NEW ORLEANS –  Today, New Orleans native and Actor Wendell Pierce, Spears Group President/CEO Cleveland Spears, III, Henry Consulting Managing Partner Troy Henry and Thomas Media Services Founder Jeff Thomas announce their partnership to purchase WBOK 1230 AM, Louisiana’s only African American news talk platform.

Currently owned by Los Angeles based-Bakewell Media, WBOK boosts various programming targeted to African American and a wide variety of listeners and has established itself as a top platform for New Orleanians to consume their news. Top community leaders including Mayor LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans City Councilmembers, Education and Tourism Officials are among frequent guests of the popular radio station.

“Through all the substantial change New Orleans has faced in recent history, WBOK has served as a steadfast and indispensable platform for our community,” said Pierce. “The people trust them, they depend on them, and they believe in them. WBOK Radio is the glue that brings and holds our city together.”

The group of local investors, comprised of a diverse and talented group of African American entrepreneurs, is dedicated to racial equity and the overall long-term growth of the City of New Orleans.

Known for his roles in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Suits, HBO dramas The Wire and Treme, Pierce has always been passionate about increasing the quality of life for those in his hometown of New Orleans. Following Hurricane Katrina, he was instrumental in the revitalization of the Pontchartrain Park Neighborhood and started a chain of neighborhood stores to increase access to healthy food options.

Spears founded the award-winning marketing and public relations firm, the Spears Group, in 2008 and is also the founder of the popular National Fried Chicken Festival, among other events both here in New Orleans and nationwide. Giving back to the surrounding community has been an integral part of Spears Group’s mission since its founding more than a decade ago.

“The radio format has gone through an evolution in the age of digital consumption,” said Spears. “However, it is my vision that this station will always be an indispensable platform for all members of the black community and others to hear the black perspective with well-rounded and thoughtful discourse. This is a vehicle for African Americans in New Orleans to receive information about the news that impacts their day to day lives, and as a black New Orleanian, and a communications professional, I’m immensely proud to be a part of that process.”

Troy Henry is a well-respected and successful businessman, having served as President of a Fortune 500 Company, and currently leading a prominent consulting firm. Additionally, Jeff Thomas leads one of the state’s largest online black news platforms, Think 504, a leading source for independent thought and analysis in the City of New Orleans.

The acquisition will be financed partially by the four partners and debt financed through Liberty Bank, thus making this team 100 percent black-owned and financed.

“This investment team wants to not only invest in WBOK but in the next 300 years of our great city,” said Henry. “We see WBOK as a platform for future generations to learn and grow into their careers as journalists and media professionals in New Orleans.”

“It is imperative we do not lose this critical platform that serves as the voice of the African-American community,” said Thomas. “WBOK provides the City of New Orleans with Black discourse without ulterior motives. As black-owned media continues to get absorbed, we must be steadfast in protecting the few platforms we have left.”

The team is embarking on the process of evaluating all aspects of the current operations and programming and looks forward to building upon the reputation of WBOK as the voice of the African American perspective in New Orleans, in a thoughtful and engaging manner.

13 thoughts on “Team Led by Wendell Pierce and Partners Hopes to Revive the State’s Only Black News and Talk Radio Station”
    1. As a former member of the N OPD, I know the value of this station to the Black Community of New Orleans. While serving as a cold case homicide detective in 1989, I only wish that a venue like WBOK would have been around to help me in supporting those victim’s families. Thanks for your commitment to this community.

      1. WBOK is considered to be a Historic Radio Station for African Americans in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. The art of great music and the art of good communication. What an honor to see our local entrepreneurs join together to exploit their knowledge to act and create new opportunities to contain and restore a great part of a Historical Radio Station here in the city of New Orleans that’s filled with rich history. God Bless all of you!!! ZDOUCETTE

  1. What a strong team of successful black men. I don’t know Mr. Spears, but if the other guys accept him then that is good enough for me

  2. It’s not just keeping Black radio, it’s the format, forum, and overall platform that it appears this purchase will continue and hopefully enhance. Sounds like a strong group of African American entrepreneurs. I applaud progressive minded people (ok, bruthas) coming together like this.

  3. Love what you are doing. It is so important to maintain this part of our Afro American history. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks so much for leaving a legacy to future Afro Americans and those that truly want to understand the importance of the struggle.

  5. I’m thrilled to hear that this radio station, which represents the city’s majority. is being adopted and nurtured by successful contributors to the community. It is essential that the interests of those who often do not have access to media get the opportunity to be heard.

    African-American owned media has always played a critical role in informing, reporting on, and shaping public opinion, and encouraging positive activism regarding our community. Thank you all for keeping this legacy alive.

  6. The Economic Development Entrepreneur’s Network have been consistently calling out these kind of Cooperative efforts from those in our community who are resourceful enough to make it happen… I trust that there are others whom also doing trying or looking into going to these kinds entrepreneurship Ventures… There is a common denominator for for this old Conscious Action… “We got to do it for Ourselves”… I remain optimistic Gentelmen’s…and Hand you D’a Utmost of Respect Fellows”… Peace
    Sllim Ydur PKA Rudy E. Mills…

  7. GREAT! movement to the men who have wisdom enough to know the value and worth of maintaining our BLACK history, culture and in what makes us the unique, strong people we are. And our “many” great contribution to this society! Brothers and Sisters lets get behind them and help them “soar” straight to the top in VICTORY!

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