Creative Ideas to Protect Our Neighborhoods

By Jeff Thomas

News that real estate values in NOLA have skyrocketed should not surprise anybody.  But that the city administration has been done so little is disturbing and shocking.  Read here about why gentrification is especially bad in NOLA.  As displacement disguised as property renovations continues to plague our great city, the necessity of local government policies to curb outrageous housing costs running amok is especially pronounced. We need leadership and vision to stem the tide of this housing crisis.

The cultural uniqueness that makes New Orleans singular is housed in its people.   And if the people of New Orleans are displaced by this housing bubble, when it bursts the city may, in this case, be down the river without a paddle.  The resources necessary to prevent this occurrence rest within the power of the city council and the mayor. Fair share allocations should include investing in our pipes and our people.

Easy, Creative, Affordable and Legal remedies might include:

Designate neighborhoods and their houses for specific purposes.  Each neighborhood will have the cultural significance of the purpose.  Residents who work in culturally significant industries gain easier access to these zones, where housing costs are fixed, and property taxes stabilized.  Create home ownership programs for the residents with soft seconds to offset acquisition costs.

  • Cultural housing zones dedicated to Mardi Gras Indians and second line club members
  • Impacted housing zones dedicated to families of families ravaged by gun violence and mass incarceration
  • Music housing zones dedicated to families who work full or part time in brass bands or jazz bands or music production, marketing or promotion
  •  Education housing zones dedicated to families with teachers with 5 or more years of experience
  • Entertainment industry housing zones dedicated to performers and servers

Each housing zone will be equipped with a locally owned and operated neighborhood store that would supply low cost fresh foods and supplies.  Additionally, residents will contribute to a community center that educates, resources and supports the housing zones’ missions.  Community coordination will effectively reduce crime so dramatically that city funding can be redirected to other neighborhoods. 

Property Tax Measures

Easy changes to our property tax policies can reduce gentrification and preserve our neighborhoods.

  • Immediately and automatically freezing property taxes for seniors
  • Annually reducing the amount of tax owed based upon home value, neighborhood, time owned and age of senior
  • Assign a succession value based upon generational ownership and freeze property taxes
  • Limit increases in property taxes owed for all properties valued under $150,000 owned by 1st time homebuyers for 7 years
  • Create longtime owner occupants’ rules that freeze property taxes to pre-gentrification levels for 15 years

Increased property tax collections are immediately offset by the displacement that usually occurs when neighborhoods gentrify. Spiking property taxes force longtime residents to sell their properties (often for less than the market value). More importantly, displaced people also take the cultural heritage that partly makes the property attractive.

We need new creative legislation from the mayor and the city council to protect our city.

4 thoughts on “Gentrification Solutions”
  1. AS I read the plans and ideas presented, It still illustrates the scheme to get other peoples money to pay for other people to have a house?

    Affordable Housing is a joke until you have people who understand Real Godly capitalism , which allows more opportunity for all whos mind can comprehend how
    it works. BUT,,, predatory capitalism and government funded fake capitalism, simply harms people, makes more people lazy.
    The END of Monopolies and Oligarchs must happen and Real economics needs to be taught to children and now even adults.

    Republicans and Democrats are guilty of getting rich over keeping humans ignorant about how finances really work !
    Jeff,,??? is your hand in other peoples wallets?
    (o) – (o)

  2. I really know about gentrification because all the people I care about including myself live it everyday without anybody really caring. It’s a nice documentation that only mentions poeple who are homeowners. My mother was approved for a home loan and could not find a home that she could afford unless she moved to the ninth ward, algiers, or little woods. The price of rent has gone up. This city does not care. There are not enough homes for low income people and I’m number 5,998 on the section list. My neighbor is 68 and can not stop working. People with jobs can not afford rent in new orleans. This city does not care. It’s sad that I am not along in feeling this way.

  3. Good Morning Bro Jeff Mr. 504 Thomas, Asante Sana for these excellent article which covers critical issues that is impacting our African American communities negatively..your website is a important information site for African Americans must utilize to organize around!!

