by Love Dr. Rob

The heart wants what it wants. As bad as you want to leave them alone and let it go you just can’t seem to. It doesn’t matter what was done. There is a part of you that longs for them. In your mind you know this is not good for you. Even though your brain knows better, your heart wants what it wants. 

I hate that statement with a passion. It sounds like an excuse to stay in a toxic relationship with an even more toxic person. When you and your feelings make a decision to hold on to somebody or keep going back to them the heart gets the blame. Who is really in control you are your heart?

The Heart Does What it Does

The reality is the heart only knows what you introduce to it. Really if we look at some of the people we have loved, the heart can be downright stupid at times. The fact is the heart is trusting you. But you keep failing your heart. Do you think that heart would make the decisions to love someone if you didn’t tell it that it was safe to do so?

You don’t have to be stuck in toxicity

You are properly equipped to guard your heart. Your eyes, ears, mouth, and mind meet people before your heart does. You can see how they treat you, hear what they say, ask them questions and decide whether this is someone you should introduce to your heart. The truth, for most of us, is as soon as we see just one thing that we like then we grant people access to our hearts. The only thing the heart does wrong is love who you told it that it was safe to love. 

The heart wants what it wants because you told it that it was ok to want it. It is only doing its job. Remember the heart is meant to love, and when you tell it that it’s okay the heart goes all in. The saddest part is while you’re blaming your heart, it’s your heart that ends up broken after trusting you. Maybe the problem is not the heart wanting what it wants, but the heart wanting what you want. 

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