The 8th annual Sacred Music Festival could not come at a better time. On Saturday, April 6 a Peace Walk will gather at St. Roch Park at nine a.m. and walk to the New Orleans Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Avenue to open the Festival at 9:15. Rocking until nine o’clock at night, it includes Deacon John Moore, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, a Vodou ceremony, Japanese Taiko drumming, storytelling, the Muslim Call to Prayer, Yoruba sacred songs, Celtic Tribal spirituals, Buddhist chanting, sacred altars, Gorealla Strong’s hip hop, hand-crafted goods from around the world, and so much more.

            We need it now because sacred music is powerful. It can heal and uplift us and awaken the profound connections that run through our diverse cultures and communities. The performers are both local and international, ancient and cutting-edge. The Festival is fun, lively, FREE, and full of magical moments for people of all ages, all faiths, and no faith.

            Eugene Hutz, the lead singer of Gogol Bordello, has signed on to close the Festival. He shares Ukrainian roots with Sallie Ann Glassman, co-founding co-chair of the Healing Center and co-founder of the Festival with Sean Johnson, Erik Shwarz, and Nancy Murray. “When Sallie Ann Glassman calls, we take a detour for NOLA. Not only do we take a detour but we do it for free! We have been deeply connected to all of the people of New Orleans in our hearts. It is an honor and privilege to roll into town, and hang with the Vodou Priestess herself!” says Hutz.

            I reached Chuck Perkins, poet and spoken-word artist, owner of Cafe Istanbul in the Healing Center, radio host, and gracious host to Justice and Beyond on Monday nights. He was in Rome, dining with his wife and daughters. Chuck will MC the Festival. He’s excited about doing that when he returns from his world travels in a few days. 

            If you want more information contact Cheyanne Daunoy at 504-940-1130

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