Kermit Ruffins’ pregnant girlfriend was shot on her front porch and forced to deliver her baby after being rushed to the hospital last Thursday.

Good morning. It’s Monday.

Since Thursday, Ruffins’ Mother In Law Lounge has been closed since the terrible shooting. You think New Orleans doesn’t have a people with guns killing people problem?

On Tuesday, Police say Bokio Johnson rolled up on Hollis Carter in the Gentilly and opened fire on him and his mama. Carter was accused of killing Johnson’s son. Ironically, Carter was headed to a pre-trial hearing when he stopped at a red light. Johnson allegedly pulled up in a F150 and shot him in the head. Carter died at the scene. His mother survived despite being shot multiple times. This happened at 9 o’clock in the morning, in the middle of Chef Menteur Hwy.

Meanwhile, across the canal, on Lizardi St., a woman was getting her 5-year-old grandchild out of her car when someone walked up, pulled out a gun, and demanded she give the car up. At gunpoint, the woman pleaded with the man to let her get her grandchild out first. He was gracious enough to let her do so before driving away in her car. This happened at 5:49pm. The sun was still up and shining.

And last Friday, a 13-year-old boy was shot multiple times in Little Woods. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died. It wasn’t even noon yet. McDonald’s was still most likely serving coffee.

Remember when violent crime was something that mainly used to happen at night?

Crime scene tape in broad daylight

According to the Metropolitan Crime Commission, 13 people were killed in one week this month. That’s 13, in a week. That’s a murder away from averaging 2 a day. People’s lives’ are being taken like vitamins. According to the NOPD’s major offense log, there were at least 11 gun related crimes by last Friday. That’s slightly more than 2 a day even by the NOPD’s standard under-reporting. New Orleans Has a People With Guns Killing People Problem

Some say this is a result of kids not having enough to do in this city. Others argue this is the result of kids not wanting to do enough in this city.

“We definitely need sympathy for the victims,” a resident said, “but we also need to understand why this is happening.”

On WBOK’s morning show, co-host the Prof once said, “My solution is locking their asses up.”

While the community was debating, 3 people were killed in 1 apartment near City Park. This did not make the NOPD’s major offense log.

Last week, as we all know, a woman was yanked out of her car, punched, and dragged until her arm was severed in Mid City. Even our gun-less crimes are brutal.  This also happened in broad daylight. People were driving by during what looked like their lunch hour. Nobody stopped. The lady died. The kids involved were all under 18. 2 of the 4 were girls who were only 15 years old.

This happened right after the mayor’s office released a statement last week saying carjackings were down but still up compared to previous years. It left some wondering what our level of acceptance these days. I bet if you picked up your phone right now and googled, you’d probably find somebody who was recently carjacked, robbed, or fatally shot somewhere.

New Orleans Has a People With Guns Killing People Problem

Should we limit the guns on the street, or limit the people who can have access to guns? Or both maybe? Next week, we’ll look at one’s state representative’s solution. Until then, keep your car doors locked and your eyes open.

3 thoughts on “New Orleans Has a People With Guns Killing People Problem”
  1. In response to New Orleans has a People with guns Problem: The real problems are not being addressed. Both Black and white people refuse to identify the foundational problems.
    1. Guns are life drugs, they both contribute to a sizable amount to the American profit margin.
    2. The behaviors taught as far back as the 17th century where Black People were taught to hate each other is realizing those dividend today.
    3. The Cultural wars, where white culture has defeated Black Culture, are creating the bi-product for the current culture.
    Unless the Black Community wakes up, we will be lost forever and our people will become extinct, as have Black Rule.
    Keep following the Pied Piper of white culture until you won’t be able to find your way back home!
    W. C. Johnson

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