By Kala Hathorn

You must be the best you you can be. In an age where everyone seeks to be seen and revered; instead seek to be kind, compassionate, hardworking, and diligent towards pursuing your purpose. We are living in a society where looks, how much money you make, and how many likes or shares you get on social media validates who you are as a human being. On the contrary, what society fails to realize is that it is not likes that make a person. Rather what dwells within our heart and soul is what really matters. The essence of our character determines our destiny.  So, instead of being so consumed with external measures, we should be more concerned about who we are internally.

Are we living up to the world’s expectations of how we should act, or are we blazing our own path and becoming who we were created to be?

Trying to fit in strips us of our creativity, purpose, and most importantly our happiness. The cost of living for the approval of others is expensive.  Our fate does not include fitting society’s standards or trends. We are here to be trendsetters, innovators, pioneers, and architects. We are avant garde’s of ideas and blue-prints to solutions unimaginable. . So, it is time to start marching to the beat of a different drum. Even if it means we have to march alone.

Be the Best You

Marching alone, on this path towards embracing individuality is difficult, but necessary. Some of the most notable individuals in history marched alone. Walt Disney marched alone after being told his ideas about building theme parks were ridiculous. Gina Bythewood Prince marched alone after having her screenplay denied by various studios. Jay Z marched alone when he sold CD’s out of his car after being denied a record deal. Tyler Perry marched alone as he slept in his car to chase after a dream that many people didn’t believe in.

You Must be the best you that you can

So, we must learn how to march alone in order to walk in our destined purpose. We also have to remember that purpose must come before popularity in every aspect because popularity is temporary, but purpose is eternal. Popularity today is fleeting and can even be deceptive, so remember popularity may get you in the room, but purpose keeps you there.

Lastly, if you find yourself disturbed or deeply saddened about not fitting in, remember that you are here to be you and to be you to the fullest. I encourage you to break the cycle of desiring to be accepted and embrace the concept of marching alone to the beat of your own drum. Never lose sight of the fact that the world needs your unique voice, style, and rhythm. You were handcrafted by God to make an impact for such a time as this. So, be encouraged, be brave, and most importantly be who you were designed to be. You must be the best you that you can be.

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