NFL Draft: Our First Perfect New Orleans Saints Mock Draft On The Pro Football Focus Simulator

If the New Orleans were able to draft these players, it would be perfect draft for the Mickey Loomis and his staff.


We are on the brink of an exhilarating event – the 2024 NFL Draft. In a matter of days, lives will change, careers will be made, teams will fill needs, and new superstars will enter the league, igniting a fresh wave of excitement among sports enthusiasts.  

Mock drafts can be fascinating yet remain an imperfect science. This is why so many fans gravitate to them. They offer a diverse perspective on the NFL draft process, giving fans a measure of control. 

The selection process is a fascinating maze, viewed differently by general managers, scouts, coaches, and the media. This diversity of perspectives adds an element of unpredictability, keeping fans on the edge of their seats, eager to see how it unfolds.  

It’s great to see the numerous mock drafts published for the New Orleans Saints. Over the years, SNN has gone through many draft permutations using Pro Football Focus’s online computers.  

New Orleans Saints Helmet
Nov 12, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; A New Orleans Saints helmet during the game between theJeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

New Orleans has the following draft selections:

  1. Round 1 • Pick 14 (14)
  2. Round 2 • Pick 13 (45) • From Broncos
  3. Round 5 • Pick 15 (150)
  4. Round 5 • Pick 33 (168) • Compensatory Selection
  5. Round 5 • Pick 35 (170) • Compensatory Selection
  6. Round 5 • Pick 40 (175) • Compensatory Selection
  7. Round 6 • Pick 14 (190)
  8. Round 6 • Pick 23 (199) • From Eagles
  9. Round 7 • Pick 19 (239) • From through Broncos

However, we’ve had a perfect simulation for the New Orleans Saints from PFF. GRADE A+.   


  1. Round 1 – No. 14: Laiatu Latu, Edge Rusher (UCLA); Grade: A+
  2. Round 2 – No. 45: Amarius Mims, Tackle (Georgia); Grade A+
  3. Round 5 – No. 150: Michael Penix Jr., Quarterback (Washington); Grade A+
  4. Round 5 – No. 168: Xavier Legette, Wide Receiver (South Carolina); Grade A+
  5. Round 5 – No. 170: TJ Tampa, Cornerback, (Iowa State); Grade A+
  6. Round 5 – No. 175: Brandon Coleman, Tackle (TCU); Grade A+
  7. Round 6 – No. 190: Erick All, Tight End (Iowa); Grade A+
  8. Round 6 – No. 199: Christian Haynes, Guard (UConn); Grade A+
  9. Round 7 – No. 239: Jermaine Burton (Alabama); Grade A+

Our analysis is that the A+ grade is fantastic but highly unlikely for New Orleans.  

New Orleans Saints Perfect Mock Draft
New Orleans Saints Perfect Mock DraftPro Football Focus
Laiatu Latu
Feb 29, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; UCLA defensive lineman Laiatu Latu (DL42) works out during theKirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Round 1 – No. 14: Laiatu Latu, Edge Rusher (UCLA); Grade: A+

Some pundits don’t see him going past the Denver Broncos, who have the No. 12 pick. Also, several other teams have been keeping an eye on Latu, like Arizona and Chicago, which also pick ahead of the Saints.

Should he fall to New Orleans at No. 14, it’s difficult to argue against his collegiate production, pass-rushing skill, and athleticism to revamp the defensive line for the future.  

Amarius Mims
Mar 2, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Georgia offensive lineman Amarius Mims (OL50) talks to the mediaTrevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Round 2 – No. 45: Amarius Mims, Tackle (Georgia); Grade A+

The Saints’ draft interest in Mims will rest solely on Mickey Loomis and Jeff Ireland’s draft strategy. Mims’ size, speed, length, and run-blocking ability make him an intriguing Day 2 prospect for New Orleans to consider, but will he be available? Also, the 6-7 and 325-pound offensive lineman could gain invaluable training under offensive line coach John Benton and future Pro Football Hall of Famer Jahri Evans (assistant).

Michael Penix Jr
Mar 1, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington quarterback Michael Penix (QB08) talks to the mediaTrevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Round 5 – No. 150: Michael Penix Jr., Quarterback (Washington); Grade A+

Penix is falling down draft boards only for one primary reason: health. The likelihood of New Orleans drafting Penix in the fifth round is “slim to none.” Regardless, Penix could be a steal in the third or fourth round should the Saints package a deal to jump up and tackle drafting him.   CBS Sports reported his pre-draft visits were with the Giants, Broncos, Falcons, Steelers, and Raiders. Vegas gives New Orleans a +2000 chance of drafting the ultra-talented Mr. Penix. We can chalk up the fifth round of him as a “computer malfunction.”

Legette (WR) and Erick All (TE) are two highly regarded draft prospects for whom New Orleans could show interest in higher rounds. To explore New Orleans’s draft options, go to and choose its draft simulator.

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