Did you know that you can be reimbursed for erroneous (wrong) charges?

Did you know that there is a sliding scale for payments for people having a hard time paying their bills? Did you know that you can go to the Keller Library on upcoming Wednesdays to get these and other issues handled with the help of Justice and Beyond advocates? These advocates will help you meet with people from the Sewerage and Water Board who can take care of your problem.

            Justice and Beyond is a coalition of leaders, organizations, and individuals formed 6 years ago with a mission to empower its members and to advocate for justice and righteousness for all peoples. In the past few months we have confronted Entergy about its proposed gas plant, supported St. James Parish residents in their fight against the Formosa chemical plant, and provided education on other pressing issues.

            Additionally, we held forums on Sewerage and Water Board problems, meeting with Sewerage and Water Board executive director Ghassan Korban to make demands and prioritize solutions. We attended monthly S&WB board meetings. We did planning with Richard Rainey, Director of Communication for Sewerage and Water Board on how to implement some solutions. One result is a temporary customer service center in the Broadmoor neighborhood, so that you don’t have to go downtown and park, and so that you can have an advocate with you to help you decide what questions to ask and what relief to expect.

             Justice and Beyond won an important policy victory: S&WB can no longer hire workers from out out of parish. This keeps jobs for our folks in Orleans Parish.

            Mr. Rainey states in an email: “In our continued effort to meet our customers where they are, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has partnered with Justice and Beyond to create a temporary Customer Service Center in the Broadmoor neighborhood at the Rosa F. Keller Library. Customer Service representatives will be on hand during these times to assist anyone with issues or questions about their SWBNO bills. Customers can check on outstanding disputes, enter payment arrangements or get answers to general billing questions.” A caveat: the representatives can only address billing issues and not damage claims or water leaks. Customers with those concerns should contact 504 52 WATER (2837) or email customerservice@swbno.org.

            WHO: SWBNO Billing Customer Service Department, with thanks to Justice and Beyond and the Rosa F. Keller Library

WHAT TO BRING: Your bill in question, or your ID with billing address

WHEN: Wednesdays on January 9, 16, 23, 30 from 10 a.m. To 2 p. m.

WHERE: Rosa F. Keller Library and Community Center, 4300 S. Broad St.

WHY: SWBNO is launching a greater effort in 2019 to reach its customers at times and places convenient for them.

HOW to contact the library: 504 596 2660. How to contact the SWBNO 504 52 WATER. How to contact Richard Rainey 504 585 2254 (office) 504 418 2848 (cell) or rrainey@swbno.org.

            The Justice and Beyond advocates will have a printed list of questions for people to ask the Billing Customer Service Department at the Keller Library. For more information contact JusticeandBeyondnola@gmail.com.

            Fight back on this and many other important issues with Justice and Beyond. While we see this customer service outreach as a step in the right direction, we think that it is the Sewerage and Water Board’s responsibility to resolve the problems it created on a system-wide basis, without individuals having to appear and fight. Not all of our citizens are able to do that.

            Justice and Beyond meets each Monday, except holidays at 4:45-7 p.m. at Cafe Istanbul in the Healing Center, St. Claude at St. Roch. We serve a delicious dinner and have a fun place for your little ones to play.

Signed by The Justice and Beyond Pillars – the steering committee of Justice and Beyond.

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  1. Just recently began reading this newsletter(?). Initially dismissed as another nuisance email….but oops it’s quite the opposite. Just wanted to applaud whoever initiated. Its very informative & enlightening on issues that matter. S&WB article….just an example. Keep up great work and God bless you all. 🙏🏾💜💯

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