by Love Dr. Rob

You never thought he would do that to you. He was so different, a far cry from the others. Even though he kept telling you what he wasn’t ready for and didn’t want anything more, you thought were going to change him and his mind. 

Oh you were there through it all. You were definitely his everything. You were the friend, the cutty buddy, girlfriend, and potential wife. He didn’t need nobody else, even though he still wanted everybody else. That was cool though, because he just needed time to see who you are. 

Years have passed, and you are almost committed to him. I mean, to you it’s just you and him. Come on now, you have been his ride or die since been. Y’all have history, and they can’t give him that. You didn’t even need a title, and you have been there for everything. 

Are You Wasting Your Time

With all that being said the question is, when is he going to see all that you have been?  The truth is, in most cases, NEVER. While you feel like you were someone different, you were doing what all the other women in his life were doing. All of y’all were waiting for him to see y’all. The whole time none of y’all were willing to see him. 

Black Love

When you were showing him what you could be for him, he was telling you and showing you he was for the streets. You wanted him to see your value, and he did. He saw you were giving him everything, and he didn’t have to do anything to get it. What could be easier than that? 

Here is the thing, there are some men who will look at what you are doing and say you are special. The problem is most won’t. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to. Where they are is exactly where they want to be. 

So when you are giving him your all, keep in mind you may be giving your all for nothing.  More often than not that person will never be the person you deserve. This is especially true when you have given everything to them before they earned anything yet you are expecting them to appreciate it. That method will never work with a man who doesn’t truly want you, or didn’t you know that?  

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