By Jeff Thomas

Gov Edwards Helps City

Back to back championship level political work from elected NOLA political team

This may be the best class of political leaders New Orleans has ever had. Our representatives have delivered cash and transformative legislation the like of which have never before been seen in this city.  And these Democrats have done this despite being politically outnumbered in this deep red state. Furthermore, this latest great performance comes on the heels of an historic session that transformed our state.

Led by Mayor LaToya Cantrell, our team of legislators were able to secure around $75 million dollars in immediate cash for infrastructure.  Our city’s most important department- The Sewerage & Water Board – should be able to regain solid footing and protect our people and property.

The political acumen and personal buoyancy of Mayor Cantrell is often underestimated but has never been duplicated.  Many questioned her “foolish” attempt at fair share as politically settled and currently impossible.  Afterall, the likes of Dutch Morial, Sidney Barthelemy, Mark Morial and especially Mitch Landrieu had failed to get similar legislation passed, and with the exception of Landrieu, they had Democratic governors and/or Democratic dominated legislatures.  Yet, Cantrell made a bigger ask of a highly conservative Republican and openly New Orleans hostile legislature.  She delivered!  WOW!

During her mayoral campaign, Cantrell was similarly underestimated.  She was a Cali girl, who had only served one term on the city council, running against a stout group of New Orleans political and business elite.  And despite political theatrics all around her, she remained focused and became the first woman ever elected mayor of our great city.  Cantrell’s surprising victory was a precursor to her more astounding success with the legislature and belies a political acumen heretofore unseen in the mayor’s office.


Equally impressive is the performance of the New Orleans delegation. While their Republican counterparts focused on an if/then abortion bill, NOLA legislators like Joe Bouie, J.P. Morrell, Walt Leger, and Jimmy Harris led this delegation and formed a formidable wall of progressiveness and togetherness that adroitly passed legislation that protects and uplifts the lives of New Orleanians and Louisianans.  Last year’s long overdue unanimous jury legislation combined with gentrification bending pauses on property tax hikes and the releasing of thousands of nonviolent offenders from state prisons have improved our neighborhoods, families and city.  The latest policy changing, life improving legislation was the result of the great work of District 99 representative James Harris. Almost always wrong and prejudiced, eyewitness testimony has actually led to the erroneous deaths of innocent people in Louisiana.

“Although this legislation can’t right previous wrongs, juries can now hear how flawed eyewitness testimony is.  In our state two innocent people have been executed, based mainly upon eyewitness testimony that was later proven false.  This legislation can prevent that from ever happening again in our state,” said Harris who sponsored the legislation.  As part of criminal justice reform in Louisiana, this legislation prevents abuses that have plagued our system for too long.  And this is just another piece of progressive legislation sponsored and passed by local NOLA legislators in the lasr two sessions.

The role of Governor John Bel Edwards can not be understated.  New Orleanians now have reason to enthusiastically support his reelection bid. Gov Edwards has evolved into the pragmatic, capable leader the state needs going forward and unlike Bobby Jindal, will be a real contender for President after his second term expires.

Though not perfect – much of the new state funding comes from regressive sales taxes- and questions remain about spending, this is a great haul for NOLA.  This is why people died to get the right to vote!  Kudos to Mayor Cantrell and the entire legislative delegation from NOLA.

3 thoughts on “NOLA Mayor & Delegation Score Big”
  1. Tip of the hat to Mayor Cantrell and the delegation who achieved a historic victory for the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana! Wonderful to see an elected official keep their promises to the citizens who elected them.

  2. The “Fair Share” Plan for Indigenous NOLA?

    LBRC- The Stupid and Severly Intellectually Damaged Negro is Murdering What’s Left of The Few Sane and Enlightened Blacks! Need “Common Sense” Examples?

