A Grim Reminder

by Jordan Rock

You’ve been on social media this week. Notice something odd?

If you’re like me, you’re still being barraged with reports of police brutality and hate crimes erupting across the United States, but little to no coverage of the ongoing protests.

Why is that?

 If I had to guess, I’d say the opportunistic looters and the rioters have been scared away from most of these events and now only peaceful protesters remain to stare down America’s police state. And because they are peaceful, the news doesn’t care about them anymore.

I’m here to tell you today, that the fight is not over. The Black Lives Matter Protest, the largest worldwide mass protest in human history, is still going on, whether the news wants to talk about it or not.

The man who murdered George Floyd has been charged with second degree murder and the officers who stood around and let it happen have been hit with aiding and abetting. That’s good…but Breonna Taylor’s murderers haven’t been arrested, and we keep seeing human rights’ violations explode across the country.

We’ve made progress, don’t get me wrong. The Minneapolis City Council has led the charge in positive reform. They’ve approved a bill to defund their law enforcement as of June 9th, with other major cities like Chicago, Philadelphia and Portland proposing or pledging to follow suit. Even the infamous LAPD is about to have its budget slashed in another major victory for the BLM Movement.

In addition, there has been lots of performative support from various cities and companies hoping to wring some good press out of these tumultuous times.

We all saw the mural and name change in Washington, D.C., and we’ve all seen Ben and Jerry’s, Reebok, and other companies trumpet their own support of the Black Lives Matter Movement on various social media platforms. And while that’s a lovely performance and dog whistle, it is not the same as policy change.

Just this past week, I’ve been distracted by a new controversy.

In an extension of the sentiments of the BLM Movement, there have been cases of statues of confederate figures, slave owners, racists and other famous American monsters being vandalized and taken down across the states and in a few cities in other places around the world.
These events remind me of the controversy of 2017, where there was a push to remove various confederate monuments from New Orleans, like that gaudy Robert E. Lee that used to look down at me on St. Charles Avenue.

Now, I’ll be the first to say good riddance to these monuments to the bastardous icons of the confederacy, but these so-called controversies are little more than a distraction. Defacing these statues is hilarious and cathartic but doing so is not a victory for my people.

It’s performance art.

So here’s my call to action for you: The People. Keep the conversation going. Contact your local legislators and talk their ear off about this movement and how defunding the police is paramount to a brighter future. The fact is, police institutions in the United States have been waging a race war on us since much of their founding, and we’ve had enough of this culture of hatred and violence.  As we keep seeing, American police are perfectly willing to use police brutality on police brutality protesters at the police brutality protest.

One thought on “Keep the Ball Rolling”
  1. Keep it comming Jordan! Great info!!! Btw-

    LBRC- Let’s Talk Some Basic English Language Comprehension and The 2nd Amendment- “Respectfully”! Have you ever heard somebody comment about something,  so contrary to what you thought you knew, you felt compelled to go back and research to see if what you thought existed really does? All over the U.S. now, so- called “Black Militias”, Citizens no less, are flaunting and bearing their “Arms” aka weapons publicly and ostentatiously as does others, aka Caucasians aka “Whites”, KKK Terrorist, Hate Groups and others…

    1. What does The 2nd Amendment, U.S.. Constitution, (Right to Bear Arms) say?

    EXACT WORDING- “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” 

    2. Written English Grammar separates via a “Comma”, pause! Sometimes in order to avoid unnecessary redundancy or “Wordiness”, Commas are used in place of or as a substitute for “and”! Ex.- Instead of “You and me”, you might say “You, me”!

    a. A well regulated Militia “And” or “Plus” aka “In addition to”- “The Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms”- “SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED”! Question- What about “Shall Not” literate intellects is unclear? It does not say you “may not”, so why “Shall Not”? Ans. “Shall not” gives weight to, whereas “may not” is passive in the sense ‘Dat if given “permission”, you simply “may”! Crucial language in contracts!!! Ex.- Once up for promotion in The Military, our commander was told- “You May Promote them” aka “us”! We thought we’d be to our disappointment! We viewed our company commander as a typical Southern White Supremacist undercover in the military, so we appealed up The Chain of Command (Only Caucasians were promoted to upper ranks in our company)! After lots of military drama, your typical- Our commander was told by his commander-  “You shall promote these troops” and guess what followed…- Ebonics for “Shall Not”? Ans. “No way ‘Bro!!! In Mexico- “No way Hosea”!!!

    3. The Debate>>>


    4. What The U.S. Supreme Court says>>>Ans.!!!- In a 5-4 decision, the Court, meticulously detailing the history and tradition of the Second Amendment at the time of the Constitutional Convention, proclaimed that the Second Amendment established an individual right for U.S. citizens to possess firearms and struck down the D.C. handgun ban as violative of that right.

    5. Conclusion: Not only does The 2nd Amendment mandate the “Right” of a Militia, but also and “Clearly” the “Right” of “Citizens” to “Bear” Arms for reasons…

    6. Depending on varying levels of “Comprehensions” and/or intellects- All are entitled to their own opinions. We included the aforementioned aka “U.S. Supreme Ct.” ruling regarding pertinence in order to say- You “May” believe whatever fancies your comprehension! The Constitution, backed by a Court Ruling Says- “Not only do Militias have this “Right” to bear Arms, but “individual” Citizens as well! This does not require, at least in our minds, some sophisticated extrapolation to interpolate between lines “Self Protection”, otherwise- What then is the point of a “Weapon” aka Arms during the course of a war or of aggression, personal or otherwise with respect to protection??? Duh…???

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