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You all know what happened. Everything but justice for Breonna.
The police illegally entered her home.
The warrant they had was a copy-and-paste from several others. It was granted without any real proof of wrong-doing from the residence in question.
Their warrant was suspicious. They were heavily armed. The officers had no badges. They knocked the door down with a battering ram. The man inside did what any man would do. He protected his home. He shot at the random thugs that had broken into his apartment. They fired back, so he ran and called 911. His girlfriend was in their bed in the back, scared for her life. And she was right to be so. The police shot her seven times, then left her bleeding there without even having the courtesy to call an ambulance.

In the days that followed, the Kentucky Police Department stalled when evidence rebutted their version of what happened. Their investigators interviewed twelve neighbors. They all said the cops didn’t announce themselves. Only the 13th neighbor, after three interviews, alleged that they did. After this the police instead focused on Breonna’s ex-boyfriend. He is a drug dealer that wasn’t living in the apartment. They tried to link Breonna to drug dealing. Police even tried to get him to frame Breonna herself for a murder he allegedly committed. All an attempt to muddy the waters of this case to try and discredit and defame Breonna Taylor to protect the police who had broken into Breonna’s home and murdered her in her bed.

Protesters in Louisville over Breonna Taylor


The nation outside of this horror screamed in the streets over what had happened. Many on the outside could see that this was a senseless murder showing that the police could break into your house at any moment and murder you without any consequences. We said her name, and we will continue to. Breonna Taylor’s family will receive a 12-million-dollar settlement over this injustice. Still, Breonna Taylor’s name has become a rally cry for protesters across the United States and beyond. They used Breonna Taylor’s name in Vanity Fair. Hulu is producing a movie. It seems like everyone knows her and what happened to her.

A Kentucky grand jury has ruled. The decision is upsetting but expected. Brett Hankinson, one of the officers involved in the murder has been charged with wanton endangerment. Some of the ten rounds he fired Taylor’s apartment flew wide of the target in bed and entered into the next door apartment-endangering the lives of its occupants. A black woman was shot seven times in her bed and left to die. But the only charges in the case revolve around the bullets that endangered the white people next door. No charges on the bullets actually fired in Taylor’s residence, or the ones that went into their Black next-door-neighbor’s place. The other officers were not charged. They remain on active duty..

And then Louisville boards up a bunch of windows and doors expecting riots and mayhem, as if the protesters are the monsters in this story.

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Because in America, Black Lives Don’t Matter.

That’s the message, here; the police can and will come after you for no reason. They can beat you, they can incarcerate you, they can murder you while you lay helpless in your bed, and at worst they’ll be slapped with five years in prison because they might have put someone else in danger while ending your life.

I can feel the bags under my eyes growing. There have been 460 murders at the hands of American police this year alone, and that number just keeps growing. According to Professor Philip Stinson with the Criminal Justice Program at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, only a handful of times each year is an officer charged with murder or manslaughter resulting from these shootings. And that’s out of the close to 1,000 police shootings that happen each year.

There is no justification for this. There is no justice for Breonna Taylor, nor for any one of us. It’s not America cares nothing for black people; it’s that America as an institution Hates black people. They will rename streets, they will throw cash at our grieving families, they will put our faces on magazines and on social media.

Meanwhile, the police and feds beat us, taze us, gas us and spray us in the streets for screaming at them to stop killing us.

America will do Anything and Everything before they give us Justice.

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