How Eras End: A Call to Action

by Jordan Rock

You know it and I know it but let me make it clear and loud for those in the back: The police system in the United States needs to end. It needs to be replaced with a system that actually works in the interest of the people. Rest assured, in its’ current form, the police system of the United States is working as intended. It is largely a system of oppression designed to protect private property and capitalistic interests often at the expense of people’s lives.

As the largest mass protest in the history of the world continues, I feel it is important to reiterate just what is happening out there. The gist is this; millions of people are taking to the streets to protest an endless epidemic of police violence against black people, with a simple message: “Stop Killing Us! End Police Brutality!” Oh and “Black Lives Matter” too.

And as the whole world watches, across the nation, the police meet those cries with the same viciousness and vindictiveness that they have visited upon my people since the institution’s founding. The people demand an end to police brutality, and in typical form, the police react with that same police brutality.

How the hell did we get here? Why does it seem to be second nature for the police to escalate any situation involving black folk, seeking any excuse to kill us or book us?

Well, mostly it’s about money.

See, police officers aren’t public servants…not really. They’re salarymen, and whether or not they do their job well doesn’t really enter into the equation. For all intents and purposes, most police precincts across the country act as private institutions. Any complaints about officers are given directly to the sheriff, disciplinary action is carried out by the precinct, pay is decided there, etc. Everything is done in house, with little if any oversight.

According to, in the United States most police officers only train for about 21 weeks, some less. Police officers are seldom required to have a degree in relation to the laws that they enforce. They do their academy training for about 840 hours, they get their guns and their badges, and, at some point, there is some gentle mention that it’s not okay to racially profile people—if it gets mentioned at all.

Most law enforcement agencies receive federal grants based on how many arrests are made per fiscal quarter. So much of the focus is about meeting arrest quotas during the pay cycle. On paper, this brings to mind a pretty simple cycle; the agency gets more money for more arrests, so the brass tells officers to arrest as many people as possible.

Every testimonial I’ve heard from retired officers indicates an Us vs. Them culture on the force. Police officers view civilians as beneath them, and in areas that typically have low crime, they spend much of their shift wandering around in their patrol cars, hoping to find a situation they can escalate into an arrest.

What does this culture breed? Well for one, it attracts people that want to bully civilians and take advantage of their badge and gun. It offers a cash incentive to arrest people, which means escalating any potentially dangerous situation.

When people say “Defund the Police” they literally mean to take the money out of the equation, to introduce real oversight to their actions by an outside independent party, and if that doesn’t work, to rip the system out by its roots and start over.

There are many ways to go about this, but “How to Actually Stop Police Brutality, According to Science,” presents statistics that illustrate measures that have proven to reduce both arrests and the brutal measures taken during these events. Those action items present an excellent road map for widescale, systemic change. At the very least, it’s a start.

As I type away, the worldwide Black Lives Matter Movement continues, and protesters are not just marching against police brutality and killer cops but also for justice and equality. They’ve stepped up their game and they’re taking white supremacy symbols down here and abroad.

George Floyd was laid to rest, but protesters say they won’t quit until they see changes in the way black people are treated and an end to systemic racism. So, what we have here is a movement with protesters dug in for a marathon, not a sprint.

Hope springs eternal.

One thing is for certain; though, the voices of my people are being heard across the world and, one way or another, the structure of American policing is about to change. I look forward to a future where I can walk down the street without fear of police sirens behind me. Together, we can make it there. If it is to be, it’s up to we, the millennials. It’s our turn.

7 thoughts on “What is the Point of Protesting”
  1. Excellent article Jordan. We (Afro Americans) have always been the most “policed” of any group. It goes
    back to slavery when “night riders” patrolled the plantations looking for possible runaways. Federal
    troops brought a little protection during Reconstruction. Once they left and Jim Crow replaced them,
    it hasn’t been the same since.
    Keep the message going young man, we need more voices like yours. Thank You sir.

