by Kenneth Cooper

Yeah, that’s it. Go home. Vote. Elect a black president, a liberal congress, a liberal mayor, a liberal city council, even have a black AG appointed as the nation’s top prosecutor. After that, everything will be alright. You’ll be able to ride, run, walk up the street assured that you’ll be treated as a citizen equal to all others, and if not, those who violate your right will be met with the swiftest of justice. 

Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling, Trayvon Martin – 6 murders, 0 justice.

Maybe try other methods. Try getting a job, fashioning yourself as a presentable negro. But one day you’re out for a ride with your girl and her kid, you get pulled over, you simply try to tell the officer that you’re exercising your right to carry a gun, and next thing you know — bam. Seven bullets are unloaded in your chest.  Two of them hit you right in the heart. You’re left there, bleeding to death in the passenger seat, while the child screams behind you. All your girl can think to do is frantically record your last breath on her cell phone, hoping it’ll make a difference. 

“Your, Honor, he was a black man with a gun. I feared for my life. What else was I supposed to do? 🤷‍♂️”

No justice. You try breaking the peace. You riot. You loot. You burn buildings to the ground. Probably because there’s no other outlet for your frustration. People call you an animal, a thug. Hardly anybody in power addresses the root of the problem, how systematically throwing black people in jail and under-investing in our communities has produced generations of disillusioned, poor people trying to live the American dream by any means necessary

Nope, they’ll be no tears or any form of reparations for you, just escalating forms of resistance and violence when you protest in outrage (blockades, negative media coverage, curfews, police armed with militarized weapons).

What’s the solution? A race war is out of the question. Black people are outnumbered, out-gunned, and out-organized. 10 cops swinging batons and firing rubber bullets can scatter a hundred unorganized protesters.

Last Monday, 3 police officers pinned a 46 year-old black man to the ground then proceeded to suffocate him until he cried for his mama. They only decided to take their knees off his neck and back after he stopped breathing for 2 minutes and 53 seconds. 1 officer stood by. A crowd just watched and recorded as he slowly died.

“Before we go any further, we’re asking you to be patient, while we proceed in due diligence to ascertain all the facts of the case and not make a rush to judgment – you know, basically give these guys the fairness and consideration they didn’t give to the man they just killed.”

We watch them die. We watched George Floyd die. We watched Eric Garner die. We watched Alton Sterling die. We heard Trayvon Martin fight for his life until a gun went off. “Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” – Wil Smith

Many feel the problem is that too many police look like this (👮‍♂‍)while the citizens they often harass and murder look like this (🧑🏽‍🦱). Often those complaints are met with a simple🖕🏻in reply. Black people’s pleas to be treated equally have been met with that type of dismissiveness since the day we were dragged here in chains. 

“I don’t wanna be a slave on this plantation.” 


“I just wanna be treated like any other free man.”


“I just want the right to vote and the same civil rights as any other citizen.”


“Black lives matter.”


“I’m going to call the police and tell them that an African American man is threatening me.” 

No, those aren’t the words that got Emmett Till killed. Those are the words of a white woman, who earlier this month threatened to weaponize the police against a black man for having the audacity to tell her to put a leash on her dog as the park rules required. Clearly she recognized historical precedent.

A word from the president on how the police should apprehend suspects:

“Please don’t be nice.”

What are we to do?

“We’ve tried black faces in high places. Too often our black politicians, professional class, middle class become too accommodated to the capitalist economy, too accommodated to a militarized nation-state…You’ve got a neoliberal wing of the Democratic Party that is now in the driver’s seat…and they really don’t know what to do.” – Cornel West

Nobody knows what to do. Slavery ended 155 years ago. Yet the mentality hasn’t.

How many more will lose their breath, waiting for change?

4 thoughts on “Still Waiting on Justice”
  1. Kenneth Cooper,

    If we weren’t living through this again, we wouldn’t believe it, again. And, just like all of the many times before, the next murder of a black person by a cop is inevitably … right around the corner.

    What is the solution … is there a solution?

