By Kenneth Cooper

Pretty soon, like in the next month or so, being a teacher in Louisiana will become a little more bearable. Well…maybe, probably, possibly. It depends. Presently, the governor and Republican legislators are in rarified air, toasting to something not often seen at the state capitol – an agreement. What they agree on is teachers’ pay, how it’s not competitive with our southern neighbors, and how it should be raised by a $1000 a year.

Gov Edwards Speaks to legislators.

In the past, the partisanship between the governor and Republican legislators has increased in direct proportion to the budget deficit, proving that people who don’t have enough money tend to fight over the little they have. And those two have fought, and fought, and fought. But now look at them. It’s amazing what a little extra change in the pocket, the threat of a strike, and the fact that teachers here make about $1,700 less than the Southern regional average will do. Something had to give because the prospects weren’t looking good.

In the past year, there have been teacher strikes all across the country, in states like Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Colorado, and California. Neighboring states like Texas and Mississippi have already approved pay raises for their teachers, and when asked whether a strike over pay raises was on the table for teachers here, a rep for one of the teacher’s union said probably so. That would not be a good look for an incumbent governor in the midst of a reelection campaign. Luckily for the governor, Republican legislators figured it wouldn’t be a good look for the state overall, hence the accord.

Money has been rumored to be the root of all evil, but it also tends to be the measure of happiness, especially on the job. Rarely, if ever, do you hear somebody say, “I’m so happy with my job I don’t need a raise.” Instead, raises are usually met with, “Awe, gee thanks, you definitely should have.” So, imagine being on a job where you’ve only gotten two raises in 12 years, and how during that 12 years you’ve seen the prospects of leaving that job alive decrease (thanks to increased school shootings). Most likely you wouldn’t be too happy of an employee.

Teachers in Texas should be a lot happier. Their raise is set to be a $5000 one, while teachers in Mississippi can expect an extra $1500. On paper, that doesn’t make Louisiana’s $1000 raise seem all that competitive. It’s a relative comparison though, based on the states’ size and economy. Texas is not only the biggest state in the South, it’s the 2nd largest state in the country with an economy to match. Still, teachers there only average about $4000 more per year ($53,000 – $49,000) than those here in Louisiana, which is only the 31st largest state. Teachers in Mississippi, the 32nd largest state, only average about $43,000, which is $6000 less than teachers here, so even with an extra $1500 on the table, there’s not too much of a threat of teachers packing up and moving east. As in the 1800s, the gold mine still flows west.

Hopefully, though, this is the first of a series of raises that eventually bring teacher pay up to or over the southern regional standard now that the state finally has a flexible budget. In the meantime, though, after this upcoming legislative session ends, it appears that when somebody asks a teacher, “Hey what’s in your wallet?” that teacher will be able to turn and say, “More money,” which will be good news, something much needed around here for a change.

2 thoughts on “12 Years, 2 Raises, Teacher’s Finally Set for Some Good News”
  1. LBRC- What about the “RSD Experiment” (Called by Legislation)? Planned Failure?

    1. NOPD is under 1800 personnel “Booths on The Ground” fighting crime 1st Person.

    2. The La. Recovery School District/RSD has produced over 26,000 so- called “Opportunity Youth” and growing. A simple cursory examination to include but not limited to “Juvenile” Court Dockets and regular Criminal Court Dockets where Juveniles are tried as adults reveal festering problems generally out of sight and out of mind, except by innocent citizens in vulnerable gated and open communities offering what used to be common ingress and egress. Well funded and common Politicos are clueless! Their handlers get results when impacted! Question: What produces NOLA battle Fatigue? Ans. 26,000 vs 1800! Disclaimer: Not all “Opportunity Youth” are “Criminal Class”! Let’s talk Kinetic vs Potential- RSD is an “Experiment” (As defined by legislation) gone wrong! It’s increased funding liabilities for Juvenile Justice, Insurance Losses due to crime, Social Services, name it.? The RSD has increased crime potentials and liabilities for NOLA indigenous at surreal levels! An analogy- Think about a Little Old Lady (Inept,  incompetent, Racist, Jealous State Legislature) driving down I- 10 at 20mph, with tons of wrecks behind her. The Deep Red Racist La. State Legislature, Neo Confederate  Institutions and Complicit others plus yada…, couldn’t care less! Proof? Who bears the financial aka “Tax Burden” for Crime Abatement and Social Services? Ans. The Citizens of “New Orleans Proper” as victims of these Racist Policies to include but not limited to Business Interest! 

    3. “Opportunity Youth” numbers do not reflect progeny they’ve produced in which they are “1st Teachers” and input to “Immature Frontal Lobes”! “Follow a lone wolf home and what is there to greet him/her? Ans. Well trained Packs of other Wolves”!

