Info Pimping, And How It Might Show That Mueller Still Doesn’t Have Much On Trump

Pimps don’t get good press. From a public relations standpoint, that’s Rule #1. If you’re an aspiring pimp, be forewarned:  You’re either going to be depicted as an abuser or a sex trafficker forcing women into prostitution. In essence, though, provided all parties are willing, what you are is a middle man. That is, the link between a man who will pay and the woman who will have sex with him. Or, in the case of our president, the link between him and the women he’ll allegedly pay to piss on a mattress (but that’s another story). Today, though, let’s talk about a different type of pimp. One who has nothing to do with women or mattresses. This pimp’s name is Roger Stone, and what he pimps is information.

If you hadn’t heard of Roger Stone before Friday, you’ve probably heard of him now. Early Friday morning before the sun came up, the FBI showed up at Stone’s house armed with guns, CNN reporters and tactical gear. A full display of force and over-kill. You would’ve thought they were arresting Scarface, not a man charged with lying to Congress and obstruction of justice.

Regardless, though, if you’ve been dying to see Trump impeached and voted out of office, it was a moment to stand up and clap. Stone is now the seventh person connected to Trump’s campaign who’s been arrested for lying about something related to Russia. But in the scope of Mueller’s ultimate aim – to investigate any collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia – Stone’s indictment seems to vindicate Trump more than it establishes any connection between his campaign and Russia.

Quick recap: According to Stone’s indictment, in 2016, in the midst of the election, Russian military officers posed as a Romanian hacker called Guccifer and allegedly hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s – and Hillary Clinton’s – email accounts. They initially tried to put the emails out themselves, but found a bigger platform via WikiLeaks. At the time, the Trump campaign was out looking for dirt to use against Hillary Clinton. Apparently, in Republican circles, Roger Stone is somebody you go to for stuff like that. Stone, who had previously worked on the campaign, had two ins with WikiLeaks and was trying to get in good again by promising to get  the Trump campaign the info WikiLeaks held. Stone essentially positioned himself as the middleman between WikiLeaks and the campaign. A series of back-and-forths took place with Stone and members of the campaign. Steve Bannon, the Trump campaign’s CEO, was one of them.

Eventually, the campaign coordinated its messaging with WikiLeaks and released the emails. None of this is illegal, but after the election Stone was called to testify before a House committee. He was specifically asked if he had had any emails, texts or documents regarding the hacked emails. He said he didn’t. His computer and phone, now in FBI custody, say otherwise. These details – and trying to coerce another person into lying –  are why he’s in jail now.

But given all of this, here’s a question: If the Trump campaign was colluding or conspiring with Russians, why would it need Stone to get information from WikiLeaks? Couldn’t it deal directly with the Russians? The charges seem backward. If the campaign and the Russians were in cahoots, the Trump campaign would’ve been the ones pimping information to WikiLeaks, via Stone and his two-ins; not the other way around.

If you study enough philosophy, eventually you’ll run up on the problem of Infinite Regress. One version of it is the Cosmological argument, where to prove the existence of God one person will argue that since something can’t come from nothing, the universe must have a creator and that creator is God. But the conclusion is contradictory. Either the person will have to admit that something can come from nothing or that God also has a creator, and that creator also has a creator, and so on. Eventually, you wind up with an infinite regress of creators – or as the saying goes: creators all the way down.

Special Counselor Robert Mueller has been trying to find a link to prove collusion or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia for a while, now. But if he were to construct a flow chart so far, it’d look something like this:

Clinton/DNC Emails —> Russia —> WikiLeaks —> Stone’s first in —> Stone’s second in —> Stone —> Trump campaign. In the old saying, pimps are usually up, but in the cosmology of this investigation, the main link between the Trump campaign, Russia and the hacked emails isn’t collusion, but a regress of pimps all the way down.

