The Story of a Young Black Girl Repeating the Cycle and Then Breaking it

By Kala Hathorn

Her story is simple yet deep. A lost Black girl. It is a story of a young girl. A young girl born in the streets. It all started when her mother was a teen, addicted to drugs she was a definite feen. Only a teen, and emersed in a world so mean, the cruelty she experienced only one could dream. From her womb, came the loudest cry it shook the four conners of the project walls and saturated the dilapidated project halls. Sandra was born, to a mother whose love was already worn. Sandra would one day find herself as a black girl lost and forced to survive on the streets at any cost. This is her story and other black girls too. A story of how society cripples the backbone of  deprived  young black girls just trying to make it through.

Pain starts young

It was either the emptiness of pain or just the churning of hunger pangs. But little Sandra had the motivation to walk the streets of the ghetto. At the ripe age of 8, she was greeted with a lustful hello, from a drunk and grimy fellow. Wall to wall, juke joints and clubs. No nurturing hugs from the mother that she loved.  Only protection from the Lord watching her up above.

She was protected that night. Still hungry she did not give up the fight. In she goes to the local corner store, owned by foreigners who didn’t play. They were only interested in whether or not she’d pay. As she roamed the aisles – decorated with liquor and every junk food – you could imagine, little Sandra found herself in her own food heaven. Broke and unsure she snatched a bag of chips and dashed out of the corner store. A young black girl birthed into the streets and starving for something to eat. Her circumstances created a beast that not even prison bars could defeat.

A Lost llack Girl

Selling Drugs

Later at sixteen, she made her money the best way she knew how.  “Hey, are you here to score, if not then get the hell from by my door.”  Sandra’s voice was pure and deep. The best taught her – how to bag it up and store the rest. It was how she made it through. That was how she paid for food and school. No dreams. She just wants to eat. She often thinks to herself, “well at least I ain’t selling my body.”

 Nothing about Sandra was cheap, from the furs she would wear to high priced jewelry. Oh you better believe she was going to eat. She was a young black girl birthed into the streets. Never had nothing – she had to steal to eat. Little Sandra became a big beast and turned her sorrow into money in the streets. She made the biggest dope dealers look weak; she ran the streets and ran from the police.

The True Story of a Young Black Girl Repeating the Cycle and Then Breaking it

See, Sandra’s story is deep because she was born into life that she did not ask for. She also continued the cycle of her mother. At 17, she had a daughter and raised her without a father. And at 15, her daughter had a daughter and raised her without a father. At 18, her daughter had a son and raised him without a father. At 14, her son had a daughter and was killed in a drug deal gone wrong before she was born. His daughter grew up and recognized a cycle, she was bright and recognized she had a say in the fight. She broke generational cycles and lived a remarkable life.

~ It starts with you, break the cycle don’t let the cycle break you.

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