By Jeff Thomas

DA Leon Cannizzaro’s embarrassing rant spouting racist demagoguery is exactly what’s wrong with New Orleans.  Cannizzaro claimed to be offering solutions to the spike in juvenile crime.  In reality, he pushed a stale narrative that is not only proven ineffective, but new research shows his approach contributes to more criminal behavior.  Cannizzaro’s stance is either based in complete ignorance or stupid racism.  Either way, a new more effective approach must be implemented.  Part of the reason the state of Louisiana is worst in the nation is the dumb thinking and misguided approach suggested by Cannizzaro. 

Police not the answer

New research shows simple police stops of teenaged or early twenty-year-old black males increases the likelihood that these young people will engage in future criminal behavior.  Police stops are criminogenic for young black boys and men!  Incarcerating youthful offenders does not simply increase the likelihood of future criminal activity, it creates violent hardened criminals.  That judges give harsher, longer sentences to young black men is ubiquitous.  And for centuries the proposed solution for any black male criminality has been “lock ‘em up and throw away the key.”  Our criminal justice system fails us all when dealing with young black men. For centuries, the black family has endured this trauma and only recently have independent analysts started to uncover the costs not only to black family life but to society.

Complicated Situation

Nearly nightly new videos show young black men stealing cars or stealing items from cars across the city.  In NOLA, car thefts and break ins are up by 50% so far this year.   Unfortunately, the tragic death of a citizen protecting her property was predictable.  Yet if police stopping young teenaged boys is not the answer, what should we do when crime spikes like it has in NOLA?  We all want our vehicles.  The danger of approaching these people in our vehicles could result in us getting shot.  Shooting into a car from a distance to stop a car thief would likely result in the arrest of the car owner. And who really wants to shoot am off track 16-year-old? 

Short Term and Long-Term Solutions

Simple Short-Term Solutions

The best way to prevent these crimes is to make your car less likely to be stolen. 

  1. A physical barrier like a steering wheel lock will make your car less likely to be stolen.
  2. Remove all your valuables out of plain sight and store them in the trunk if possible,
  3. Lock your car doors and don’t leave your keys in your vehicle
  4. Park in well lit areas
  5. Pull into your driveway and lock the gate it possible

These are simple but effective short-term steps to prevent your car from being stolen.  As for those times when police interact with our youth, they should be treated like fragile commodities.  Little conversation and quick transportation to a positive interaction facility

Long Term Solutions

The best way to prevent these spikes in crime is to invest in our youth. The current criminal justice system is ineffective at best. Dedicate 15% of the budgets of the NOPD, the DA, Criminal District Court, the criminal division of the Sheriff’s office and dedicate those funds to a new youth empowerment office. 

The agencies whose funds are dedicated may participate in the structure of the new office.  But the new office should offer:

  1. Education support – homework, supplies, mentorship and advice
  2. People Skills training – Being on time, positive attitude, effort, etc.
  3. Skills training – Sales and marketing training or trade training
  4. Job placement
  5. Entrepreneurial training

With these short-term solutions, car thefts can be halted.  With these long-term solutions, crime can be reduced by over 75%.

3 thoughts on “Dumb DA Endangers Us All”
  1. AGAIN,,,, Mister Jeff, your rants have been heard and tried for over 50 years! Multitudes have come before you with the same ideas for decades, 99% failures, 1% see the light and are born again and become productive.
    Government has spent trillions on people and programs which people them make their lifestyle and choices and then reproduce that for generations and
    decades of redundant practices.
    THE results are in, after trying for decades to fabricate, implement and activate programs and ideas to “help & fix” humans, well, evidence shows, bad got badder, worse got worser, evil got eviler, and now the citizens are IN home prisons and the criminals are ravaging their property and community.
    NOW, the residents and communities are “scared” and fear for their lives, these alleged Ideas fail to repair the bad children problems! WHY?
    And all the money spent for 50 years, all went down the toilet!
    Every new generation speaks the same “puppet talk” and “whines” for more money and more programs, while the Evidence piled up in front of them for 50 years shows failures, and evil gets worse! Hmm?
    We have decades of “college educated humans” with all the same ideas over and over, that fail, and the results are, evils explode and expand and the harm to cities, people, and states gets worse and worser.
    Bad evil humans are never “fixed” with money and stuff, people are or can be evil and follow and live everyday tormenting everyone, with pocket fulls of money, and have no concern for who they harm and no care if they die being evil!
    For 50 years, the revelation is, many people “love evil”, it is their lust and idol and after multitudes of counseling and appeals and assistance, they still embrace the Idols of evil and Worship their evil gods and daily Prey Upon the communities of people and families with no shame or remorse.
    SO…. what I hear here, tuff luck for you, Lock up all your assets, Lock up all your cars and houses, and Lock up your Ass inside and hope the Demonic Criminals will pass by your home and family and that tonight You may not meet your maker and creator. ??? HUH sounds like a Plan !!!
    The Funeral Home Businesses “love” this article!
    2019 May, 20

