While The City Floods, The Attorney General Plays Games With The Pumps And Water

Maybe we should just build an ark at this point. Surely Noah stashed the blueprints somewhere atop Mt. Ararat. Wait, isn’t Mayor LaToya Cantrell still on that side of the Atlantic? If so, somebody send her a quick text or email. Providing the blueprints should be core criteria for any aspiring sister city. In the meantime, the rain pours. The city floods. And if not tied down, trash-filled garbage cans may go floating on up the street. And the Louisiana AG plays petty political games.

In soon to be related news, Louisiana A.G. Jeff Landry’s new autobiography – Petty As Can Be: How To Abuse Power And Punish Your Enemies – should be out soon. It promises to be a big hit in conservative circles. And it might even provide some early momentum for his anticipated run for governor.

If you haven’t heard, Landry is presently suffering from a medical condition called Acute Affliction of the Gluteus Maximus, also known as Butt-Hurt. The affliction overcame him after D.A. Jason Williams and the City Council announced that they would not be making the state’s on-again-off-again abortion ban a legal priority.

Louisiana AG Plays Petty Political Games

It doesn’t take a genius to realize where the beef should lie – with Williams and the Council. How did Landry respond? By taking it out on us citizens of course. Somehow, he managed to cajole a majority of the Louisiana Bond Commission into delaying their approval for funding a new Sewerage and Water Board power plant. Yes, just a proper and efficient use of the Attorneys General office.

Consider the thought process. In this flood ravaged city, where citizens park their cars on neutral grounds and pray that they don’t become submarines, Landry thought it was a good idea to use the breath and scope of his office to delay future relief. Just imagine the havoc he’ll wreck with line-item vetoes as governor.

Anyone who follows Landry should not be surprised. It was a not-so-rare act of pettiness on his part. It was also a not-so-rare-act of ineffectiveness. He either didn’t read the fine print or was just taking the opportunity to pad his resume of political posturing.

According to the Commission, the plant isn’t scheduled to receive any funding until next year, so temporarily delaying a vote now does nothing. Well, nothing as far as stopping the plant from being funded. But who knows how deep the petty can get? A power plant today may evolve into withholding levee funding tomorrow.

As citizens we can’t be playing around with this. The planet is clearly in an emotionally unstable state. In the morning, it’s all smiles and sunshine, then by the afternoon, it’s thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours. Meanwhile, the mayor and Council are fighting over who actually runs the city. And the A.G. is playing games with our pumps and water for political purposes.

So you see, we really do need an ark. Just to protect ourselves. Think of it as insurance. When this city is succumbing to flood waters and crumbling infrastructure, we can float off to a land where there’s no COVID, carjackings, sky-high murder rates, pot-holes, or sweltering heat. It’ll be all sunrises and sunsets, until we start electing leaders to run the place.

3 thoughts on “Louisiana AG Plays Petty Political Game”
    1. For idiocracy to have infected our political system, the system has to have been exposed to idoitic voters. Does this mean we may have a new pandemic on our hands?

  1. The reality is that New Orleans is no longer controlled by its own political figures but by the outer parishes because they control the Legislature and all its components. How do we get our power back with the current maps and voter apathy? I am so tired of the minority dictating the majority’s needs. How far we will go down in these days controlled by the evil doers called Republicans.

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