  2. LBRC- Renaming Streets in NOLA? What is the “Play”? The “Okedoke” again?

    Facts? What about these aren’t true?

    1. Councilperson Kristen P. is an intelligent Politico. She has tied herself to and according to her- “At the hip” with Politico and Councilperson J. Banks? Well now, why would she do ‘Dat? Conjecture- Could it be he’s a Negro? What would have happened if she “Aligned” herself with Giarrusso, the Caucasian? How do Negroes believe he’ll advocate and vote? Banks, The Negro, is “A Known Quantity”, his ENTERGY vote and hers,  proved ‘Dat! Yet- He’s so “Pro The People” on Streets? Really? 

    2. Everybody knows J. Banks and OT, go way back to the Cannizaro “Endorsing” BOLD political entity, lots regard as sell- outs! Have you every heard OT criticize Karen, Jim or Banks, all BOLD? Question- Does this lack of criticism imply all the aforementioned are beyond reproach, and everything they’ve ever done is greater than sliced bread, as he “Generally” intimates all the time on Radio? We just ‘askin…

    3. Here’s a “Reality Check”! The following is not an indictment and names are voided-  

    a. Movements get infiltrated by “agents”! The “Art of War”, right? More Proof? Rev. Billie Ray Kyles and Dr. King, right? Rev. Kyles was where Dr. king was headed the night he was murdered! Immediately following the murder, Andy Young said in an interview-  “Jessie smeared his shirt with the blood of Dr. King” from The Balcony (Go to YouTube, Type in Rev. Kyle’s name? The Point of all,  notwithstanding how The Black Panthers, Deacons for Defense/’Dats Right and The NOLA Black Movement got infiltrated by NOPD and FBI? We’ve made no mention directly yet, about J. Edgar!

    b. What makes NOLA 2020 so immune to infiltration? We guarantee it already has!  Spiritually speaking, Satan is so good at what he does aka “Deception”, Scripture tells us- “He has already ‘Duped’ The Very Elect!!! The current reality has already revealed- “False Praise” aka “Deception” is an efficacious Political tool! Examine how many ‘Simps so easily become “Mocking Birds” aka “Echo Chambers” for “Highly Public Deceivers”, who when they held “Public Office”, did what? Another Also Imhotep? How is one so “Pro” Public Housing, when they “Voted” to tear down “Thousands” of undamaged units while residents were still displaced from the city? Told some- “Don’t come back”?  Amazing? Those impacted, Primarily Negroes, are “Top Echo Chambers” for the sane Politicos and Ex- Officio’s! The same who rammed this move up your “Go- go”, sorry…? “Project Mocking Bird”, what’s ‘Dat…

    4. Palmer and Banks say? Let’s establish a committee and “Process”? Delay? What should be delayed about “immediate action” to remove “Idols” aka Statutes of “American Traitors”? Are there any questions about why Benedict Arnold isn’t as celebrated as Robert E. Lee is? There is a contradiction here, somewhere!!! What say you Imhotep? 

    5. Dr. King said- “The Negro is always told to wait” on “The Process”! Thomas Payne, Common Sense? Delay is structured into government by design, which fosters guarded change? 

    6. Hey NOLA- Which committee decided to remove Rev. Avery C. Alexander from “Duncan Plaza”? Which committee decided to place him where he is now? Yet Banks and Palmer has decided, Robert E. Lee’s removal deserves a deviation of procedure aka “More” than what Rev. Avery C. got? We invite all to respond to call out the “Untruths”!!! 

    7. What about anything we’ve said here is untrue aka “False Fact”? Common Negroes are not generally Politically Sophisticated and have memories like Sloths, aka Slow! However, isn’t there something awkward about ‘Dis ‘Pitcha, even to Brain Stems only? 

  3. From Unapologetic Black Media- ADOS not “Black and Brown”, “Minority” or The Okedoke et al!

    What Do Blacks Want?

    LBRC- Jewish not only got “Monetary” Reparations, but a whole new “Country” in the newly invented Middle East as well, ripped from “Indigenous Palestinians”! Is ‘Dis ‘Thang on…?

