3 Real Reasons to Support Jeff Landry for Governor

In Louisiana, a politician is always running for office. And it’s never too early to look ahead. Especially when an elected official acts unusually political. And queue current Louisiana Attorney General, Jeff Landry.

It’s about time we get back to old school Louisiana politics. Governor John Bel Edwards is boring. All he wants to do is stabilize the budget, give teachers raises, and fight the Coronavirus. Where’s the corruption, the hypocrisy, the scandal? In his one and a half terms in office he hasn’t even been insinuated in a kickback. The late former governor Edwin Edwards is probably already rolling over in his freshly dug grave. But wait, there is one man who can drag our politics back to the swamp from which it came. That man is Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. And here are the top reasons why he should be elected as Louisiana’s next governor.

Reason #1: The man knows how to wield power. You got a pesky biological mother making contact with your adopted daughter, well all you have to do is call on Jeff. He’ll take care of her, provided that he holds a seat on your company’s board, and you’re one of his biggest political donors. You check those boxes, and Jeff will give you the VIP treatment. No I’m not talking access to proper legal channels.

I’m talking Louisiana Bureau of Investigation agents running through the mother’s social media instead. I’m talking the same agents tracking her down online, even traveling across state lines to threaten her, her ole man, and her brother. Justice ain’t free. And Jeff knows that. Citizens seeking justice from the Attorney General’s office should know that too. After all, what’s the point of having hands if one won’t wash the other. We live in a corrupt world these days. And if crime still pays, then we need a governor who knows how to cash in. It’s unlikely there will be another candidate for governor more qualified to do that than Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

Ka’Mauri Harrison was suspended by Jefferson Parish for items in his home that were seen while he was in virtual school!

Reason #2: He’s an opportunist. The mark of a good politician is recognizing the moment. Not just any moment. But the moment that gives them the best opportunity for political gain. For example, a 9 year-old black kid gets suspended from school because a BB gun in his room is accidentally on display during one of his virtual classes. Insert Jeff Landry, sudden defender of black people despite his Tea Party ways. Jeff immediately recognized game and played on the sensibilities of the black community. He appeared on local talk radio vowing to use the full force of his office to take the fight as far as it could go and overturn the injustice.

All the while in the midst of a national debate on guns and gun safety, he winked and nodded towards gun rights activists and the NRA. That’s manipulation at its finest. Who knows, during the next election cycle he might not even have to pay black people to be in his ads. They may do so voluntarily. We need a governor a like Jeff, who knows how to play both sides of the fence, the full circumference of a circle, and all angles of a square.

Reason #3: He’s a straight, white male. In a gender fluid world populated by ever evolving pronouns, Jeff has kept it old school. He has embodied whiteness, masculinity, and privilege. He even used his office to maintain that advantage. Remember when he took up for toxic masculinity and fought Governor Edwards over LGBT workplace regulations? That’s Jeff Landry.

So remember this during the next gubernatorial election. Any candidate can offer you this or that, but none will offer you the return to old school Louisiana politics with as much gall and vigor. So stamp your ballot. Pull your lever, whatever it is that your parish has you do. Just make sure that at end of the day, the choice you make is the only logical one: Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

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