“What you gonna do for me?”

Capitalist Classist Elitism Factor

By Professor Blair Condoll

In 1983, the R and B signer Chaka Kahn released a song entitled “What “cha” Gonna Do For Me” when the chips are down. As Congress debates a new stimulus package, many Americans are finding themselves asking a similar question. What are our elected officials going to do for us?

During the 2021 Georgia senatorial election then President elect Joe Biden made promise to the people of America. He said if we gave him a Democratic Congress – by flipping Georgia – then he would make sure that the American people would received an additional stimulus package. That  promise includes  $2000 cash payments. The people delivered. They elected two Democrat senators in Georgia. Now the people seek to cash in their chips.

However, President Biden may have made a promise he can’t keep. The Trump Republicans derailed his plans. Many blamed President Trump for the almost nonexistent stimulus package. But, on his way out, Trump signaled that he was blocking stimulus payments. In fact, then President Trump’s suggested that Congress increase the cash payment from $600 to $2000.  Conservative Republicans immediately opposed the increase. The opposition to the increase raises a question. Does anybody ever wonder why It’s so difficult for Congress to provide financial relief to the citizens of the United States?  Especially when we spend billions of American tax payers’ money in foreign countries.

 Capitalist Classist Elitism

The answer is simple.  America has a class system of capitalism. And it is highly dependent upon what many consider to be the working-class poor. With so many people out of work and behind on mortgage/rent and utilities, there is no doubt that any additional cash stimulus has already been spent in advance. All too often Congress seems to be unconcerned about some Americans finances. Many of Congress’s elected millionaires believe in the “Trickle down theory “ when it comes to boosting the economy. Give more money to the rich who in turn will be able to grow their businesses and provide more jobs for the public.  This is proven ineffective.

The Case for Forgiving Student Loans

The best example of “Capitalist Classist Elitism” can be seen in higher education.

Prior to the inauguration, Senator Elizabeth Warren made a suggestion to Joe  Biden. She wanted him to immediately forgive all student loans. She wanted him do so through an executive order for the Department of Education. Publicly President elect Biden advised that he would consider it. He hinted he was willing to forgive a small portion of those loans. Is it just me? Or does anyone else wonder why can we bail out the banks and big business but not bail out the people ?

Why is it so difficult for the federal government to forgive student loans?

Worth it or not the cost of higher education in America is astronomical. Many students, especially minorities, are forced to borrow money to attend school. These loans in many instances are readily available and guaranteed by the government. But they are not forgivable or dischargeable in bankruptcy. The graduate’s ability to repay the loan is based upon their employability. Their employability is based upon the economy. And the economy is essentially controlled by the federal government. The inability to repay the student loan in a timely manner effectively makes that individual an indentured servant.


Although the President has different, unfortunately not much else has changed. Partisan politics still reigns supreme. Change is extremely difficult.  The people are locked out of the process

If our elected officials really cared about us then there would be no poverty. People would earn a living wage.  If our elected officials really were concerned about us, then 400,000 Americans would not have died in less than 1 year. Maybe if our elected officials really gave a damn about us then there would be no debate on whether or not to give American citizens a small amount of financial relief during such a difficult time. The truth is they only care when they need us to care about them. So again I, along with many other Americans ask the question “What ya gonna do for me”.

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