    Who speaks to “What ADOS wants besides Antonio Moore and Yvette Cornell? 

    YouTube Title- “6-14-2020- What Are Our Demands”- Go Here>>>

    Pass it on and learn to articulate without stutter!!!

  4. LBRC- Brother Jordan, This is for a Gifted Young Person like yourself! Please view the entirety of this YouTube Video! 

    1. The contemporary NAACP and Urban League is a “The Dumbed Down” Deception  and not your Grandpa’s! The U.S. Supreme Ct. Recently reviewed The Civil Rights Act of 1866 and Obama’s DACA  Executive Order!.The NAACP was there for DACA but left a day before The Court reviewed The 1866 Act! Why??? There is a lesson here for Gifted Youth like yourself! 

    2. We have formed a “Team” of “Certified Intellectuals” in Highly Technical Fields! There are “Legions” of Stupid who are very adept at “Radio and TV” Profiles and are masters of Deception and “Attention”! ‘Simps who never were on the “Front Lines” are ‘Stuntun on Radio and TV!!! They never served in their “Youth”! They’re “Old” now, but front as though they’ve always been there for the people! As the saying goes and Scripture says- “A Fool is known by a multitude of words and The Wise are known by a multitude of works”! (Disclaimer- Works can be Good or Evil, even misdirected! Works alone will not save them! Why? Scripture says when men/women work in order to be seen of men or for haughtiness? This is bragging! The Most High Abhors t’Dat!! Therefore, no matter how many Turkey Giveaways, Free Bicycles, Free Food or other they give in order to impress others and be seen, it is all for naught-

    Ephesians 8- For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9Not of works, lest any man should boast. / 

    3. This is for all The Preacher Apostates with Titles- 

    Matthew 7:23 

    20- Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. 21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 

    22- Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23- And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. 24Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 25- And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. /  (Rocks like you!)…

    The Point of All- “Trust none except what you are given “Divinely to Discern”!!!

    YouTube Title by Attorney Antonio Moore- Juneteenth, Barack Obama, DACA Supreme Court and Aunt Jemina Syrup // Or go here >>>

    Peace Out…

  5. For you Brother Jordan!!!

    LBRC- When and wherever we find a “Legitimate” Intellect in our view, we enjoy providing  info, hopefully Scholarly in the purest sense. Mentors are few and in fact, it’s almost like saying every tree has “A Glory Hole” aka Tons of Gold at The Base of its Roots. Please keep this in mind as well-

    1. We are “Physical Children” and “Spiritual” ones as well. Often said is- “You can’t pick your family or which you are born into. This notion defines a Physical Birth into what we regard as our reality- Good, Bad or Ugly!

    2. Profound and beyond common understanding is “A Spiritual Birth”, not as simplistic as just saying, as those attempting to quote Christ- “You must be Born Again”! The Point of All? Every Mentor provides pieces into this puzzle called “Our Intellect, apart from just physical but to our Spiritual Birth” also (Nuanced is- There is what’s called “A Rhema Word”- This comes Directly From The Most High, apart from common text! Rare are these no matter how common the common claim to get this!). Therefore, please consume and review the following. We hope it proves helpful and “Spiritually” enhancing!!! The Presenter is an MIT Teacher and Scholar! Meta Cognition? Think about what you think always!!!

    YouTube Title- Glen Loury- When Black Lives Matter: On the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America 

    Go Here>>>

    btw- Be sure and share…

  6. […] by Jordan RockEvery week in the last four years has brought a new horror to my doorstep, but the most constant terror has been the actions of the current administration, and the worst damn president that I have been alive to see. How can anyone support this administration? America’s new nightmare.America was fine with the sexual assault allegations. Americans were fine with “grab em’ by the pussy”. People were fine with an acting president not releasing his tax returns. They were fine with immigrant children in concentration camps. They were fine with rampant police brutality, and now we’re here. […]

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