The Mayor is on the ropes. Will she bob and weave Or throw in the towel?

Somebody throw the mayor a life line. She needs one, or maybe a timeout, or a spa day, or a taxpayer funded walkabout. Something to help her get her inner Destroya back. Cause the Mayor is on the ropes.

Since her reelection, the mayor has been going through it. She’s been taking all kinds of body blows. If one Council member isn’t forcing her to turn over documents she’d rather not reveal, another is at the state capitol getting legislation passed to check her authority.  

Woman with Hand in Mayor Cantrell’s Face

She’s even being tag teamed in the press. In a joint interview, two Council members basically took it to the streets. Sidestepping all political correctness, they held a press conference proclaiming that the mayor is as responsive as a brick wall. Then they proceeded to suggest a rehab type program for her to get back on track. First step, she must admit there’s a problem, and then… 

Clearly, a branch was extended with no olives included.

With so many jabs thrown, what’s a mayor to do? Consult Rocky maybe? What? Yes. Remember in Rocky III when Rocky was the complacent reigning champion, adrift from his roots and not taking his boxing seriously? (The movie stars a great New Orleanian and St. Augustine H.S. grad Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed) @TheCarlWeathers

But then came Clubber Lang, aka Mr. T. Clubber was full of discontent with the state of boxing and its incoherent, coasting champion. So he challenged Rocky to a fight. 

Before the fight, in one fell swoop, Clubber managed to push Rocky’s manager down a flight of stairs, killing him, then blew a kiss at Rocky’s wife. And once in the ring, he proceeded to knock all eyes and tiger out of Rocky less than three rounds into the bout. 

Cleary, that was a sad time for Rocky, just like it is now for our reigning mayor. But it was just what he needed. Ultimately, Rocky went on a walkabout through the hood with Apollo Creed. Then he got his swagger, roots, and eye of the tiger back. Is there an equally course correcting, root-regaining scenario in play for the mayor? Some say there is not.

A recent poll – one of those convenient hit jobs – claims the mayor has no refuge or hood to run to. According to the poll, almost half the city thinks the mayor is doing a crappy job. Their discontent has range. It spans from the pot-holed-flooded streets, to the piling garbage and fly infested air, to the feeling of being imminently carjacked or killed in broad daylight. The latter is the ultimate concern.

The mayor has not been able to get in front of this narrative like she did during the Coronavirus. Back in her prime “Destoya” days, the mayor was full of swag, tiger, and a preacher’s cadence. During one press conference after another, she would lay down the law of the Coronavirus response. She clearly explained what the city was and was not going to do. Any questions were met with authority. Nowadays, we get silence.

The Mayor is on the ropes

Again, what’s a mayor to do? Here’s a suggestion. Harness that booming voice and preacher’s cadence and carefully explain that yes the NOPD has a staffing shortage. And yes, the city can do a better with job opportunities. But first and foremost, morality happens in the home. No matter your situation, it’s your kid. And it’s your responsibility to keep that kid from carjacking or killing another person. The police are only a linchpin. 

So come on, madam mayor. Get off the ropes. Do a lil bobbing. Do a lil weaving. Find your refuge/hood. And re-emerge ready to command the narrative and lead. Cement a great legacy in your last term. Let your pride stand down and your inner Destroya prevail. The city and your future are impatiently counting on you.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans Mayor Cantrell Must Regain Her Swag”
  1. I believe the lady confronting our Mayor is assaulting the Mayor….anyone placing their hand or finger in one’s face is frightening to the recipient, and seems to be escalating an argument from mere words into possible blows. Disrespecting anyone like this picture indicates is not acceptable in a civilized society.

  2. Why would the mayor run for a second term if she was not going to do anything?!! She clearly has lost her swagger!! No one believes in the leadership of police chief Ferguson but her! That’s why all of our good officers are leaving and commanding forces in other cities!
    Helena Morano is running for mayor as of NOW!! She should have just threw her hat in the ring for mayor instead of city council!! This council hasn’t done anything except criticize the mayor. One council person said that ‘Jay Banks can’t fix streets!’ She can’t either!! She said that ‘Jay Banks can’t fix the crime problem!’ She can’t, either!!
    The mayor is not doing as much as she could, but neither is the council or the district attorney or the police chief!!
    I can’t see where anyone has the room to ‘rag’ on the mayor! No one is doing a better job!!

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