By Pat Bryant

Some of us are seriously depressed. The world we knew is seriously compromised if not collapsed.  The captains of industry and government don’t seem to know or care about our situations.  More than 60 million people are unemployed. About half particularly gig workers -but many others- have no income, rental and mortgage assistance, or healthcare.

But fear not.  We will overcome. God has not forsaken us. He knows and He cares. He has put his loving arms of protection around us. And we must work and fight with God. For 401 years African Americans prayed and fought to end slavery and its afterlife. God continues to intervene for us. But like Israel when we crossed our Red Sea, and made some progress, and we got distracted.

Too often we chose drunkenness and pleasure rather than community uplift. Our    community needs economic development, clean and safe housing, jobs with living wages including vacation, paid sick leave, and health benefits.


Look around. We have new opportunities due to universal concern for COVID and the systemic stress on our healthcare system. Additionally, the economic downturn with more than 60 million out of work coupled with cop killings, and let’s not forget a climate crisis creates a sense of chaos.  In my 74 years I have never seen such economic collapse in the U S. This has created a new sense of racial solidarity. Blacks and whites marching together in the streets of America. Trump and the billionaires are scared to death at the sight of this.

Please know that Trump and the billionaires cannot safely reopen the economy. Look at Florida and Texas, fruits of corporate greed, racism and ignorance. Businesses and Trump forced the economy to reopen before it was safe. More people are getting sick now.  Coronavirus has no respect of race, sex, class or business interests. People will stop going out to work while it is dangerous.

We have to stay home and take care of the people getting evicted and foreclosed upon. We must feed the hungry. The homeless need our help. Love and care will lift us. We must fight the billionaires for healthcare, housing and other social needs. Keep our schools closed until it is safe. This must be done. 

With God, the rock of ages on our side, we can free ourselves. Be not afraid of the future.  The merchants of greed are falling on their swords. We must unite and save ourselves. We have to lay down racism, self-hate and destruction the byproducts of greed and corruption. 

Don’t be depressed.

We will save us.  And, ironically we will be saved by COVID as it forces people to stay home and our nation to bail out the unemployed, hungry, homeless, and sick.

This can be done. It has been done in Europe and the Caribbean.

You stay home and protect yourself.


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