You read that right. High school football player attacked a referee. Fights occasionally happen in football games. But at the high school level, discipline is the number one lesson. So fights are harshly dealt with. Students are suspended or disqualified. Rules are strict and clear when a fight erupts. Players are to be immediately ejected. But never do players hit referees. But last week, a player attacked and tackled a referee.

Two of the states elite football programs squared off last week.  Number 1 ranked Zachary High School hosted the perennial powerhouse John Curtis Patriots.  While Curtis is a traditional power, Zachary has only recently become one of the state’s football powers.  Zachary dominated the game from the start, partly due to several Curtis turnovers.

But the domination of Zachary over Curtis is overshadowed by a situation which is becoming a scandal.

The game was marred by a terrible brawl.  Curtis is not used to being blown out and their frustration boiled over late in the game.  An ugly fight was topped off by a Curtis player ramming and spearing a referee.  The targeting of a ref by a high school player was violent and brutal. 

What is most shocking is that no media coverage of this terrible fight exists.  Due a Google search of Zachary/Curtis fight and nothing comes up.  Is the media protecting JT Curtis?  Clearly the Curtis players started and escalated the savage fight.  Numerous Curtis players swung and punched Zachary players who simply protected themselves.

High school football is no place for such criminal behavior.  In fact, the undisciplined corner brawling tactics used by the John Curtis players is not only shocking but deeply concerning.  Schools like Curtis recruit African American players to their campus.  They claim to uplift the lives of these kids.  But the nasty display of street corner conduct shows a disconnect.  At least five (5) Curtis players threw punches.  Yet there has been no public statement from the school.  Many claim that these schools only use these players for their athletic gifts. And in this case the silence is deafening.

Does Curtis Follow the Rules?

Will any punishment occur?  Is the LHSAA involved?  A referee was physically tackled.  Running at full speed Curtis player 23 knocks the grown man to the ground.  Was he hurt?  JT Curtis goes on TV every Friday night to discuss high school football.  His entire tone and tenure is about doing things the right way all the time.  But when his kids break every rule and physically assault a referee, we hear nothing.  In fact during the broadcast Curtis never even mentioned the melee.

This is unacceptable.  Our children deserve better.  Especially when these schools attract kids from outside their typical service area with promises of better.  This is not better.  This is worse.

And the media coverup is shameful.  No Baton Rouge station carried the fight.  No New Orleans media outlet mentioned it until this article.  Is JT Curtis so powerful that he can do no wrong?  It really begs the question. 

What else is JT Curtis hiding? We know a high school football player attacked a referee and nothing happened. Is he helping young black kids improve their lives?  Or is he simply profiting for personal gain?  We all deserve better.

High school football player attacked a referee.

Not only should the players be disqualified, but the school must also face punishment.  The legendary JT Curtis is older and might be out of touch.  Curtis is certainly no longer the dominant program it once was.  But JT Curtis seems to think he can sweep this terrible display of cowardice by his players and staff under the rug. 

To See Curtis Player Hammer the referee Click Below

5 thoughts on “High School Football Player Attacked Referee”
  1. I had the pleasure some years ago to deal with J.T. C., the senior one. and found the experience somewhat akin to this situation. I was surprised that their position was akin to ‘do as i say, not as i do’. One would expect more of a ‘Christian ‘ organization. That this recent event raises eyebrows today is therefore perhaps grounded in the culture of the school?

  2. Keep it real man. These people just using our boys for their athletic abilities. They don’t help them after football is over for them. Our people should stop sending their kids for the white ice. It ain’t colder>

  3. JT has been using our boys for years. How many have gone D1? Pro? But he has won state championships . How many are lawyers? Doctors? Auto mechanics?

    This is about people not valuing our children except for ehagt they can get from em!!!!!

    1. It amazes me how so many people elect to send their kids to schools like JC. Having visited the school on several occasions, I couldn’t help but see that ultra-conservative evangelical thread as part of the schools heartbeat. In hindsight it reminds me of today’s GOP. As a POC I see racism as a human being I see abuse that our society condones. Imagine if that was a St. Augustine player…

  4. A few years ago, a Curtis player was caught trying to put out opposing player’s eyes by jamming his fingers into their face masks. It happened when Curtis played West Monroe, Jesuit and Rummel. The kid was suspended for two games. He sat out just one. The player that bull rushed the referee, #23, was penalized for a personal foul earlier in the game for picking up a Zachary player and slamming him into the ground after the whistle. The LHSAA really needs to consider penalizing this kid, in addition to the school. Taking no action just encourages the players and coaches to continue this kind of behavior.

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