  2. NOLA is overwhelmingly Majority Negro! They elected this DA and Negro A,B,C Groups like New Orleans BOLD! COUP, SOUL yada…, have endorsed his ilk for decades against the interest of those they purport to represent (Auction would be more apropos!). Could all of this be built on this “False Premise”?
    The Unscientific American “HUGE FALSE PREMISE”, especially for the  “”POORLY EDUCATED” says-  

    “BLACK PEOPLE ARE EQUAL TO WHITE PEOPLE”! (Simple Science not Simple Simon says):

    -HYPOTHESIS: Black People are not ‘Equal’ to Whites/Caucasions, but “Dominant” to them! Science says yet Problematic is: 

    a. Trained Negro Thinkers and “The Poorly Educated” (Pseudo Scientific) believe and respect “Only Massa” (The Willie Lynch Affect)!

    b. Typically, Negroes have a need to “Hear” ‘Massa say it before they can believe it”, therefore- We offer up what ‘Massa says in “His” Science Text and What ‘Massa Webster’s Dictionary says about Dominant vs Recessive aka Definitions! 

    1. The “Language of Genetics is “Dominant and Recessive”-

    a. When did “Melenon” become “Recessive” to “Albinonism” aka Whites/Caucasions?  Give us the “Science” and “Epigenetic” evidence.

    b. When did Brown Eyes become “Recessive” to Blue, Gray yada…, since “Colored Contacts? 

    c. When did “Thick Lips and Really Curly Hair so-!called Kinky” become “Recessive” to straight or “A Ghetto/’Gutto Pthlate Head”? Sorry…?

    d. When did The 1st Protoype Man (Black According to Ligitimate Science) become “Recessive” to all ‘Dat followed?

    2. In the “Language” of Genetics, Negroid so- called Black People have Dominant Genetics! Tell us “Scientifically” how their “Genetics” transformed “Recessive?

    3. Illiteracy says? Ans. ‘Dunno, but here’s help for those “Trained to Think” especially 2019 Manchurian Candidates! 

    a. Definitions for Dominant- 


    adjective : commanding, controlling, or prevailing over all others  

    b : very important, powerful, or successful

    2 : overlooking and commanding from a superior position : of, relating to, or exerting ecological or genetic dominance

    b. Definitions for Recessive- 

    adjective : tending to recede :  : producing little or no phenotypic effect when occurring in heterozygous condition with a contrasting allele  

    b : expressed only when the determining gene is in the homozygous condition

    3. The Religious “Diversion”?

    a, “Ain’t nobody ‘betta than nobody else! We are all equal in His Sight”! Problematic is… b.”God”, The Most High, created Genetics and “The 1st Man” Imhotep! It has to matter because it’s His Science! He gave man “Dominion”! “His” Language! 

    c. Things “God” Hate? Scripture says- “A Lying Tongue”! Those who contradict Him not only “Blaspheme” but call “Him” a liar! Uh oh…


    Negroes aren’t “Equal” to Whites aka Caucasions, they’re “Dominant” to them (White Supremacy wants to “Slaughter” this “Mentally, Psychologally and Physically”! The Stupid Negro? Well…)! 

    d. What does dominant mean? Ans. Ask ‘Massa!

    Peace Out…

  3. We need change in this office not to say the DA is not doing his Job. But we should thing progressive
    forward and not the same old things but we are expecting a different thing . Force the DA to run for
    president of Jefferson Parish we need this new thinking.

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