  4. Re- read your thoughts! Yvette Cornell says- “Government Legislates Winners and Loosers”! The last NOLA Election was a 5% Turn Out? Who has “The Final” say about Zonning? How stupid is it to depend on others and complain about what “you” have the power to control? We just ‘Sayin…- Many are “Trained” to oppose what they are told to! Proof?…

    LBRC- #45, NEOCONS, Lemmings et al, are fond of Calling Democrats, Opposition- Socialist! Meaning? Socialism Leads to Communism? After all, “Communism is The Enemy of The People”, right? Let’s talk Karl Marx and what prevoked his Communist Manifesto? (Disclaimer: LBRC is not advocating nor has ever and most assuredly never participated in so- called Communist Activities to the best of our recollection. As an “Applied Science”, our approach is academic! Long Story Short-

    1. Karl Marx was born relatively “Middle Class”. He was not born poor. He became College Educated which In the 1800’s put him in the “Upper” 2-3% Class in Europe. His ambition was Philosopher Professor, which he achieved, eventually fired for mixing with “Commoners” and advocating contrary to Status Quo values! 

    2. During breaks from lectures, Marx would venture out and converse with common people, who seemingly had perpetually hard times making ends meet? Talented Lots worked hard! “Opportunities” it appeared weren’t afforded to all! 

    3. Circa 1818, Marx started writing about American Slavery for a New York paper stationed in London. Marx knew enslaved people had talents! In fact, he often compared and contrasted Slavery with Feudalism and said, “both were destined to die”!

    4. Reading The History of Marx, his Manifesto, is Political Science 101. Conservatives to include but not limited to Yellow Dogs, Blue Dogs and NEOCONS, have done “(s)ome” reading! Distorted views are those ripe for “Agendas” aka Propaganda! Average Cirizens have no clue! They pretend! A majority never ever read “The History of Marx”, not even #45 who is a demonstrated historical illiterate! His following are generally “Hard Core” Lemmings and echo chambers, easily discerned via interviews! 

    5. It concerned Marx as well Socrates, the plight of so- called “underclasses”, maybe why Marx admired Philosophy? Where is “Plato’s Republic”? Socrates’was murdered, Hemlock, remember? Socrates told a powerful military commander, his plan was destined to “Fail” and it did! The “Final Straw”!).

    6. Examining and writing about “The Peculiar Institution of American Slavery”, Marx continued criticizing systems. He wrote more about common citizens and voiced his honest observations, uh oh! btw- How many in 2019 know who really authored “The Matrix” and “Terminator” movies? Now say, Sophia Stewart! Why mention this along with Marx? Reading Marx, you pick up a “Matrix” opposition paradigm! An uh oh moment? Read and you decide! Plus, Sophia featured main characters with the initials JC aka symbolic according tomher of Jesus Christ exploits. Remember (J)ohn (C)onner, why? Not enough time or space! Go here about Sophia>>>

    7. The Skinny? Common Matrix are ruled by “Misinformation and Endoctrination”, why #45, his non education/miseducated College Education Crowd are so easily duped. In #45’s case, he’s built a Castle in the sky and invited others to move in! Sadly, the majority has already RSVP! We’ve written editors and reporters to them to dileaneate what they report to you, simple “American” constitutional principles and yada…, Sadly, ignorance abounds! Have  they ever “Really” read Marx, Plato, The U.S. Constitution and critically examined “Codified” values. What one so- called mainstream “Political Columinist” revealed to us was shocking, yet frankly not surprising given “Group Think”! Remember the movie, “The 1 Who Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest”? Few are capable to  fly over! The Most High says, “I would not have you ignorant”! Real Education are wings! 2019 Media + #45 (Poorly Reads from a Prop, yet not expected to comprehend what he is told to read or say via his Puppet Masters + Poorly Educated/Non Educated Masses = Another dying and doomed “Control Matrix” (Consistently predictable as prophesied by Socrates and Marx!) = “Evil was born to Die”! What is “Peace”? Peace offers “Nothing” of real concern, no consternations! #45, his accusatory Evil, murdering Charlotte Crowd et al and their “Matrix are terrorist threats! Real “Hate Required”! They are already collapsing of their own weight, even seeking “War” in places which most assuredly will entail unintended consequences!!! The 2019 Evil Paradign is also void of impunity, no less was American Slavery or Feudalism! Insanity and Ignorance, #45 et al, seek to repeat what is already a proved “Failure”! Sane intellects turn around before the “Road to Nowhere” ends”, Duh? Ignorance carries a monemtum in and of itself! 

    Peace Out…

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