by Kenneth Cooper

People say that James Hodgkinson was just crazy. People say that he was crazy because he tried to kill Rep. Steve Scalise; crazy because he decided to live out his car for weeks while scoping out the ballpark where he’d do the shooting and because of the way he ranted online about politics. James Hodgkinson would probably say he that he wasn’t crazy. He’d probably say that we’re crazy, that he was just trying to save lives.


The Republicans are trying to pass a bill that’ll cut your grandma’s Medicare. Here’s a video of her being pushed off a cliff. What are you going to do about it? Obama wanted to put your grandpa in front of a death panel while allowing all kinds of illegals in to take your daddy’s job. Trump is a Russian stooge who wants to destabilize the entire U.S. government. You just about to let that happen?


What is somebody supposed to do with that information? Supposedly ignore that their grandma, grandpa, or daddy may lose their lives or job and just let it simmer as rage until the next vote. The vote may or may not be two years away in a gerrymandered district or one where immigrants are allowed to vote illegally, but you’ll get your say. Meanwhile, people die, you are told.


James Hodgkinson apparently didn’t like people dying. He apparently didn’t like it so much he decided to do something about it. The thing he decided to do was make a list of congressmen then try to kill them. Indeed that made him crazy.  Crazy because he thought it would make a difference.


When asked what he thought about Scalise being shot, Rep. Steve King said it was the Democrats’ fault, specifically Obama. Johnny Depp joked about assassinating the president, after Kathy Griffin symbolically beheaded him, which happened after Obama was drawn up and lynched over and over on paper. Though shocking these events change little, which may be convincing politicians and citizens to make more than just a statement.


Simply voting wasn’t enough for James Hodgkinson, because for him and others the current climate is much more just plain political disagreement. Getting re-elected means full term messaging these days. Because of the money and the rise of social marketing, political parties constantly barrage the public with more divisive messages. Politicians are the masters of hyperbole. Unfortunately, citizens are now starting to respond to that with more hthan just words.


People were getting sucker punched at Trump rallies during the general election. Fights broke out between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. Dylan Roof and James Hodgkinson shot people. If they’re crazy, then who’s responsible?


A black lesbian saved Steve Scalise from being killed by an angry white man. Now that is what you call ironic. Steve Scalise vehemently opposes gay marriage and calls the lifestyle sinful, and he’s an accused racist who once campaigned at a white supremacy rally. If he makes it back to Congress, he’ll still be a member of the Republican Party. When all the well wishes and welcome back speeches are over, will he still promote the same hyperbole and partisanship from his party? That will be crazy?


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