Dr. Kyshun Webster Slaps His Detractors with a Federal Lawsuit

I filed a federal lawsuit against OIG Inspector General Mr. Edward Michel for tarnishing my name and potentially damaging my reputation. This is a continuation of the assault on my character that started in 2022. Rest assured that I have no intention of being a punching bag for White men who have a problem with Black leadership.

The lawsuit filed in the federal court system, lays out denial of due process at the hands of Mr. Michel who widely distributed a scathing report in 2022 but cut off my ability to review and respond to the allegations. Section 27 of the lawsuit states the following. ”Ed Michel colluded with television journalists, even leaking information to media sources prematurely and launched his own politicized campaign to publicly malign Plaintiff, based on rumors, hearsay and sensationalized sources and techniques used by television journalist, which are incompatible with the high bar of evidentiary standards for fairness and objectivity set by the National Association of Inspector Generals.”

A Mountain of Evidence Supports Dr. Webster
Dr. Kyshun Webster

Adding insult to injury, recent local news revived this distorted depiction of my time as a city employee. The latest onslaught from Mr. Michel targeted City Employee Time and Attendance. Let’s set the record straight—I vehemently dispute the information, which relies solely on “door swipes” and conveniently dismisses reliable testimony confirming my attendance at work. For several months in 2022, media outlets, including WWL Channel 4, NOLA.Com, and WDSU Channel 6 spread similar defamatory reports about me.

Contrary to Mr. Michel’s baseless claims, there is a mountain of evidence showcasing my effectiveness as the Executive Director at the Juvenile Justice Intervention Center (JJIC). Public records, annual reports, third-party assessments, and state school achievement records all corroborate the success of my reforms. Under my leadership, violence decreased, school attendance increased and innovative programs were implemented. Despite concerted efforts to discredit me, my accomplishments were acknowledged in the Mayor’s 2023 State of the City.

A Mountain of Evidence Supports Dr. Webster

These negative narratives, fueled by self-serving individuals, have an evil agenda—to discredit Mayor Cantrell’s Administration and mislead the public. Pinning staff shortages on me is a misguided ploy, stemming from changes in the hiring process during the pandemic, well beyond my control. I’ve presented undeniable evidence of my struggles to hire staff, thwarted at every turn by bureaucratic delays.

I will not be a scapegoat in this deliberate disinformation campaign. True advocates and constructive critics should redirect their focus toward achieving tangible results for better government, grounded in accurate information.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Webster Sues the Inspector General”
  1. In response to the article Dr.Webster Sues the Inspector General, I can bear witness to the racial attitudes and behavioral disparities the New Orleans OIG shows towards Black Activists and Black Advocates who work for Black People.
    As being a recipient of the OIG’s wrath, I know first hand how far the OIG will go to discredit and demean the work Black Activists do in New Orleans.
    The OIG has also launched his venom against another well known Black Activist with threats of having the FBI to watch and arrest him simply because the OIG was not able to force him to offer any information concerning the Vappie leak.
    How can the City of New Orleans continue to allow Ed Michel to hold the office of Inspector General and expose the city to legal liability?
    It becomes obvious that Ed Michel is a racist individual, sewn from the likes of David Duke, who thrives on racial inequality.
    W. C. Johnson
    Community United for Change

  2. Dane S. Ciolino
    Executive Administrator and General Counsel
    New Orleans Ethic Review Board
    erb@nolaerb.gov (mailto:erb@nolaerb.gov)
    January 17, 2024
    General Counsel:
    I was subpoenaed by the Office of the Inspector General this pasted summer of 2023. I horned the subpoena and was unable to supply the OIG with the information he was looking for.
    As a private citizen, with no ties to governmental duties, I was questioned about the Jefferies Vappie leak. Another non-governmental person  of interest was subpoenaed as well and he chose to avail himself of his 5th amendment right and was released from the subpoena by a judge in Civil District Court.
    On January 10, 2024, I met Edward Michel, in the hallway of City Hall, next to the Council Chambers, and was threatened by the New Orleans OIG. Edward Michel. The threats came in his conversation to me by saying “he had the federal marshals and the FBI looking into me and he would have me arrested.”
    I have no idea about what he was talking about or why. On January 11, 2024, I called the FBI Threat Division to report this unusual behavior. I’m reporting this incident to the Ethic Board for the behaviors of a public official.
    Thank you,


    Belden Batiste       

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