Ask And You Shall Receive

How to get what you deserve

Too many people are waiting for someone to become who they deserve. They will go into a relationship with somebody knowing what they want. But because at that moment, they don’t think they can get it they take whatever is there. In the beginning, it’s cool but one day you start wanting what you deserve. Now all of a sudden you want to build a boo.

This person was never the most attentive, talkative, affectionate, romantic person. There are no flowers, picnics, or long walks in the park. At first, that was cool. You were good with them smashing and dashing in the beginning. You didn’t want or need all that other stuff. Now you need all that and then some.

Now you’re telling them what you want and what you deserve. And they either can’t or won’t give it to you. At that point, you’re mad with them. The crazy part is their argument is they never had to do it before, so they shouldn’t have to now. And even though you don’t want to hear it, they are right.

The thing to keep in mind is that it is hard to start low and go up on your prices. In most cases, the people who shop cheap usually do so because that’s all they can do. So when you lower your standards the person you get has already set their mind not to exceed what you’re asking for.  And the minute you raise your ask, they will most likely leave.

Put on Your Big Girl Panties

When a woman realizes the situation she is in, it’s here when she has to make the hard decision. She can either accept that she will never get what she wants from this person, or she can try to make him give her what she wants. This is when the hard hat and tool belt come out. Now you want to do upgrades and add one. By then even when it isn’t working, she looks at the time and effort she has invested and stays.

The long-term effect is she stops looking for what she deserves. If she put that much time and effort in and didn’t get it, maybe she was asking for too much. What every woman needs to know is it’s not that you’re not asking for too much. You’re just asking the wrong person. Also, you’re waiting too long to ask for it.

You have to know your worth and you deserve it. You also have to know that some people won’t know what you’re worth. Some won’t be able to afford it. And some just won’t want to pay it. BUT for the right person, no price will be too high. When you ask for the world they will add the sun and the moon because they know you’re worth more. If you’re in this situation, adjust your crown and let them know that yesterday’s price is not today’s price. And trust me for the right one the PRICE is Right.

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