Federal Agents Sent to Escalate

by Jordan Rock

You heard me scream in my last article, because I was terrified. Federal agents were sent to the city of Portland by the DHS and immediately set about kidnapping people off the street and illegally detaining them and using every opportunity to escalate the stand off between protesters and police at the court house building downtown.

Yes, that’s right, at the courthouse building. No, protesters were not roaming the streets of Portland and setting orphanages on fire as the propaganda would imply. Instead, thousands of people, supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement, gathered every night for the last two months at Pioneer Courthouse Square. I’ve seen them hurl curses and firecrackers and do little else besides chant and sing.

Yet the police and feds for their part, have attacked and incited the crowds.

These federal agents, except for wearing badges from their division, like “Border Patrol” arrive in unmarked vehicles and refuse to identify themselves. They were sent in the wake of a bill by the president which specifically assigned them as the force to protect important American monuments “such as the Lincoln memorial”.

But we know the real reason is Trump’s divisive campaign strategy of white nationalism. The toppling of confederate monuments across the United States infuriates his base. Trump calculates his law and order strategy translates into votes for him. Sending troops to agitate peaceful protesters does nothing to protect federal property but allows him to claim he is protecting his people.

Trump’s Campaign Strategy

Truth is the federal courthouse building here in Portland hasn’t been torn down. It could not be without a fleet of bulldozers, but it has been vandalized-with graffiti. Vandalism that can be fixed with water and soap. Instead, Trump deployed waves of unmarked goons who tear gas and pepper spray protesters, shoot them with rubber bullets and beat the piss out of them or illegally detain them in shifts.

Those released thus far (because these feds have no case and legally can’t hold people for long) have said that their release was conditional over “Agreeing not to come back to protest”. Even the Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, joined the crowd to see what was going on. He was tear gassed for his trouble.

Federal Bullies

Essentially, these federal agents are here to bully peaceful protesters in the most aggressive, high profile way possible in order to disperse the crowd that’s been showing up every night.  This is a reelection campaign strategy not an attempt to protect property.  

And it isn’t working. These attacks against American citizens, which in any war zone would be considered war crimes, have not stopped the protests. They have only made them bigger and angrier. You’ve heard of the wall of moms and the wall of vets. But did you know that the city of Portland is suing the DHS because they refused to take their agents out of the city? Or did you know that the city of Portland just won a court case against the DHS? Now agents can not arrest or attack members of the press and journalists?

This is the first in a wave of activity by the DHS. A fascistic spree of violence carried out by poorly trained, unmarked agents. Federal agents sent to escalate in major cities with high protester activity. This is a show of force, and we can all see that. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t going to work.

The protests will keep going because you can count on Americans belief in free speech. And when this amount of people come together and form the largest mass protest in the history of humanity, it doesn’t matter what you throw at us. We’ll keep coming back for more.

Considering Trump’s strategy of white nationalism, this fight is just beginning.  

The city of Portland is clear: it will not stand idly by and be invaded. The protesters don’t fight; they stand strong, and they keep coming back every single night, because they know that if a fascist regime is trying this hard to beat them down, then that must mean they’re on the right side of history.

Are you?

4 thoughts on “Portland Fought Against Federal Agents”
  1. This is another article story description embellished with intentional fabricated errors, falsehoods, opinions, fake appraisals, repeated errors, and multitudes of allusions, illusions, delusions, and confusions.
    It uses other sites composed with more incorrect assertions and fake opinions.
    I have seen real authentic video, uncensored, and the whole truth.
    Portland is an environment of evil activity, “real video proves this”, where you see unpeaceful human protesters seek to portray lawlessness and then spread their evils to every city possible in the USA.They use their agendas & propagandas of hate, anger, and violence terrors, like the Al Capone Mafia. 
    They threaten violence as extortions to control people with fears of death or property losses.
    These people broadcasted their actions across the Internet and bragged!
    I have even seen hours of their videos and audio of “many unpeaceful protesters”, openly boasting of their evils. They boasted of their intentions to do more violence and harm to anyone who tried to stop them.
    My eyes saw no “peaceful protesters”.     Peaceful Protesters are a serious Myth!
    Therefore it is so easy to hear and see that the whole accurate truth is being suppressed, disguised, hidden, not reported, half way reported, and or intentionally blocked and censored from certain segments of the public in many National News Medias.  WHY?   to continue to keep some or many of the public from real truth facts.

