Our annual look back at the previous stories that were most impactful last year.  These stories got the most hits on our website.  The ranking is based upon what you like and read the most.  In order they are:

10.  Why Men Cheat Might Surprise You.  by Love Dr. Rob

                Love Dr. Rob offers monthly articles with realistic and compelling relationship advice.  His top story last year was also the 10th most popular article on the site.  According to his article on cheating Wait a minute sir, did he say his reason was her?  Yes, you heard what I said. He was a good dude, but his girlfriend wasn’t giving him what he needs. She wasn’t doing what the other women were doing. So, because of that, he had to cheat to get what he wasn’t getting from her.

9. Vaccines Roll Out Nationwide & Mask Mandates

                Legendary local writer CC Campbell Rock submitted a compelling piece about the politization of mask mandates.  She submitted a photo of former Republican stalwart and Trump loyalist Herman Cain. He sat unmasked at a Trump rally.  Shortly after he died from COVID complications.  Her informative read is entitled Just Wear the Damn Mask.

8. Mardi Gras, second lines and festivals canceled

                He is sometimes acerbic but always funny.  Kenneth Cooper’s article about the political and social fallout of Mayor LaToya Cantrell canceling Mardi Gras was number 8.  He neatly wove o=in the NYX All Lives Matter Controversy.  Funny and informative, this article by Cooper helped sooth the wound of no Mardi Gras.

7. Covid and Sports

                Kenneth Cooper also submitted the 7th most popular story last year.  The effect of COVID on sports and the Saints made the season challenging.  Both the NFL and the NBA created COVID protocols.  Daily testing and transparency on results highlighted the procedures.  Teams saw coaches and players become ineligible weekly.  The Saints and Pelicans saw their share of problems

6. COVID and Education

                CC Campbell Rock wrote a compelling piece on education.  Our 7th most popular article questioned the need for charter schools. “Are charter schools actually good? Or should they be closed? When Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signs Louisiana Senate Bill 95 into law this month, the Orleans Parish School Board will regain legislative power stripped from the elected body 15 years ago by legislators and state education officials. In New Orleans maybe we will get to answer the questions.”

5. Hurricane Ida

                My article about our response to Hurricane Ida is number 5.  The devastation provided an opportunity for local businesses to grow.  New Orleanians should hire local contractors to rebuild their properties.  City government should incentivize locals and support local contractors with access to capital and training.  It still matters. Read it here.  

4. January 6th Events at Capital

                CC Campbell Rock immediately reported on the attack on our capital.  And she was one of the first to out Donald Rouse and his participation in the attack.  Pictures show the attack that new Lost Cause is not redeemable.  Despite the claims of to the contrary, this protest was based on lies and misinformation.  Read her detailed analysis.

3. Election of Susan Hutson & Oliver Thomas

                The new progressive political shift turned into a tidal wave after the past election.  New Orleanians elected two reform candidates.  Susan Hutson defeated a New Orleans institution, Sheriff Marlon Gusman and Oliver Thomas defeated incumbent Council Member Cyndi Nguyen.  Read my articles about there campaigns here and here.

2. State Police Exposed in Ronald Green’s death

                The shocking betrayal of the public trust is astonishing.  Police murdering an unarmed black man is not a news flash.  Even police covering up their misdeeds is kinda’ ho-hum. But the depths of the corruption is remarkable.  CC Campbell Rock’s incredible piece shows “We are paying police to kill us!”

1. Bayou Phoenix Awarded to Troy Henry group

                Troy Henry’s defeat of Drew Brees is one for the ages. Not only did the local businessman present a better proposal than the future Hall of Fame QB, but he galvanized community support after it looked like the fix was  in in NO East.  We ran several articles about the process.  Combined they represent the most popular stories of the year.  Read them here and here and here.

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