We are an intergenerational power force of Black women from various sectors.

We are business women, politicians, union members, authors. We are cis and 

transgender, we are LGBTQ, we are mothers, aunties and we are immigrants. We 

are from various backgrounds and share different views, we are Black women—

power speaking truth. We are Power Rising.


The Power Rising Summit provides a space for Black women, from coast to coast, to come

 together as one. We will leverage our collective wisdom to develop strategic, actionable

 ways to build and maximize our economic and political power—for the betterment of

 ourselves, our families, our communities, and our future.


At critical moments in history, Black women have always found a way to come together, define a new 

path forward, and make an impact in ways that change the world.  However, not since the Combahee 

RiverCollective statement was written 40 years ago have we assembled with the purpose of crafting an 

agenda explicitly for Black women that recognizes our unique needs.

Black women are making strides in every sector, from policy to politics, from the classroom to 

the boardroom, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. And yet, there is more to do to ensure equity, 

opportunity, and representation for ourselves and our communities.

It is in the tradition of the women who have gone before us – our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and 

aunties – and in the interest of those who will follow our path – our daughters, our sisters, and our nieces 

— that we come together again. This pivotal and urgent moment of political and social unrest calls us forward 

to unite Black women across ethnicity, religion, sexuality, age, political affiliation, socioeconomic status, and

 gender experience.

The Power Rising Summit will provide a space for Black women to turn power into action and create an

actionable agenda to be implemented in their communities and nationally that leverages our social, political, 

professional, cultural and economic power and influence for the betterment of ourselves, our communities 

and our country.

The Summit will be organized around five key pillars of activism and engagement: Business & Economic 

Empowerment; Culture, Community, and Society; Education, Technology, and Innovation; Health & Wellness; 

and Political Empowerment.

We gather for ourselves, for our families, for our communities, and for our future, and we commit, to once  

again, put in the work necessary to create change now and for generations to come.


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