Sorry Not Sorry

by Love Dr. Rob

He was drenched in tears, snotty nose and all. He just wanted his family back. She didn’t mean anything to him. Ain’t it funny when he got caught he got sorry.

It always amazes me just how sorry a person can be after they get caught. There were no tears, no what about my wife and family, no it’s not worth it before then. Now all of a sudden, after you find out, they realize what they really wanted was you. Yeah alright, miss me with all that. 

Do I think a person can be sincere in their apology? The answer is yes. But for me that apology loses value if I catch you in the act. What happened to you being sorry after you got the number? Or why weren’t you sorry after your first conversation? Where was all the I’m sorry when the person you love was sitting alone waiting on you?

Sorry is supposed to fix it?

The craziest part is that they believe I’m sorry is supposed to fix everything. As if once you hear those two words, all is forgiven and forgotten. Yes there is power in words, but it’s a long way from that light from the movie “Men in Black”.  It’s going to take more than a flash to make all that go away. 

What most people don’t understand is how much hurt is caused in that moment. Trust is gone, respect is lost, and a heart is broken because of their actions. Yet they expect words to fix it. It is going to take a hell of a lot more than that. 

You’re Sorry. You’re sorry? Sorry for what is the question. Sorry you lied? Sorry you robbed them of the love they deserved?  Sorry you did this to your relationship?  Or are you sorry you got caught. At this point the only thing you said half way right is that you’re sorry, and you even said that wrong. What you should have said was you ARE sorry. And if that seems a little harsh, Sorry, but I’m not sorry. 

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