    4. Once upon a time in Louisiana, it was illegal for minors to rome streets during normal school hours. In 2019, it’s not uncommon to see minors speeding down I- 10 in broad daylight at High Noon performing tricks. Authorities pontificate aka “If you can’t dazzle ‘Dem with brilliance, then baffle ‘Dem with BS”!

    5. “Local ‘Yocal” State Legislators proclaim NOLA an “Urban City”, incapable of managing it’s own affairs and dollars, code for “Satellite Neo Sharecropper” under our control and for our profit! Proof? What percentage of what NOLA generates in taxes does it keep? Nothing on food and beverages? The lost 1 cent? Approx. 7% of 100%?

    6. The NOLA Local so- called mainstream media is a coward! They never refer to the KKK or White Citizens’ Council a “Terrorist Group” or recommend they be placed on the “No Fly List”! How hypocritical and who do you fool? You are complicit in your reporting and “You” are adept at editing out “The Real Reality” backed by “Real Data”!

    7. What is the “Big Ostrich” in the room with their head in the sand? It’s those members in the dominant society who believe they and their families are immune to the intentional impacts of insidious Racism, especially at what is perceived to be an arrogant Black City who dared autonomy! Electing a “Black Mayor”! Sharecropping 2.0! Disclaimer: A Southern ‘Massa knows his/her Negroes better than they do horse breeds. They’ve trained and bred lots of complicit “Supporting Cast” Negro Politicos and Apostate Preachers, closely rivaled by The South African Apartheid Model! Education, Economics and Environmental Racism, the 3 “E’s”,  3 Legged Racist Stool! Racist hang the innocent and the innocent (Plus The Most High) know they’re being hung for a crime they didn’t commit aka “Murdered”! “You will reap, exactly what you plant”!

    Hotep aka Peace Out…

  2. LBRC- What is “Good” Parenting? Talking Heads Pontificate all the time! We mentor. We emphasize Universal Laws. As students of Science and Spiritual Matters, here is 1 of many “Important” Universal Laws we found consensus via research and acquaintance. Blessings have rules and “You can’t keep what you didn’t earn”!

    1. Scripture says- “If you don’t work, you don’t eat”! Over 40% of the U.S. receives some sort of Federal Aid to include but not limited to EBT/Food Stamps. What happens when they get cut off? What happens when you can’t sustain yourself, ward of the State? Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs- Food, Clothing, Shelter? What we see? Hustling, Stealing, Murdering for “it” whatever “it” is, Cheating, Jumping Lines, Short- cut- ‘itus and yada…

    a. Grandma said, “Opportunities are bald! Once in front of you, it’s hard to grab onto what has passed”! 18 years old in the 6th Grade? Teachers emphasize- Sit Down, Shut up, Pay Attention, Work Hard and Listen! We’re here to help you (We’re talking Most Teachers, not the anecdotal). Teachers comprehend “Growth and Maturity” and give room. Unfortunately, too many Parents and Students just “Don’t get it”, ever! They veer into TV Screens (Fantasy World) and everybody’s having a good time? Television infects immature minds like viruses infect immature immune systems!  

    b. How do you win at Monopoly when you don’t comprehend rules? Education is all about rules- English, Math, Science, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic”! Now you’re 18 years or older and rent, water, utility, food bills are rolling down like Rocks in a Landslide? Your options? Some parents do for their kids what kids should be learning to do for themselves. How many kids respect gifts they didn’t earn? 

    2. How does one get respect, positive or negative without earning it?

    3. How many so- called good athletes have had to return awards, medals, trophies, due to violations of rules? Even those who never got caught have been subjected to criticism and rumors by so- called close friends who know what they did, overtly or covertly!

    4. Business cheaters are another class. Lots marry opportunist just as ruthless! Some never enjoy good health and can’t appreciate the fruits of their deceit!?

    5. The Universe of The Most High has liberally awarded “Gifts” to all! It’s like the 3 in Scripture awarded “Talents”/Money! 1 was infected with “Short- cut- ‘itus and buried his! 

    6. 2019 might as well be anytime along The Time Spectrum. Most are still trying to play Monopoly without comprehending the rules! Short- cut- ‘itus generally yields the Prison Industrial Complex, The Sanatorium or Graveyard, prematurely! Lots of Horror Movies and Twilight Zones begin with somebody lost or  talking a “Short Cut”!

    7. There are rules for Dress, Character, Associations, Meaningful Productive Work void of Slacking on others, Common Etiquette, Education, Business Advancement, yada…

    Regardless the endeavor, “You can’t keep what you didn’t earn”! Capone and Gotti died in a cage! Father Time can catch anybody! The Graveyard too! What does Proverbs give us? There is no Wisdom in The Counsel of Fools! The Wise Benefit from the mistakes of others! Fools are made for folly, avoid them! 2019 Parental Fools are “Grave infections”, pun intended! Good Parents are from The Most High and fear “Him”! Others will!!!

    Peace Out… 

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