  2. LBRC- Grandma said long ago- “If you think education is expensive, wait until you find out the cost for ignorance”! Some seem to believe education is indicative of how well you roll r’s, articulate words or how many pieces of paper you own. “Never confuse education with intelligence, right? We listen in on occasions to radio and media, and…? If simple logic was tissue paper and in our best Ebonics- “Some radio host wouldn’t have enough to blow their nose” (Their Glute”? sorry…). 

    1. (a) Any “Moron” who is supposedly a so- called “Peace Officer”, let alone a so- called “Commander in Chief” or Governor, who does not comprehend “Posse Comitatus”, is a “Clear and Present Danger” to “Civilized Society”!!! 

    (b) This is exactly what illiterate citizens and sycophants elect! When you hear Political Sycophants and those in media attempting to curry favor with officials by “Praising and Complementing” aka “sucking- up” to them for adhering to what they are “Paid to do” aka “Learn, Know and Obey the Law”, which in lots of cases they’re paid “Exhorbant” salaries to do so, which considering manifested outcomes, “They’re overpaid”!!! btw- Wasn’t Chief Ferguson over training for NOPD prior to becoming Chief (An observation not an indictment)? Deep 6 all the sycophants, opportunist and out and out  “kiss azzes”  looking to ingratiate themselves with with Politicos having selfish agendas! Enough already, especially all you “Haughty” Apostates! Crawl back under your rocks!!! 

    1. Synonym for Police? Ans. “Peace” Officer! An oxymoron? hmmm…

    2. Protest are a “Constitutional Process”! Have you ever read the 1st 10 Amendments to the U.S. Constitution? In your Oath of Office, you swore to uphold them! 

    3. The job of Police, so- called “Protest and Serve”, is not just a Platitude, 

    a. Peaceful Protestors deserve “Protection”, and all deserve “Due Process and both”! Why? Because the U.S. Supreme Ct. Confirmed what the Constitution guaranteed aka “Citizens have a right to assemble and Protest and/or just complain “Publicly” aka “Freedom of Assembly” and “Petition”, Duh…?  

    b. Nobody said law enforcement was a “Cake Walk”! Police persons “chose” this sacred trust! Meaning- Really “Professional Peace Officers” seek out from among the whole, those who are a “Threat to Peace” from those who desire “Peaceful Change” by virtue of their “Public Petition” aka “Protest directed  to Government” (Disclaimer: The Declaration of Independence Mandates- “The People also have a right to Alter or Abolish a government when it is no longer responsive to The People”. Citizens choose rebellion and war with arms against Britain aka “Violent Change” after being “IGNORED” and the re- institution of “The Status Quo” following “Petitions”!!! Stop attempting via rhetoric and a lack of Historical Literacy and out and out ignorance, “it just ‘ain’t so”!!! Is ‘Dis ‘Thang On??? Get literate!!! 

    c. No Literate Peace Officer “Broad Brushes” an entire Protest Assembly via Prejudice, then subjectively decides “All” deserve an over the top aggressive action by police, especially when most are of a “Darker Hue” or so- called Race! Negro Officers are not exempt and are commensurately ignorant, lots are ‘ignant! Honestly? “The Willie Lynch Syndrome” is just as real as wind you can’t see but see but know its there! 

    d. What is taught in Police Academies besides weapons, expressed in a ratio? NOPD seems well versed in weapons and non defusing aggression! Honestly and based in experiences in NOLA? Lots of us are former “Reserve”! We are familiar with an “Emerald Brotherhood”, an alarm sounded long ago, which lots claim ignorance! 1st it was said most officers had trouble writing “Honest Reports” or routine ones. Danzinger taught us all about “Ham Sandwiches” and plants, and how NOPD manufactures and coordinates lies against citizens, not all but too many! A majority? NOPD said, “We put trained and professional officers on our streets”??? Yet- How many officers have been indicted since Danzinger while NOPD is still under a Federal Consent Decree? Something is wrong with ‘Dat Picture! 

    “Peaceful Protestors” deserve Protection and “All Citizens” deserve “Due Process! Stop “Broad Brushing” entire communities and/or Peaceful Events based on bias about about Race, Zip Codes or other!

