How the Barry Experience Could Create Future Problems

By Jeff Thomas

Hurricane Barry had less impact than the flooding from an unusually large thunderstorm a few days before the cyclone formed.  But the impact of Barry might have far greater long-term consequences.  Though barely a Category 1 hurricane, local meteorologists warned Barry could produce massive rainfall amounts, a storm surge that would test the levees and the potential of widespread flooding.  However, in the end, Barry was not much more than a mere meteorological inconvenience.


Nonetheless, businesses closed, and wages were lost.  Local TV stations preempted all programming and showed split screen reporting with confusing top and bottom scrolls and constantly barraged the public with information from across the region.  Tornado watches were issued, and the public remained on guard.  And though we kept hearing and heeding the warnings, little more than a regular summer storm emerged across the metro area.  For small business owners and paycheck to paycheck survivors, Barry was much more than untimely.  The lost income might have a lasting impact. 


Rent payments, canned food, missed appointments, cell phone bills doubling, and many other personal issues could become problematic over the next couple of weeks.  If little Tyrone is tired of tuna fish sandwiches, the whole family is stressed as dad explains how most of the food budget was poured into bread and canned foods. Such is the life for the all too prevalent number of working-class families in NOLA who only earn the minimum wage and have no vacation time. 

The difficult job of storm predicting is a distressing part of life in NOLA for all of us in the bowl.  Lost income combined with sometimes unnecessary spending based on dire warnings could spell short term difficulty for many.  And while we might pontificate about saving for a rainy day, when we simultaneously do nothing about increasing the minimum wage, we should not be surprised that everyone is not cheery about us dodging a weather bullet.

For those who spent part an important bill to provide safe harbor for their families during the storm, a huge sense of regret might be reality.  Cans of tuna fish and cases of water won’t pay the light bill.  Potato chips and candy are financially unhealthy too.

We can help. 


  • Shop at local stores
  • Eat at locally owned smaller restaurants
  • Do business with locally owned businesses
  • Tip more generously than normal
  • Drop a $20 cash donation on an unsuspecting person who you think might benefit
  • Help our neighbors who suffered flooding or other damage

Cause even though Barry had little impact on what we can see in NOLA, many people are stressed about making that car payment or having all of the rent this month. 

And the long-term impacts are potentially much more consequential.  People will be less likely to prepare for the next Cat 1 storm if the consequences of preparation are financial stress.  Plus, a week of potted meat can spoil even the most optimistic outlook.  In the future minimum wage earning working class people could be less prepared and Katrina like chaos might erupt after a less powerful storm which creates flooding and just a week or two without income. 

A living wage and more benefits provide the kinds of safety nets our people need to take care of themselves.  Be intentional about helping to create that too.

6 thoughts on “Barry Was a Bad Storm for Many”
  1. We must remember we may several “Hurrications”. Being concious about the way we prepare can save our lives! With parents preparing for school, pick up some school supplies even if you’re like me,a grand mother with no small grand children,donate to some local organization distributing school supplies.Help
    a neighborhood student,the opportunities are endless to help.Be mindful about what will be your best time to evacuate, everyone’s needs are different,have your plan in place.

    1. Bro./ Mr. Jeff 504 Thomas, I really appreciate your candor & forth rightness in your articles you cover…your comments goes directly to the heart of the matter…seeking the real truth of an issue impacting our our communities! Keep On in this struggle for Liberation! Sekou Fela

  2. LBRC- Lynette Zang says- “When your salary remains the same as prices get higher (Rent, Insurance yada…), you’re working the same job for less money!!! 

    1. Inflation- Requires More Dollars for the same items you purchased on yesterday for less!

    a. Dollars are worth less as Inflation increases. You’d say, “My Dollars can’t buy what they did a day or year ago. Though you work the same number of hours and probably harder, because companies have downsized, Less Workers or due to automation, “YOUR WORK BUYS LESS AND IS WORTH LESS”!!! You’re a De Facto Slave! Even slaves need to eat and be housed somewhere, but slave maintenance is no where near what just compensation would be!

    b. Real Money limits what you can incur in debt. When you are allowed to print your own money and convince others to trust you and it, you can incur as much debt as you wish, but here’s the kicker- Earth has approx. 200 or more countries with fiat (Money by Decree). How is the USA going to buy from other countries and vice versa when no country trust the paper money of the other? How will debts be paid for goods from China, India, South America or elsewhere? Metal Currencies? Affordability? 

    2. How do you buy whatever you want to or desire? Ans. Tax then Spend other people’s money wrecklessly, just like what Politicos, Apostates do! They tax and access fees to you, give themselves raises to cover their expenses, and all the ‘Simps say- “You’re doing a good job”! How many times have you heard this said to crooked and whacked Politicos, Apostates who easily dupe? If a beggar approached, they’d hesitate if not outright refuse to be “Used” in their minds, by the lazy or undercover Drug Abuser. Slick Cons cause those with Low Self- Esteem to feel important and significant. Politicos, Apostates carry themselves like “Celebrities” and simple minds enable them and are their Sycophants! All are liars to themselves and what they worship! Few criticize or discern, even when deceit is easily exposed via simple logic!

    3. Harriet Tibman said- “I could have freed more if they only knew they were Slaves”! No different in 2019! Food, Clothing, Shelter “Require” lots more.  

    Thought Experiment:

    a. Suppose your wages were increased to $10,000 a month? Great right? But at the same time, a loaf of bread increases to $10,000 a loaf? Impossible? What rented in 1980 for $80 per month, now rent for $1000. 

    b. Inflation + Taxes + Fees= Slavery! Do not pay and they take what you have!

    4. You are being watched, make no mistake! Lots see slothful. Not voting will be  minor when compared to pending repercussions. Politicos, Apostates, others easily exploit ignorance with encores, without remorse.

    5. The slothful have not earned pity, especially from those who see. Lots have chosen criminality and believe others will accept vulnerability! Concealed Permits are on the rise. The wise realize the value of self- defense and in no way will embrace victim hood! 

    6. The current time is about doing for yourself and family! Few if any have resources to support the lazy or those who refuse to do for self? Ends draw even closer! 

    Peace Out…

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