Fair Share Debate Continues

By Jeff Thomas

Louisiana Governor & New Orleans Mayor to combine forces for change

The New Orleans Advocate held a public forum focused on tourism last week. The central focus was the current debate over a fair share allocation of current tax revenues.  Mayor LaToya Cantrell insists a reallocation of current dollars is necessary to stabilize and advance the city’s crumbling infrastructure while tourism leaders insist any change will disrupt the entire tourism industry and spell doom for the future of the city.

Control of tax dollars is the cause of the hullabaloo. While the city struggles to adequately fund basic services, especially the ancient and dilapidated water and sewer system and struggles to modernize the storm water pumping system, tourism leader would rather spend millions on hotel projects and convention center upgrades. All agree in a perfect world, there would be enough money to do everything.  But with limited funds, choices are necessary.

The outcome may ultimately hinge upon a convergence between the mayor and the governor whose current political desires are congruent.  At stake is about $500 million dollars.  Mayor Cantrell is determined to right the financial stability of the city and seems determined to capture more of the tax dollars generated inside Orleans parish.  Her recent efforts to defeat the millage sought by the Council on Aging show her political might and proves she is unafraid to risk political capital to accomplish her goals. [ Governor Edwards, already under attack as his first term comes to an end, must secure the active support of the citizens of NOLA if he has any chance to be reelected.

Like all things New Orleans, the debate has sprinkles of race, class, structure, privileged ideas and parochialism.  Current tourism leaders contend that if not for their extraordinary talent and stewardship of tax dollars New Orleans would not even be a tourist attraction.  Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s chief of staff, John Pourciau says, “What gets lost in the hospitality industry conversation is that it is the people of New Orleans that is the draw for tourists. We are a unique city and we need to recognize that.”

The reality is probably the unique character of the city attracts even more tourists because of the marketing efforts of tourism groups.  So, a balanced approach which supports the beauty and charm of New Orleans and the need to properly market to convention planners and other tourist generators seems reasonable.  But it is blatantly hypocritical to spend millions renovating the convention center when the water system that the center depends upon has a more urgent renovation need of its own.

The political might of the governor and the mayor of the largest city in the state is the kind of wall even President Trump can admire.

2 thoughts on “Fair Share Debate Continues

  • April 8, 2019 at 6:24 am

    Omg, It’s common sense people ! Take care of your money maker. Take care of the city’s infrastructure and the people in it. Stop giving millionaires and large corporations breaks while they’re making money off the backs of those very two things. Duhhhhh. 😟🙃😫🤑😭

  • April 14, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    On The NOLA Local Front? The Okedoke again?

    LBRC- Councilperson, J. Banks is “BOLD- ly” boasting a Neo Harrah’s Deal worth hundreds of “New” Jobs. Brainwashing 101 and Glittering Generalities? Caucasian Affirmative Action vs Negro Affirmative Action? “BOLD- ly” Boasting while The Devil remains hidden in details, data and specificity aka a “Black NOLA Living Wage” and non disparate number reflections?

    1. Brainwashing 101? Hey Jay et al! What is a “Glittering Generality”?

    a. A glittering generality is a vague word or phrase used to evoke positive feelings rather than to convey information. Also called a glowing generality, an “empty vessel”, a virtue word, or a loaded word/ThoughtCo./Online Dictionary

    b. Intellectual Isolation- Another tactic used in brainwashing is typically to “isolate the victim” away from their friends and family (Informed Citizenry). The reason for doing this is so that the victim only has the manipulator to talk to, “to get their information” and ideas from, and they do not have to worry about “any third party” coming in and questioning what’s going on.

    2. Questions for Jay?- 

    a. Simply saying, “hundreds of jobs”, tells us little. When talking “Definitive Profits”, give us “Definitive Numbers and Percentages”! For example, NOLA is nearly 60% undeserved Negro. What percentage of these so- called “New” Jobs will go to NOLA Negroes, especially when NOLA Youth has a legacy of chronic unemployment. If we’re  talking employability, what legacy funding is in place to address this issue? 

    b. Contractually, where is it mandated aka “Shall”, ‘Dat Harrah’s is contractually obligated “Parity” in hires with respect to the “Majority Minority” population of “Chronically Unemployed Negroes”? Please Direct us!

    3. We hear about “Affirmative Action” with respect to Blacks, often! Yet, NOLA Governmental Boards, Commissions, No Bid “Professional” Public Contracts and positions reflect disparate numbers regarding race, we’re talking “Public Dollars”! For instance- River Pilot’s Associations, Board of Liquidation, Accountants, Attorneys and on…

    a. White Affirmative Action appears DeFacto, as well aided by “Public Dollars”! Have you researched these issues independently or is this an “Ask ‘Massa” issue, respectfully? What did “Willie Lynch” say to do? Uh oh! 

    4. Glittering Generalities fly in communities boasting pants below buttocks outlining with “Dollar General Drawers cover brains minus gray matter! Brown matter?

    5. We’re honestly found of The Isolation Technique, if and only when it succeeds in delineating and separating out mendicants, dimwits and ‘Simps from our sphere! Sorry if we offend!

    6. How does your district break down racially? It doesn’t matter? Who voted you in? What we know is- Negroes get elected in majority Negro Districts! Who is underserved or is it a concern at all?

    7. BOLD, your politico sphere besides Zulu in Black Face endorsed Cannizaro? This DA  imprisons Negro Witnesses via “False Subpoenas? Is ‘Dat a “Fact”? What about facts regarding your recent Harrah’s Proclamations aka “Hard Data” aka breakdowns in numbers and deliverables racially? Otherwise, you’re talking loud and distributing? In the words of Ella Fitzgerald, “Plenty of ‘Nuttin”!

    Peace Out…


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