    Their game agenda, Charlatan Reportes arise, and begin to make all things appear their way, so they use defective writing from multitudes of other charlatan reporters defective news stories and manufacture more mind altering “sorcery & witchcraft terminology” with lies, filled with fake info and hate words.* That’s exactly how Jesus and His messages from God was presented to the Roman people that the Charlatans used to get Jesus executed, the Son of God was falsely accused and portrayed.
    Charlatan sorcerer’s modern reporters, write stories to “justify” and cover up for all the “unpeaceful protesters” lawless acts, & crimes by using bogus explanations and liars that tell embellished exaggerated lying narratives.
    Modern reporter charlatans, today, write to paint good people as bad, and bad people as good. The Charlatan reporter will always, to save his followers, take “good people” & then write to defame, slander, malign, and accuse all, as always bad by repeating their misguided info and mantras.
    See, if you know the Truth, truth makes you “really free”, then lies and false narratives jails and enslaves the minds of many.
    So, “certain charlatan reporters” are anti-justice, they do not want resolutions, they are kidnappers of truth and seek to get other peoples stuff via lawlessness. 
    These charlatan writer authors present sorcery stories. Their messages are propagandas compiled narratives and used simply to generate anger, hostility and lots of hate and animosity, on family, friends and the public to manipulate minds.
    If you lived in these cities & your eyes saw an army of these “unpeaceful protesters” hourly & daily in criminal acts, well I would hope that wisdom would show You how bogus the Charlatan Reporters are and the fraud these charlatan reporters are 24-7 whether on TV or radio or in the fakepapers.
    Martin Luther King warned about this. King warned to beware about the violent sorceries of men.
    * Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.  (Excerpt, MLK 1964 ).

    MLK, 1000% true. At the tables of discussions and dialogue, do we truly find ways to love our neighbor, andto forgive and heal wrongs and develop brotherhood.
    Jesus said, if you are my disciple, people will know, because of the Love you show each other.
    Love is patient, & kind, & gentle. Love offers easy discussions & conversations, Love does not keep a record of wrongs, but love rejoices in Truth. Truth shows God chooses the color of your skin.   You choose the content of your character. Charlatan reporters want to destroy “brotherhood” by writing in ways using witchcraft and sorcery and devise clever false stories to mind manipulate people and children with extremely incorrect messages to make hostile people.  
    Why?  To control people, Why? to lead people in evil, because they are led by the father of lies. God showed us You do not need chains to be a slave, Jesus came to remove the chains of the mind that keeps people in bondage to the sins of hate, revenge and malice. And all will get you a 1st class ticket to hell.
    They want you to stay offended and angry, at their false descriptions, & submit your mind to them.They want you to fight a “no war”, war they make up, it is not God’s Plan. The war is over,  Jesus made away!  It’s there and all must follow His way.Man’s solutions are not God’s solutions or agendas.They do not want resolutions, they want violent revolutions through terror. So far, I “do not” see “peaceful protestors”, that is the “real myth”, and people who defend “unpeaceful people” simply they too are accessories to crime, & therefore condone more destructive “harm and lawlessness”. Protesters tell all people, “if you do not submit to our “demands”, then we will destroy the systems.
    Protestors 24-7 themselves using “their own videos” confessed to lawless acts.
    These unpeaceful people refuse open public transparent discussions, and resolutions.
    Instead, all they show the world is destruction, looting, rioting, and arsons.
    That’s all on video and audio and is real, true and authentic. Charlatan reporters continue to deny the truth, and intentionally make up & fabricate more fake stories and fabricate them about the police, the city leaders and the President, while knowing that there is a mass of evidence and facts which proves them factually wrong.
    Charlatan Reporting is in the mainstream Liberal Media Businesses and must use people with inaccurate reports. Charlatan Reporters must recruit people & deceive many people and use misguided and misled followers.
    That also funds and finances their existence as they bamboozle and snooker people with phoney baloney news. Charlatan reporting news is a “virus” they  spread to infect and affect & incite people to hate. Charlatans recruit people to “reproduce their errors” in other people. Charlatans want peoples minds to justify lawless acts OK or their perceived speculations and opinions. Witchcraft and Sorcery are old tricks and the Master of them seeks to use them on anyone.
    the Peaceful Protesters in Action 101 (( see the techniques ))
    Does this Illustrate “civil discussion and dialogue of Love and Peace”.



