Before the mayor leaves the city, she has to clean her room first. And make her bed. And fold her clothes. She better brush her teeth. And complete all of her other remaining chores. 

If the mayor doesn’t do any of this, then certain members of the City Council will be unhappy. A quorum will form. Heads will heat then cool. Afterwards, there will be much talk about cutting off the mayor’s allowance and not signing any of her future permission slips. The members will then conclude by running from their offices to tattle to the media.

The media, the media, the media. The media knows the people. They know, on average, that when it comes to politics, the people are mostly all heart and irrationality. They know that if you throw a fish in the air, the people can’t help but watch it flap then fall to the ground. 

Example of a fish being thrown in the air: 

Mayor Cantrell Spends $10,000 On A Flight To Switzerland.


The City Council Treats the Mayor Like a Child

It lands with no context involved. 

Questions that should be asked: How much does a typical flight to Switzerland cost? Was this the cost of mayor’s ticket alone? Was it round trip? Did she fly first class? Were her feet up? Were endless glasses of champagne involved? Did she spend the flight hunched over her laptop analyzing the latest crime stats?

Wait. Speaking of context, this needs to be put into some. Here we go:

The city is a hot ass mess. Murders everyday. And carjackings galore. Morale at the NOPD is falling faster than the mayor’s approval ratings. There are now less than 1000 police officers. If you call 911, there’s a chance it may take a few hours for an officer to show up. The Entergy bills are too damn high. It’s hot. Citizens are hella frustrated. All the while, the mayor was set to take her 3rd trip overseas in 5 weeks. 

So there it is. The room is a mess. And the Council has decided that the mayor can’t go out to play until it’s clean. They did this through an ordinance. The City Council treats the mayor like a child.

Two questions: Should a grown ass mayor be treated like a child? How do you treat a mayor who’s not doing what you want? 

We are told that when members of the Council ask questions, the mayor responds with silence or attitude. But we are not told if those questions are asked in a way that invokes silence or attitude. We do know that eventually the tattling begins. 

After much media pressure and fish flopping, the mayor responded by canceling her latest overseas trip. The trip would’ve been to Singapore for a conference on climate change.

In a move to save face, the mayor was like, I didn’t want to go anyway. She said she was now staying here to embed herself in the NOPD. Presumably, to make morale rise from the ashes amongst the rank and file.

Questions abound: Will the mayor also embed herself in a pothole? A flooded street? A broken windshield? A 911 call? Into the mind of Tyrann Mathieu and uncover why he went M.I.A. and deleted all references of the Saints from his Instagram?  (Sorry I digress.)

This is embarrassing. The people deserve better. Surely grown adults can find a better way to fix a city and show disdain for each other. Yep the City Council treats the mayor like a child?

Oh look. What’s that in the air? 

Mayor Cantrell Faces Unprecedented Disrespect Because She’s A Black Woman.


7 thoughts on “The City Council Treats Mayor Cantrell Like A Child. Does She Deserve It?”
  1. I’m glad somebody finally said it! JP and Helena’s only focus, it seems, is to make the mayor look bad. The mayor has her issues but this piece is spot on!

    1. I totally agree. When she was silent, I thought that she lost her “swag.” Sister Friend should just tell them all to stuff it. And somebody better see who Robert Collins is endorsing for mayor next term!! If they keep throwing shit, some will come back and splatter in their faces!!!

  2. This proves you and your media organization aren’t objective. After the mayor has had a full term in office and the city is in the shape it is in, council is only effecting do-diligence.
    Cantrell wasn’t an effective Councilperson and now she is an ineffective mayor.
    But I assume you and your organization are depended on political favors from the mayor.
    You need to reassess your position on this one.

  3. The mayor is doing a good job. She is not responsible for crime. People are. The police are in bad shape. that is her fault. But we are getting infrastrucure money. She did that! Mixed bag on her. What is the city council doing? Nothing like Cooper says. Throwing bricks. Yall need to do something!!

    1. Mayor Cantrell has been sneaky, extravagant with travel, non-transparent, & a proven poor leader!
      New Orleans is dying in important contractual areas such as sanitation,
      housing, commercial growth, & crime.
      Landrieu was much more effective!!
      Cantrell MUST learn to navigate positive relationships with council & administration before we lose more residents.

  4. I agree that the mayor is being treated like a child by JP and HM. They appear to have as their life ‘s work to make her look bad at any cost. What do Bay Bay’s kids hope to gain? Nothing for us citizen for sure. What are their solutions to the problems the city is facing? I don’t hear any from them. Where did they find those poor seniors to back them up at the council meeting? Shame on them for such a stunt.

  5. JP & Helena don’t have their own agenda. So they need to get in the news. They are attacking the mayor. She ain’t doing nothing either. We in trouble yall Basically New Orleans is broke

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