By Jeff Thomas

News that young people were not serving on juries in Baton Rouge was greeted with mild surprise and tepid concern last week.  Computer snafus and outside consultants were blamed.  Ann McCrory, the judicial administrator in Baton Rouge, confessed that this has been an ongoing problem for nearly a decade.  WTF!!!

This is not only malfeasance in office but jury tampering. Yet the giggles and aww shucks response of Baton Rouge area prosecutor’s office is evidence of a systemic bias and a complete disregard for the law.  Hillar Moore, District Attorney of East Baton Rouge, is on record saying race can not be a factor in jury selection.  Yet the intentional decision to exclude African Americans from the right to serve on juries is an illegal tactic designed to create less diverse juries.  And by systematically excluding young people from jury duty, Baton Rouge created mostly white juries that convicted mostly black suspects at alarmingly high rates.   

Baton Rouge is nearly 50% African AmericanYet only 31% of the jury pool is African American on any given day.  Combine the proclivity of the DA’s office to automatically exclude most available African Americans and the all-white jury in the deep South stereotype explains why Baton Rouge was a key contributor to Louisiana’s status of the mass incarceration capital of the world for people of color. 

Diverse juries are much better. Juries make better decisions when they’re racially diverse.    When White jurors expect to interact with a diverse group, they become more careful and systematic in the way they evaluate evidence that could trigger their own racial biases.  Diverse juries don’t outperform the all-white jury just because of Black jurors’ contributions—jury diversity helps both Black and White jurors. White jurors in the diverse group condition exchanged more information and considered a broader range of facts before coming to a decision than did White jurors in the all-white condition.  But the “computer snafu” that lasted nearly a decade created all-white juries for nearly 65% of jury trials in the parish.

Much more than sheer incompetence, McCrory’s actions are criminal and must be prosecuted.  At the least McCrory appears guilty of malfeasance in office, but her intentional disregard for the “computer snafu” that lasted nearly a decade cannot be swept under the rug.  McCrory intentionally did not mail jury notice to tens of thousands of eligible African Americans who could have served on juries in the parish. For her own corrupt and fraudulent purposes, she illegally denied African Americans their right to serve on a jury in Baton Rouge.

These crimes by McCrory call into question every criminal trial in Baton Rouge during this time. Every person convicted by a tainted jury was denied his right to a trial by his peers. This is not justice, especially in our state. We deserve better.

DA Moore should immediately file criminal charges. Maybe an all-black jury can be empaneled to hear her case. 

3 thoughts on “Illegal Jury Tampering in Baton Rouge”
  1. Baton Rouge is a “Mass” of Bad News for Blacks, including their revered governor! Why did he sign “Blue Lives Matter”? Remember the Alton Sterling Protest? What was sprayed on protestors? Did you know there are “Crowd Dispersal Techniques” involving chemicals and so- called MK Ultra, Google it! Was Baton Rouge a “5K” Prelude, meaning? Do not accept the following comments at face value, do your own research and decide for yourself!!!

    LBRC- 5G and Crowd Dispersal Technologies under investigations by Sen. Blumenthal. Not all Congressman and Senators are corrupt. Is yours? How would you know and do you care? Sad to admit, but most of your associates and family are clueless! While teaching and traveling over years, we’ve met and engaged colleagues who’ve experimented and studied radiation, particularly microwave. Some of us were schooled and trained in the military and actually worked in the field. We started at military COBET and Microwave Repair. After military, some of us went on to study Physics at the quantum level, get this- “This is not about how smart or qualified we are, ‘Dats insignificant! It does not matter if you do or don’t comprehend the Quantum World. Just like gravity, it exist and so does what it does, whether you have the where withal to comprehend it or not!!!” For example-

    1. After the Alton Sterling killing in Baton Rouge, several in the crowd asked why Baton Rouge Police had speakers mounted on their tanks, not realizing ‘Dat speakers serve as “Emitters and Transmitters”! In simple terms, microphones are “Speakers” as well. Open a discarded microphone and look inside, it’s a miniature speaker, Electronics 101. We don’t expect average folk to comprehend or know this. However, we can say with near certainty, protestors in Baton Rouge as well as kids brought along for lessons in “The Bill of Rights” were doused with damaging amounts of micro radiation, also unknown chemical sprays. Ignorant policeman are expendable as many were exposed as well! 

    2. Lots of “Peer Review” has published findings and we are in agreement and far from clueless. Lots of representatives are aloft somewhere and incapable of comprehending simple 6th Grade Science Concepts, Sen. Blumenthal isn’t one of them. It’s important you look up what he is saying on behalf of so many dumbed down citizens incapable to thinking in their best interest aka “They’ll do it to them, not us”! Powers ‘Dat be get off on knowing how stupid everybody else is! You are viewed like rats in a lab- “Expendable Stupidity” or as Kissinger called you in his book- “A useless eater” (Council on Foreign Relations)! Keep it real? Look it up! Sadly, Common Negro Education levels are so pitiful en mass via “Public Miseducation Institutions” and their economic prowess and net worth are so vested in what they can get so- called “Free”, it seems meaningless and useless to attempt elevation. Lots of educated and uneducated Fools! Most have “learned” to be helpless like an Elephant chained to a toothpick and freely submit to abuse, even their kids! Voting represents an attempt to get what you desire and most have abdicated this responsibility! Majorities still refuse in 2019 to elect those qualified who looks like them unless they are close to ‘Massa in complexion and arrogance! Most are so “Willie Lynched” they’ve mentally hung themselves and their self esteem “Without Sanctuary”! Carter G. Woodson was a prophet!!!

    3. 5G is here! What is it, really? 

    a. Towers are everywhere, look up! Microwave and X- Ray are exceptionally small wave lengths, we’ll stop there as far as explanations! 

    b. Your task aka “Are destroyed for a lack of knowledge”? Whenever you reject what “The Most High Offers you”? He rejects you! We’re telling you? Most are in the dark and don’t know the half of it! Look up “Orgone” and what it is. You can be Retarded yet comprehend this! They are 3rd Grade simple to make and/or get. Crystals have unique properties, you can make one too! The 1st Retail Radios were crystal, not spooky! Look it up! Protect now! Some Congressman and Senators are as much Lab Rats as you! 

    Peace Out…

  2. I would love to provide an educated comment but Mr. Thomas made a lot of conclusions but did not provide any sources for his statements. Yes, there was a hearing ordered by the Supreme Court.
    However as an African American person in this community, we deserve documented facts instead of jumping to the conclusion that ALL trials over the past 10 years are tainted because a group of people were excluded from the jury. That insinuates something that takes more than his conclusions to prove, i.e., that every Black person who was ever arrested and prosecuted for a criminal offense was innocent we know that is simply not true.

    1. It’s not about the innocence or guilt of the people who faced a trial. It is whether or not they received a fair trial. We do know that the Constitution requires a jury of peers. Intentionally(or not) eliminating a segment of the jury pool – especially those who might see the trials differently – establishes that a fair trial did not happen in each case. It’s about justice and fairness not race. All trials should reoccur. BR seems to have created a MESS!!!!!

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