We’d call him Rittenhouse if he’d lost, but since he won, lets just call him Kyle. As far as we know, Kyle was just a good kid who happened to kill two people and pose with white supremacists afterwards. His prosecutors were lawyers so confident of their prosecutorial skills that they based their case on evidence they couldn’t provide. It all made for a pretty interesting and predictable trial.

As you probably know or should know by now, Kyle went free on Friday. He was acquitted of all charges. Kyle was accused of killing of two  white men and the wounding of another near a Black Lives Matter protest in August of last year.

On the night in question, the prosecution said Kyle was a vigilante who showed up with a loaded assault rifle looking for trouble.  And Kyle ended up killing two people when he found it. His defense team said he was just out there exercising his 2nd Amendment right while acting in self-defense.

The prosecution’s case rested on a video analysis of the scene. Here’s what the video showed.

The first time we see Kyle he’s being chased through a car lot by another man. When the man gets close, Kyle turns around and shoots him. The man falls to the ground and eventually dies.

The next time we see Kyle he’s running up the street. This time he’s being chased by a crowd. Eventually the crowd catches up to him. Then one man drop kicks him to the ground while another tries to bash him in the head with a skateboard.  Kyle shoots that man too. He also eventually dies.

Then there’s a third man. We’d call him a victim, but the judge said we’re not allowed to call people who were either shot or killed victims. So, this man, the third one we’re talking about, he was a little more cunning. He tried to calm Kyle by walking towards him with his hands in the air, presumably hoping to disarm him. Prosecutors called him to the stand to show that Kyle shot this man in cold blood and not self-defense. That theory fell apart as the video rolled.

Rittenhouse on Ground

This time we see Kyle on the ground scooting backwards as the man walks towards him, hands in the air. In court, the defense lawyer stopped the video and asked: is that a gun in your hand? The man said yes. The video rolled and the defense lawyer stopped it again then asked: did you just lower it at our client. The man looked at the screen and said oh I didn’t mean to do that on purpose. As the video rolled once more, Kyle, still on the ground retreating, promptly shoots the man.

If you stick a pin in a ballon, it’ll just pop. But if you untie it and slowly let the air out, it’ll make a wheezing sound similar to the inner exhalations a prosecutor makes when he realizes his case has just deteriorated.

With the video not working in their favor, you would think surely the prosecution would bring forth witnesses who could prove that Kyle started all this trouble. But the prosecution ended up arguing with one of its witnesses over that alleged fact. Next, in front of the jury, they hypothesized about prosecuting the first man Kyle killed because the man had allegedly set two dumpsters on fire while running around screaming the n-word. As said earlier, it was a very interesting trial.

The jury, possibly confused by the prosecution’s tactics, took their time deliberating. Maybe it was a true testament to the lunch they were provided. But 3 days later they returned with a not guilty verdict across the board.

The trial and acquittal has turned Kyle into a star. As it stands, Fox News and other Conservative outlets are still clamoring for interviews. According to reports, Rep Matt Gaetz, a Republican under investigation for having sex with minors, has said he’d like to hire Kyle as an intern. And pretty soon, he’ll surely be paraded through prominent Conservative conventions before making his penultimate appearance on stage at a Trump rally brandishing an assault rifle. Who knew that killing two people could be so profitable.

But all in all this was a bad day for black America we are told. The hypothetical “what if he was a black man” suffered another defeat. It’s a constant reminder that if he ever was to surface as a reality the system would deny him similar justice as if he were still considered 3/5 of a man.

No one should fault you if this brings you back 165 years. Because here we are 165 years after the Civil War. And white people are still killing each other over the proper way to treat black people. Some would say that the clashes at Black Lives Matter protests are the modern-day battles of Fort Sumter and Gettysburg. So yeah, maybe it really was a bad day for black America. Hopefully next week when the Ahmaud Arbery trial is said and done, we’ll have some justice delivered on our behalf.

One thought on “Kyle Rittenhouse Got The Justice He Deserved”
  1. The Proud Boys (some members of which Kyle posed with) are NOT White supremacist. They are WESTERN CHAUVANISTS. Much of their leadership is Black or other minority, and they are vehemently opposed to the Marxist leadership of the BLM movement.

    Check out Black Guns Matter with Maj Toure!!

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