by Jordan Rock

Every week in the last four years has brought a new horror to my doorstep, but the most constant terror has been the actions of the current administration, and the worst damn president that I have been alive to see. How can anyone support this administration? America’s new nightmare.

America was fine with the sexual assault allegations. Americans were fine with “grab em’ by the pussy”. People were fine with an acting president not releasing his tax returns. They were fine with immigrant children in concentration camps. They were fine with rampant police brutality, and now we’re here.

Now American citizens are being kidnapped off the street by unmarked federal agents for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every time this administration commits an atrocity and shows its true colors, I hear a chorus of people making excuses online.

Now people in my city are being unlawfully detained without any rhyme or reason, and federal agents are beating protesters in the streets. Protesters, I’d like to remind you, who are protesting police brutality. There are no other words for this. This is fascism. America’s new nightmare.


And it’s about to go nationwide. Listen to me. I’m a black man, and at 27 years old. The police have stopped me twelve times in my life. I could have killed any one of those times. I am afraid of that every time I step outside. Now that fear has been heightened. 

Let me back up. I’m so angry right now, it’s hard to think straight.
I’m from the 8th Ward, of New Orleans. You know, bad streets, good people. I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon since the top of this year. Downtown Portland has been a staging ground for massive BLM protests since the killing of George Floyd, and I’ve been proud of the people of my new home for standing up and screaming at the American police institution to stop killing us. The police, naturally, set up a curfew in order to criminalize anybody that happens to be downtown after dark. Videos show the police brutalizing just about anybody attending or adjacent to these protests.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m furious about that, because it seems like there are bad cops no matter where I hang my hat, but that’s not what I’m angry about tonight.


I’m angry because I keep getting reports that federal agents in army fatigues are kidnapping people off the streets at night.
Federal agents, without any form of identification, have been unlawfully detaining Portland citizens. Literally shoving them into unmarked vans and holding them hostage for hours without any reason besides it was night and they were wearing black. That’s right, if you live in Portland, and you look like a protester by their loose definition, there’s a chance that you will be disappeared by government spooks.


Here’s what we know so far. PACT is a new federal agency. It stands for “DHS Protecting American Communities Task Force. In the bill that introduced them on July 1st they are “a special task force to coordinate Departmental law enforcement agency assets in protecting our nation’s historic monuments, memorials, statues, and federal facilities”. What I read from this is that the Trump administration is mobilizing government spooks to snatch up people that are out here protesting. So far, everyone that we know has been snatched has also been released. But this is just the start of something much bigger and more nefarious.

As of the 19th of July, Deputy Secretary of the DHS Ken Cuccinelli said on NPR that not only is this unconstitutional task force not going to stop operating in Portland, their operatives and the tactics that they employ are about to be spread nationwide. People, do you understand what this means?

If ICE is Trump’s Gestapo, then this is his SS. This is a literal secret police force that is forcefully detaining anyone that has any complaint against the institutions of this country and happens to be outside and alone at night. And they are about to go nationwide. This is America’s new nightmare.

I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but this administration is fascist. The very rights that this nation was supposedly founded on are being trampled right in front of our eyes. I know how this goes because I know my history.

This is just a trial for the true horror that is to follow.
People, I implore you to be careful. To stay alert at all times, and always travel in groups if you can. Stay safe but keep talking. Keep fighting for your rights, and don’t let these scare tactics silence you. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Talk. Fight. Vote. 

Otherwise this won’t be America’s new nightmare.  It will be real life.

4 thoughts on “America’s New Nightmare”
  1. Black America’s NightMare is distinct! Negroes are not generally speaking “Critical Thinkers” aka not in debt investigators! Duh???

    LBRC- Why has Farrakhan adopted so- called Christian Values despite for years he has accused Negroes of Miseducation? MLK said “Truth crusade to the ground shall rise again”! The Most High and so- called “Allah” are not 1 in the same according to the Quran. The so- called Quran says God is not a man ‘Dat he should have a son! Therefore, where stands Christ? We have provided the Sura which says this and won’t continue to proof this to lazy ‘Simps who refuse to investigate and study! Yeah right you ‘Simps…

     Nick Cannon is an intelligent Brother. Our experiences with the Hollywood Crowd tells us they are (In The Higher end aka AMAS Crowd, they are intellectually “Superior” to common elements. Proof? A good friend and close associate is a Yale Valedictorian! To you? But to us? This is meaningful due to lots of factors, the least of which is “Intellectual Competition”!!! Moving on…

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    1st Truth then…

    Christ is His and He is not mocked!!! You decide…

    Peace Out…

  2. How about ‘Dis for a Nightmare? What is #45 so afraid of? Obama did it right? Well…

    LBRC- 1st Truth, then…- All will have access and opportunity before the final end. There is a common Phrase from Scripture so- called Christian Negroes ‘luv quoting out of context aka “My People are destroyed for a lack of Knowledge…”, Hosea 4:6/. Apostate Preachers hardly ever teach or quote the rest aka “But if you deny Knowledge, I will deny you…/Paraphrased/. 

    1. Children are leading in 2020. “Old” Negro Plastic Heads are anachronisms Unbeknownst to themselves, just as Disobedient as Hebrew Slave Ancestors! 

    a. The Most High told us who’ll lead in 2020. You see it each day. From Greta to millions of others, Multi so- called ethnic. The Book of Enoch tells you the truth about “Ethnic”! 

    b. Some so- called Blacks are “Hybrid” (Like 2020 Samaritans aka Creoles, Mulatto, Quads and yada…). Trite but- “Orioles” in the “Purely Genetic” sense has validity. 

    c. After Satan corrupted the Seed of man, nothing was so- called ever “Normal” again! We wrote about the so- called “New Normal” with respect to Satan’s deed, circa 1990. We have “Receipts”! Deception thrives with “Corruption”, then nothing is as it appears!

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    YouTube Title and Historical Account from a German Born Black Man: “Being Black in Germany”

    btw- During World War II, ‘Grandpa told us lots of German “Males” hated Black Men. They told their women lots of Black Men had tails. When Gen. Benjamin Davis arrived in Germany, he was met with rumors and admonished his Black Troops beware (The Louisiana Weekly in NOLA reported on these accounts. Where did this Hate of Black Men come from? #45 has German roots and Fred’s middle name was “Christ”? Why is #45 so offended with “Small Hands”? Why be offended if somebody says your hands are small? Genetics says one distinguishing factor has little to no bering on another with respect to individually manifested Phenotypes aka Duh…? However, low self esteem and irrational “White Superiority” based in Fiction not Fact induces irrational sensitivities…? 

    Peace Out…

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