by Love Dr. Rob

Two women were dating the same man. And when I say the same man I mean exactly that. He even told them the exact same lies. The crazy part is each of them believed the lies and figured he was lying only to the other one. 

Both of them refused to concede to the other one. Nobody wanted to be the one to lose their man. It had gotten to a point where they were upset with and fighting each other. Though he was the source of the problem nobody was mad with him. In fact they were so busy fighting each other for their man, neither one realized he didn’t belong either of them. 

This has been going on for some time now. And they are still fighting, and he is still with both of them. Neither one of them wants to be the loser, and they got this loser feeling like a winner. He is literally living his best life because both women want to feel like they’ve won.

The question is what would they win if he is the prize? What I understand is this situation is not unique to these two ladies. There a quite a few women in this same real life soap opera. I wish more of them would realize whichever one lets him go is the real winner. Ending with him would leave you with a cheater who has never and will never respect you. As my grandmother would say let her have him, and she will wish you had kept him. Oh she will feel like she won in the beginning, but you will be the true champion  

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