by Love Dr. Rob

I have been asked this question a lot lately. Too many women have found themselves wondering where she stood with a man. She knows that she wants him, but she is not sure what he wants. So now she finds herself asking “What are we doing”?  

Well here is the answer. If you have to ask, y’all are nothing. A man that truly wants you will let you know. You will never have to wonder because he will be intentional in pursuing you. If you don’t know or have to ask what your status is. You already know the answer. But you just don’t want to accept it. 

What are we doing?

What are we doing?

For most women, by the time they ask this question, they are already deeply invested. They have given their time, attention, and their bodies in hopes that he would give her the relationship she wanted. Instead she ends up in a situationship. Not really knowing if she is wanted or what she is actually wanted for.

  Here are just a few things to keep in mind if you are ever in this situation. The first thing is the man that wants you will let you know without a doubt that you are who he wants. Secondly, if you are questioning what you are now, no matter his answer, somewhere in the future you will find yourself asking the question again. And lastly DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT invest in a situation before you know your place in it. That way you will never have to question what y’all are doing.  

So ask yourself a few questions before you are unhappy and disillusioned. Don’t blame another because you made assumptions. Get it straight and up front. Be true to yourself or the situation may be false to you.

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