    “Real Peace Officers Preserve and Protect Constitutional Processes” to include but not limited to “”DUE PROCESS”, i.e., Petitions to Government aka Protest to include “Peaceful Citizen Protesters” and “Others”, even when infiltrated by those who desire to invoke the ingrained Racism and Prejudice pervasive in most Police Departments like NOPD and elsewhere, and those who want to inflict harm, even death on innocent citizens, especial those of color! The Historical Data, even recent is clear and un- ambiguous!!! Weapons and threats don’t make you a man!!! As former military, lots of us  know better!!! Egregious X 10 and exponentially? Citizens pay millions in settlements for liabilities “Racist and Rogue Cops” promulgate- A Contemporary Existential Threat in 2020! Political incompetence is an enabler and just as culpable!!! An illiterate so- called Commander- in- Chief, Governor, Councilperson  and/or mayor, is worst than a Bull in a China “Factory”!!! 

    No Justice, No Peace Out…

  3. “OPEN PLEA TO MAYOR OF DC ANDVSCOTUS”- Never Succomb to Victimhood where You have some authority!!!

    LBRC- To: The Mayor of District of Columbia, U.S. and SCOTUS

                 Re: Request to have your Your D.C., District Attorney, “Charge” the President of The United States of America et al, to include but not limited to a “Sealed Indictment” for violation of The Civil Rights and Rights of Petition of Peaceful Protestors! To SCOTUS: A DOJ Policy cannot abrogate the authority of SCOTUS, granted by The Constitution, but your silence can! What does your oath and whose oath bounds you? Our Civil and Bill of Rights, especially Freedom of Assembly and the Right to Petition government via Protest to include but not limited to “Imbedded Press” are also “Assaulted “, with chemicals, bullets and unwarranted aggression, for simply exercising “Constitutional Rights”! why are they abridged and you are silent!  Why is SCOTUS so silent? 

    1. Madam Mayor, D.C.- This proposed action takes courage and faith in “Due Process”! You took an Oath of Office! You are not helpless!!! Do not acquiesce to “Victimhood” or “Learned Helplessness”! 

    2. Further, if there be any remnant of decency seated on SCOTUS, just as SCOTUS intervened in “Gore vs Bush”, due to in their view a “Compelling Interest”, what is more compelling than the violation of The Bill of Rights? You cannot sit on your ‘Glutes again,  respectfully, while “Innocent Citizens and Press” are attacked without provocation and their “Bill of Rights” are laid waste by a wannabe autocrat! You might ignore but you see and cannot be held blameless! Since “Marbury vs Madison”, never has there been more justification to act in the interest of this experiment called a Democracy, and no “Compelling” interest more imperative than the rights of Citizens and our Bill of Rights! Otherwise, every member of SCOTUS is and forever will be “Complicit” in revolution and the destruction of this country as per “The Unanimous Declaration of The 13 American Colonies” and The Treaty of Mecklenburg in The U.S., aka when government has become unresponsive and inept with respect to “The Will of The People” and “A lawless government rules De Facto”, it then become their “Constitutional Right” to “Abolish or Alter it” and yes, “By Any Means Necessary”! We pray The Mayor of D.C., and our “once”  respected courts, find wisdom and decency, clearly when the current Commander- in-  Chief has clearly corrupted Constitutional Process and has absolutely no international credibility or respect, except among other despots and other murderous international authorities! “Our military and others have pledged “Loyalty” to him,  not our Constitution! Their loyalty in narrow and appears to preempt, in their warped view, our Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution! 

    3. By virtue of this plea and email Pro Se, and with respect to and appertaining to the aforementioned, consider all! When citizenship matters, “1” law abidding is equal to “The Whole of”! “I man 1 vote, 1 citizen = all citizens”, with respect to rights and enforcement! 1 U.S. Constitution for all, and all for an administration of justice applicable to each equally and impartially administrated void “Respecting an unjust administrationIOC the same! Allowing  an Autocrat and their plebes, obligated and motivated by nefarious ambitions and what else to The President of The U.S., not The Constitution, must not be allowed to operate with “Impunity”, violating Civil Rights and/or our Bill of Rights!!! 


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