bowl. In the end, he deprived other promising young players a real opportunity to prove what they could do.

No matter how unpalatable Biden’s opponent is, the guy speaks with vigor, confidence and arrogance. Through all his lies, he has a big misled following that should never be underestimated again. They would let him run the country from behind bars if necessary. (Although the recent SCOTUS ruling likely scuttles that notion.)

Time is of the essence. Joe Biden, listen closely: pass the torch to someone who has a better chance to win and to state their case to lead this country into the future. Go sit down, Joe. You have given us your best, and nothing less is acceptable going forward.

2 thoughts on “Democratic Inertia, Stubbornness Jeopardizing the Presidential Campaign”
  1. Great article Dave! My only problem is: who ya gonna call(in my Ray Parker, Jr. voice!)? If Vice President Harris is put out front, who’s her running mate? Gavin Newsome? Gretchen Whitmer? Some other big name Democratic Governor? If Democrats don’t get out to vote, it won’t matter and the “Mango Maniac” will waltz back in.
    Regardless of who the candidate is, the message has to be about how the alternative is the greatest threat this nation has seen in its 248 years of existence. It’s precisely what the Vice President spoke about this past weekend.
    The Founding Fathers put guardrails in place to prevent the Rise of Kings here. He and his SCOTUS cronies are looking to tear down the guardrails and throw them in the back of their pickup trucks.
    If that guy gets back in. God Help Us All!

  2. My brother Fred,
    I agree 100% about what the main message needs to be from Democrats. At this point, I don’t think Biden is the best person to deliver the message. He’s a shell of his former self, and I have feared this situation might arise for over a year. There were signs that most folks just dismissed. If Dems stand a chance in November, the voters they must attract are younger voters (18-30), and young voters (31-50). Voters our age won’t be the deciding factor. A youthful, energetic leader and forceful communicator could make a difference, but there’s not much time left to dilly dally. Inspiration and energy is needed to win this election, not a ton of experience like the 81 year old Biden offers. We deserve a better option.

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