By Ted Quant

I watched MSNBC coverage of Cuba. Miami Cubans were on TV complaining that their relatives are starving and they can’t help them and how horrible the Cuban government is for preventing them from helping their starving relatives.

I waited in vain for Craig Melvin to ask the question, “What is stopping you from sending money, food, support to your relatives? What is stopping you from getting on a plane and taking medicine or support to Cuba? Is it the Cuban government’s policy to blockade their nation? Is it the Cuban government that stops you from sending money to your relatives?”

No, the answer to all the questions is that it is your US government’s policy that you voted for when you supported Trump, and also all the Democratic and Republican administrations that for 60 years have waged war against this tiny nation. An embargo is an act of war. You, Miami Cubans, you voted for these policies. It is you who are killing your relatives in Cuba while you blame the Cuban government for your evil doing. What utterly disgusting hypocrisy.


And shame on MSNBC for not asking the questions to set the record straight. Yes, be critical of what deserves to be criticized about the Cuban government, but also call out the lies of our government and its policies that are starving the people of Cuba.

Shame on you for your complicity in letting these lies go unanswered.

And Please don’t say we are for human rights in Cuba, while we are starving people to death, denying their right to live, denying their right to freely participate in the commerce of nations, denying their right to self determination and independence. Stop lying that you are fighting for human rights in Cuba, when our government’s purpose is US domination so US corporations can turn Cuba back into the neo-colony it was before the revolution.

Stop lying. End the embargo. Defend the Cuban Revolution.

#MSNBC and #MIAMICUBANS and #CubanAmericans

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