By Elise Lucas, Licensed Esthetician 

Did you know that your skincare should change in the winter months?  

The two extremes of the dry warm air from heaters and the cold brisk air outside wars against the balance of your skin.  Balanced skin is always the key to healthy skin.  Let’s dig deeper into what you need to do and how to take advantage of this time of the year.

See the Esthetician

First of all, see your esthetician. The winter months are the perfect time to amp up your facial treatments.  You are usually not in the sun as much, so your skin can handle stronger treatments.   This is important for both problematic skin and typically healthy skin. 

If you fall into the category of typically healthy skin, ask about doing more anti-aging services like chemical peels or nano facials.  If you have more problematic skin, advanced chemical peels(stronger chemical peels) or combos like micropeels would be worth exploring.  This is also the time of the year to switch up your home regimen.

The colder months is not the time to stop exfoliating. In fact, it’s a great time to to add a retinoid product to your regimen!  Retinoids are a vitamin A derivative that speeds up the cell renewal process. This sheds old skin cells, repairs hyperpigmentation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines as well as reduces acne…what more can you ask for?! 

I always recommend using a  hyaluronic acid serum while using retinoids. Together they are a powerful exfoliating and hydrating duo.  My go-to quote with my clients is “It is better to prevent than correct”. It is also cheaper too!

Use the proper products

  Another product to switch up is your moisturizer.

I know what your thinking…”do I really need a serum and a moisturizer?”.  Yes, you need a serum and moisturizer!  Serums hydrate and moisturize the deeper/lower layers of the skin.  While a moisturizer hydrates and treats the top layers of your skin. Each component of your skincare has a function and to have the best skin possible, you need them all. 

So what are my recommendations?

(Esthetique Facial Spa)

Can be picked up at the spa or we can ship to you.

 •Retinol-A créme 

• Hylauronic acid serum

 •Vital C hydrating repair créme 

•Ageless retinol overnight masque 

•Vital C hydrating  overnight masque(my favorite)

(Andrelle’s Natural Skincare)

•Chamomile and calendula eczema cream(a favorite of mine.)

•Underglow face and body butter

•Rosehip and camomile hydrating serum

(Neaxla Beauty) 

•Dermaheal oil

•Retinol Retexturizer (a favorite of mine)

•Moisturizer Bae

Do you have a skincare topic that you would like to me cover?  If so, leave it in the comment section. 

You can also send me a direct message on Instagram @Efacialspa or Facebook @Esthetique Facial Spa  if you have a question about your skin.

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