Excuses, Excuses, Excuses But The Real Reason Might Shock You

This conversation threw me all the way off, to be honest. I’m talking to a guy and he was explaining to me why he cheats. He made it his business to tell me he had a good reason for doing what he was doing. The reason was her. He had a real reason. Other dudes just make excuses.

Wait a minute sir, did he say his reason was her?  Yes, you heard what I said. He was a good dude, but his girlfriend wasn’t giving him what he needs. She wasn’t doing what the other women were doing. So, because of that, he had to cheat to get what he wasn’t getting from her.

The other women made him feel wanted. They complimented him, engaged with him in conversation, and had sex with him whenever he wanted. His girlfriend wasn’t doing that. If she would have been doing it, then he wouldn’t have to cheat. That was his reason.

He Claims She Made Him Do It But NAH That Ain’t Really True

So I asked him what about her reason? Of course, you know that threw him off. First off, his girlfriend had caught him cheating multiple times. There was even an outside child created. You got to know that played a part in her shutting down.

Them Outside Women Have it Easy

The outside women didn’t have to deal with his day-to-day BS.. They are choosing to cheat with him, while his girlfriend is being cheated on by him. There is a difference. Yeah, with them it was all fun and games, but for her, that wasn’t the case.

He had never thought about how she had to try to love him past the pain he caused her. How can she be affectionate with you, and she hasn’t even healed yet. And when the healing starts something else happens. Then he tells her it’s happening because of her.  The truth was he was giving all of these excuses and couldn’t even see that he was the reason.

This is true for a lot of men. We see what the women in our lives aren’t doing. But we never ask why they aren’t doing it. Sometimes men can’t get things we want because women aren’t getting what they need. At some point, you have to stop making excuses for what you’re doing and start giving them a reason to give you what you want and need.

As you read this, remember this can go both ways. This can be as true for some women as it can be for men. Make sure you can see yourself as well as your mate. Because while you’re seeing them as the problem, you might be the reason the whole time. And I just told you.  So you can no longer make excuses.

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