I’m relieved that arespectable judge like Lafayette’s Michelle Odinet only thinks of black people as n*ggers and roaches when she’s high on sedatives. Otherwise, we’d have a problem. To know that her unconscious racism can only be unearthed by a mind-altering substance restores all the faith I lost in her humanity and her judicial skills when I first heard the news.  Despite all observable evidence, finally it’s settled. She’s not a racist, after all. She was just sedated. Thank goodness she cleared that up.

Sedatives – The New Defense for Racism

People still have doubts, though. But that’s because they don’t understand that sometimes sedatives can have reverse effects. In her case, instead of making her drowsy or subdued, this sedative left her euphoric. I mean, did you see the video? There she was sitting there giggling and pointing. She called a black man a n*igger. Then she equated n*ggers and roaches (purely against her will of course). She and her kids cackled at a home surveillance video of a black man. They said he tried to break into their house.

Her poor inner spirit. It must’ve short circuited in shame at being outed like this. That would explain why she blacked out and has no recollection of what happened. Now with all said and done, she asks for our prayers and forgiveness.

LSU is not as forgiving, though. Odinet’s son was also in the video pointing, giggling, and dropping the n-word. LSU immediately kicked him off the track team. They didn’t even consider whether the sedative was an airborne contagion or not. How else could you explain that everybody else, except the person recording, was just as giddy as Odinet. Talk about a rush to judgement.

I wonder what the Louisiana Supreme Court thinks of all this. I mean she did kind of unconsciously break at least 2 cannons of the judicial code when she was high on this sedative. Canon 1 talks about observing “high standards of conduct so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved.” Well, she kind of knocked that right out the park. And Canon 2 talks about acting “at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.”  And another homerun. It’s hard to not imagine that when a black man is in her court she doesn’t unconsciously see a n*gger or a roach. One can only guess what the future holds.

Nationwide Tour Possible

I wonder if in the coming days former President Trump will grant her the Presidential Very Fine Person Medal of Freedom. It would be well deserved. Maybe she’ll even step down from the bench and go on a series of nationwide speaking tours. Out on tour, she can use her unfortunate experience as a call to action against the oncoming sedative epidemic. After all, who knows how many other white women across the country are in danger of being exposed.

When the news broke, I know what you were thinking. Like me, you missed the good ole days when racist white people used to loudly call us monkeys and tell us to go the f—back to Africa.  Yeah I know, they clearly had no clue of evolutionary theory and possessed lazy geographical skills.  But at least back then they still thought of us as fellow primates. We were lesser primates of course, but still sentient beings capable of producing thought and emotion. But now, in these nouveau 3rd wave racism days, all it takes is a mild sedative and a judge like Odinet is taking even that semblance of humanity away from us. In her claimed sedated state, we’re just insects devoid of humanity only fit to be gassed with insecticide or wiped from the bottom of her shoe.

All I can say is give her a break. It’ll be a hard holiday season ahead for the Odinet family. Hopefully, the Louisiana Judiciary Commission and Supreme Court are quick to act. In the end, doesn’t her privilege at least afford her that?

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