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  1. LBRC- March 18th and Early Voting vs Mardi GRAS Week?

    1. Negroes could barely contain themselves Buck Jumping in Black Face and Grass Skirts while Traditional Caucasian Southern Mardi GRAS Groups like Freret, Nyx, Thoth and ‘Missy “Mimi” had their way with Confederate Throws aka “Forever Lee Circle”, “The South Will Rise Again” and yada…, on Mardi Gras Routes. Common Negroes flooded these routes! Contrasted with?…

    2. The week of March 18, 2019 is “Tax Increase” voting week aka “We want to Dig in your pockets again! A CouncilPerson wants to be able to say at re- election- “I helped the elderly by taxing them and you”! her good buddy is Racist Harry Lee’s daughter, the same Harry who proposed building a wall between Orleans and David Duke Land neighboring Jefferson Parish! Other council Negro persons agreed to this proposition before Low Info Voters, ‘Simps and Dimwits. Again- “How expensive is Education compared to the cost of Ignorance”?

    3. NOLA Negroes especially, and those nationally, are clueless about Capitalism aka “Hold on to what you have then get multiples of more on your dollars”! They call #45 stupid (Retardation does not denote this, what does is functionality. Most Retarded does not self destruct and lots are able to self sustain themselves with jobs!). How dumb is somebody who agrees to be robbed, no need for weapons? “My money is “Here”, just take it! In fact, I’ll vote in favor of this or I won’t vote and leave it to “Your Minority of Voters” to pass it!

    4. Go to and view the throngs of empty pocketed Negro ‘Simps all along Mardi GRAS Routes. Then contrast this picture with “Early Voting Lines” proposing a  “Tax Increase”!

    5. Extrapolation: Negroes ‘luv to Buck Jump more than they do voting to keep money in their pockets for themselves and family! Who said, “When there is no back door, an indoctrinated Negro will create one to walk thru”! In 2019 Negroes vote/non to be robbed, plus defend Buck Jumping in Grass Skirts and ‘Massa’s Creation of Minstrel Black Face”, then zealously fight and challenge the “Historically Cognizant” about this  Jim Crow Iconography!

    6. Scripture says only 144k of over 7 Billion and growing, who doubts this now? 

    7. What brought on the curses of Deuteronomy 28? Ans. The same happened during the times of Noah and are the same in 2019. Children are fending for themselves in Pipeline  Hell Hole Schools, on streets as “Opportunity Youth” with pitiful “Lifetime” Net Worths and can’t produce $500 in cash on hand, during Emergencies” for themselves or kids, and on and on, yet- These same Negroes agree with government hands in their pockets to take more! “Stupid is as Stupid does”! Is 144k an ambitious number? What will follow? Negroes ‘luv to do what?- Complain, sitting on their A*#es!

    Hotep aka Peace Out…

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