Joe Biden’s first 30 days

As we approach 30 days into the Biden presidency, Joe Biden is now discovering exactly what it’s like to finally be in charge. Unlike previous presidents, Biden inherited a presidency without a honeymoon period.  Instead, his first few weeks were consumed with the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.  Still, Biden’s first 30 days were disorganized and ineffective. He failed to  provide financial and medical relief to the most vulnerable Americans.

Unfulfilled Promises

Unable to deliver on his promises of direct cash payments and mass vaccinations, Biden continues to push a unicorn utopian ideology of bipartisanship. He seeks to unite a nation that does not want to be united. The ghost of Trump haunts the White House. Remarkably, the Republican minority has somehow stopped the Democratic majority. Biden’s vision to “Make America Whole Again” is on hold.

In this first 30 days we are discovering that President Biden is exactly who we thought he was . Biden is  a conservative Democrat which is a liberal Republican. Biden is against student loan forgiveness. He says individuals who attended Ivy League schools would also benefit.

This reasoning and rationale reflects the current state of mind of conservative Republicans. They have voiced opposition to income thresholds relating to direct cash payment to the citizens of America. This reasoning is flawed. It does not take into consideration the fact that only 2 percent of college graduates attend Ivy league schools. Or that the other  98 percent could really use the help. And don’t forget the 89 percent of African Americans college graduates who have student loans.

No Checks in Joe Biden’s first 30 days

So when it comes to the stimulus package the Republicans only want to place money in the hands of those individuals who are going to give it right back. Lowering the eligibility thresholds of families qualified to receive the stimulus will negatively impact America’s working class. And in reality the Republican proposal excludes those who are most likely to pay the most income tax, pay the most property taxes and fund Medicaid and Medicare. And let’s not forget Social Security.

Much of the relief promised and requested can be provided through executive orders and partisan politics. To the victor goes the spoils. Like many other African Americans, I believe that Biden’s loyalty should be to the people who elected him, the party that supports him and then the rest of America. As long as America engages in party politics there can never be “one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. Political parties are creations of the states. If the founding fathers thought political parties were essential to governing then I believe, given their intelligence and foresight, they would have included them in the Constitution.

Although Biden previously served in the senate for 36 years and 8 years as Vice President, at the end of the day everything starts and ends with the President. Given this experience, the Biden administration shaky start is surprising. Hopefully his experience will allow him to quickly course correct. Democrats will face tough opposition in the upcoming midterm elections.  They are in jeopardy of losing both the House and Senate if Biden fails to come through for the people that came through for him.

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