2 thoughts on “Maybe Mueller Still Doesn’t Have Much On Trump”
  1. Mister Jeff? What do you mean by “cooped thoughts”?

    OK, now,,,, With all the statements in your article, all the speculations, assumptions, conjecture, hypothetical’s, opinions, ideas, & thoughts, which all are formed by people
    with their agendas rooted in prejudice, bias, bigoted & hypothetical opinions and then circulated thru Media as real using partners who illustrate hate and use their false news
    to find people to multiply more and more hate.
    What I have never heard validated or proven with genuine authentic fact and evidence, is how all the alleged whatever claimed in the Media & other politicians, got to all the voters & influenced or motivated and then forced or compelled American people to vote for Trump?
    Since, all of the alleged news or information about Trump has come out after the elections, and then now still after many years of “alleged investigations” alleged hearings and alleged depositions, (with multitudes of sealed and redacted) stories, still a real reality made by President Trump is showing the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
    And that is it is all been a huge massive valid “witch-hunt” with the intent to slander and defame Trump using repetitive lies, and fake stories, and or any kind of accusation made by any kind of person without any fact and evidence!
    And it is all being done to harass the American People and cause more and more harm and hate by a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly bombardment of slander used to fatigue
    people with the hope to get more people to hate Trump.
    Stunning more, are the people who continue to believe in lies and false stories and continue to tell them over and over when facts, and investigations show the alleged what ever is not true, but really false and fake.
    How can all this which has allegedly occurred, be explained how this unproven stories was used to convince people to elect Trump?
    No One, has with any real truth and real facts and real details & real evidence, been able after years, to show crime or crimes done by Trump.
    REALITY IS – What we really have now is years of people filled with revenge and retaliation, fueled with hostile angry lies, and making accusations and fake news, and hired employed people to act like protesters used to promote hate and violent acts and then use all of it to build hate and anger and violence against Trump.
    Manufactured by people who exploit weak falsely informed Americans who are easily converted to follow what is clearly wrong and are people unable to articulate and hold
    truly competent discussions and dialogues. They just spew hate.

    SO THEN – Seems to me and my opinion, that as more years pass by and we all see & hear of multiple investigations, questionings, hearings, subpeona’s, all concluding to confirm a “redundant herald of Trump, that the “reality term, witch hunt” is true.
    All the drama about a “collusion” to America, now all appears to be 100% solely intentionally fabricated. Multitudes have made unproven, fraudulent assertions, accusations or false scripted documents used to deceive and beguile many people.
    All used to cause hate and fatigue good people by distractions and diversions.
    WHAT IS SURFACING – Mueller is realizing he has been played! All his so called investigations and hearings and depositions show he has nothing but years of diversions.
    Mueller is scrambling for a way out, to save his face, and avoid being the next dead corpse resulting from clearing Trump and that all the so called “accusations and people are but 100% full “liars”.
    Mueller is scared scared and more scared his legacy might be he is found down the road in some strange place, to have committed suicide like Vince Foster.
    Mueller “knows” who the players are and what they want, Mueller cannot deliver, and so
    either he falls on the sword, or the players will seal his fate.
    The Queen wants to be protected and will exterminate from the Hive those that do not
    obey and protect the Queen, or she will silence them somehow.
    The boys all know it! The trail of evidence is there.

    Many dictators are good at creating witch-hunts.
    Sore Losers are also good at creating witch-hunts.

    We have 17 states, that have no voter regulations and verification to vote.
    Anyone can get in line and vote, and then get back in line and vote for the dead.
    Or can go to another county and vote several times.
    Illegal Immigrants, will if allowed to continue by their state representatives and senators,
    sadly & eventually exterminate real Americans and incrementally take your country away
    and make its people of all colors, 100% obsolete or execute them.
    History is full of such practices.
    But in the USA in the last 50 years, such stories and real history are not told, so then the
    people walk in naive ideas and follow ambiguous people with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads waiting for utopia that will never be!

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