Question: Do you think this commandment thing is all a part of Gov. Landry’s plan to make Louisiana’s public schools as unappealing as possible? If so, do you think he’s off to a good start? This past legislative session Gov. Landry got another private school voucher bill passed. So now, more public school money will be siphoned off to private schools. Given that, why do you think Gov. Landry would mandate the commandments be displayed in schools he ultimately doesn’t want children to attend?

Will students have to recite the Ten Commandments every morning before class? If not, how will they receive the moral guidelines that Rep. Dodie Horton says the commandments will impart upon them? Will there be lesson plans dedicated to the historical context of the commandments? If a child happens to be of Canaanite descent, would that child’s opinion of the commandments’ historical context be included in the  discussion?

Are the 10 Commandments History?

Did you notice that a child fainted as Gov. Landry picked up his pen to sign the commandment bill? Did you notice that he didn’t notice? Did you notice that he just went right on babbling about Moses as the poor child was being carried away? Do you think he was oblivious or just didn’t want the child to ruin his moment? When the child fainted do you think she embodied what so many of us were feeling at the moment? Does anyone know if she’s okay?

Why isn’t anyone mentioning that displaying the Mayflower Compact of 1620 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 is also included in the commandment bill? Being that these were legal justifications for colonization and native extermination, shouldn’t they be regarded as more indicative of the country’s founding morality than the commandments?

Questions About the 10 Commandments in Schools

Did you know that HB71 allows for “the use of donations or the acceptance of donated displays”? With that said, how many stone tablets do you think the Louisiana Family Forum is going to supply? Did you know that the displays have a minimum height and width of 11 X 14 inches, but a maximum that could approach idolatry?

The font also has to be “large, and easily readable.” Which one, Arial or Times New Roman, do you think is more pleasing to the Lord, Moses, and Gov. Landry?

What do you think Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett thinks of all this? When this issue inevitably makes it way to the Supreme Court, what do you think the conservative justices will do with the Establishment Clause, the separation of church and state? Do away with it, maybe? Or claim that it only applies to congress and not state governments? If justice Barrett votes the wrong way, do you think the residents of Old Metairie will revoke the street they named after her? Desecrate the sign?

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Before this alleged Moses came down that alleged mountain with the alleged commandments in hand, do you think human beings had no concept of morality? No concept of law? Do you think when a person died at the hands of another people just stood by shrugging, saying I don’t know what just happened? Do you think people were just  fine with other people taking their stuff? When Gov. Landry calls Moses the original law giver isn’t that what he’s implying? Do you think Gov. Landry has grasp of human history?

Final question: How do you not notice a whole child fall out behind you, and the scrambling that went on afterwards? It is utterly baffling.

In summary: Gov. Landry signed a bill mandating that displays of the Ten Commandments, the Declaration of Independence, The Mayflower Compact, and the Northwest Ordinance be set up in schools. State Rep. Dodie Horton pushed the bill through the legislature. But she’s getting no props in the press. Liberals and other people with sense are rightfully peeved. This whole thing will end up at the Supreme Court where the conservative justices will concoct a majority ruling that justifies this. And yeah…I think that just about covers it. 

One thought on “The 10 Commandments Are Coming To A School Near You”
  1. “Did you notice that a child fainted as Gov. Landry picked up his pen to sign the commandment bill? Did you notice that he didn’t notice? Did you notice that he just went right on babbling about Moses as the poor child was being carried away? ”

    I did notice it was behind him in a loud environment. I also noticed that the two women beside him did not notice what happened behind their backs. Did you try to find out her condition? So you make up inflammatory comments because you don’t like him?

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