    2020 august 03 //////////

  2. Wisdom is Alive, Great Reporter Studies and Finds Truth!

    this man has the BEST COVERAGE and COMMENTS about the POLICE !

    DR harrassed for telling the Truth to the Media.
    Her Proof is a global Proof. The meds work ! The Vaccine has
    stuff in it to alter your DNA and you might die or you could turn
    into a different person.

    —– is NEW ORLEANS NEXT —– ?

    the TRUTH!
    Cuban Restaurant Vandalized After Owner Called Out, Louisville Black Lives Matter Protestors, Using Al Capone ‘Mafia Tactics’ to Shake Down Businesses !

    Black Lives Matter Unpeaceful Protestors in Louisville is threatening small businesses with “Al Capone mafia tactics” that don’t pay,,, They demand 1.5% of net sales to approved NPOs, diversity training, diversity hires,,,, They vandalized a business that refused !

    crony Doctor, Denies Mountains of Proof Heres why !!!!
    Dr. Birx Says There is No Evidence HCQ Helps with Coronavirus, Pushes For Vaccine – Sits on Bill Gates-Funded Foundation Board!
    YES,,,, the Dr sits on the Gates Board, and will receive Profits if they use the Untested Vaccine on all humans on Earth.
    Will the Dr take the medicine Vaccine?
    What people is Bill Gates exterminating?
    ((( AUGUST O3, 2020 )))

  3. Shout out to WBOK Radio in NOLA! Why?

    LBRC- Covid, 2020 Schools, The New Murder Defense and why Scientist like Honest Doctors fair poor in elections except in Southern and Northern States like Louisiana?

    1. We listened in on a popular NOLA Radio, WBOK NOLA, to “2” Physicians. A particular Host features interchanges and questions average lay citizens want answered. One Doctor gave an excellent analogy about “1” Shark in the water and would you allow your kids in for a swim. For the record and as simple and clear an analogy this was- We guarantee it flew over the heads of lots! Extrapolate in a state ranked 49- 50 perennially…

    2. Covid is a shark in the water and unless MK Ultra has totally ravaged personalized reasoning, would we send kids, Grandsons and Daughters into waters not withstanding infestations of “Sharks” aka Covid? To us, Duh…???

    3. We hear from common intellects sadly all the time- “Well…, you ‘gotta die from something”! Let’s follow this reasoning…

    a. The officer who killed George Floyd says- “Well… he had to die from something”? Going further, why not just kill “All” your enemies (btw- Which is how KKK Sanctioned Terrorism aka “Very Fine People”, have always viewed Black Males and are given “Get out of jail cards” by The U.S. Racist Systemic Structure!!!)! 

    b. “You gotta die from ‘sum- em, right? Then why not just eliminate the term “Suicide”? Let’s just say, it doesn’t even matter because? “You ‘gotta” die from ‘sum- em, even if when at your own hands!

    c. When you “Gotta die from sum- em”? What happens with what “The Most High” Says- “Thou shall not Murder” (btw- Bet lots who say this claim to be “Christians”, just like in “Without Sanctuary and The Delectable Negro” so called “Very Fine People” lynched, murdered and in cases “ate” the livers of victims, including kids in their “Sunday Best)? The Most High says “Murder is Wrong and is a Sin”! Therefore to those who chose to send kids into “Shark Waters” aka Covid infested? Uh oh! 

    a. There is a Shark in the water, this you knew well in advance! You are telling us- “Kids ‘gotta die from sum- em”? If or when your kid is ‘Dat 1 in 100, does it matter,? What then are “you” guilty of? Murder with “Premeditation”? After all, you had choices!!! btw- Poor and  indigent sometimes has a lot more to do with choices, like class clowns, youthful or adult who shun education and/ or “Instruction” aka “Guidance”! Let’s be fair?  Some “Stupidity” appears “Organic” and some “Generational”? 

    The Skinny?

    We trust “Science and Peer Review”, including those of these who “Discern” tempered with “Spirituality”! Lots of Scientist do, as well did Einstein and Imhotep! We have stopped listening to or viewing lots of Radio and TV aka “Avoid Pollution” via ‘Simp Herds attempting to be seen and heard, who contribute little apart from and outside their “Echo Chamber”! When we happen upon Scientist like the Doctors we heard on ‘Dat WBOK Channel? Then we know we are as Michael Jackson sang? “We are not alone”! Aliens are for real on Planet Earth??? We take admonishment seriously, Fools do not!!! Duh…???

    Peace Out…

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