    1. In New Orleans, NOLA, and for over 300 years, “White Affirmative Action” rules, i.e.-

    a. The Stupid and Gullible NOLA Negro is told? NOLA has understood aka

    understanding? “There must always be at least 1 White/Caucasion City Council Member” at- large? Question: Who buys this? Ans.- To include but not limited to NOLA Negro Lawyers, M.D.’s, Teachers ‘Major ‘Simps and yada…

    b. With African- American History Curriculums nearly ubiquitous, you would think Negroes realize by now, “The Institutional Paradigm” for Institutional and seemingly  “Indistructable” Rascism. designed Paradigms are obvious!  But oppressed environments tend to reflect “Values” and “Compromised” priorities “Promulgated” by “The Oppressor”! “THIS IS HOW and WHY NEGRO COONS RULE NOLA” at the behest of “THE MONEYED CLASSE’S”, including a few designated and carefully selected Negro Coons, who then pass “Coon Pedigrees” on to their “Worst Than Ever” Prodigeny! An excellent example is one currently serving on your School Board! He’s likely a “Republican NEOCON” as well! Who is your Public Service Commissioner?

    2. In a city with so many Negroes in “Seats”, why is it, Negro citizens are begging more than ever in 2019? There are no level playing fields in NOLA! Major Riley, any questions? Every aspect of Economics involving Tax Dollars is whacked in NOLA! I Exception- Lots of Sect. 8 Tax Dollars in NOE! Fees and Tax Bills” are higher than ever! Stupid Dumb Negroes even say, “We need more money for S&WB”! You Dumb a*#! Sorry…?  The typical Stupid Coon to include but not limited to Coon MD’s, Attorneys, Teachers, Professional ‘Glute Kissers et al, are all about self, family and friends! Examples, Proof? Ask a Stupid Negro who “Their” Public Service Commissioner is. Right now, Stupid Negroes are asking- Why is ‘Dat important? Well…, “During” Katrina, what happened to “Phone Bills” plus South Central Bell in NOLA? Suddenly, enter AT&T, a powerful “Conglomerate”! Who facilitated this Dumb Stupid Negro? We will attempt to curtail our contempt for Stupid Negroes to include but not limited to “All” Negro so- called Professional Classes! NOE got slaughtered and as always was the last to obtain eqitable Federal Funding (So says The Courts)! Lower 9 served as “Poster Child” for  funding. Lower 9 is still on hold!

    3. What’s the name heard most during February? Dr. King said- “The Negro is always told to wait”!

    a. In 2019, The French Quarter is “Flush and Plush” with public protections! Even though they self impose nominal added fees including garbage, “They Have More “Legislated” Income and Resources, Control their politics and Commission, Quasi Public! “NOE, largest land mass, flush not plush with Stupid Negroes, get what? 

    a. NOPD Chief says, “Wait” until he get the resources! What the? Is this the worst?

    b. NOE is majority “Negro”. What have these Negroes said and passed on to their  “Gifted Kids”? Ans. “No matter how gifted “you” are, YOU AREN’T AS GOOD AS 1st GENERATION VIETNAMESE, literally arriving yesterday when compared to Negroes  here forever it seems! Of all the Negroes residing in NOE (Not all are Dumb Stupid Negroes! NOE is a Bell Curve too- A Few are Genius, Most are Normal with a “Sprinkly of Fools”. Dumb Stupid Negroes go “Out of Their Way” and “Community” to vote for someone who “Doesn’t Look Like ‘Dem”! 3 Words- “You Jack A*#”! A Self- Hate Negro”! 

    4. Over 400 Negro Attorneys and approx. 100 MD’s in NOLA? You Stupid Negroes can’t find 7 Qualified Negroes for City Council? Scared of “Black”? 

    5. Until all the “Old Heads” and Coons trained by Coons die off? NOLA and NOE are doomed! 

    6. Btw- 

    a. Subsidize Housing in Lakeview and Deep 6 “All Fools are vacated to NOE”! Then have Chief tell Lakeview to wait for “Equitable” protection. Would crime increase in Lakeview as it has in NOE? Draw an Hypothesis, then let’s see! 

    b. if NOE can’t have equity? Then divide The City Budget into 5 Equal Monetary Tax Dollar inputs and at least have a rationale for how Tax Dollars are spent! Or- Allot Tax Dollar values for every citizen, then allocate “Appropriate” Tax Dollars like Schools do “Per Pupil”! Is ‘Dis ‘Thang on…?

    7. To the 7- 10% Enlightened NOLA Blacks, a revelation? All the Dumb Stupid Negroes “Murdering” you are your best friends and family! Uh oh…, whatever ‘Dat means! 

    Peace Out…

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