By Kenneth Cooper

So there’s this toddler, running wild in the store, unsupervised, terrorizing the aisles, parent nowhere to be found, or if nearby, staring down at their phone while all this is going on. You watch this kid, as he rips items down from the shelves, kick boxes over, shouts out gibberish with no audible regard. You think about slapping him, but of course he’s not yours, so maybe you’ll register a complaint instead. Something like, “Hey, will you come get your goddamn kid?”

But you realize that your complaint will probably be ignored – lost in a sea of dissolving neurons – or met with hostility, so you just push your basket down the aisle, choosing to mind your business instead. Later, at home, it hits you, and you’re like, Wow, this kid demonstrated all the qualities of being a NOPD Task Force officer.

While some police departments around the country seem to suffer from systemic racism, the NOPD seems to suffer from a lack of systemic supervision. That’s the synopsis of a Special Report by the Monitoring Team assigned to track the NOPD’s compliance with the federal consent decree it’s been operating under since 2012.

Task force officers routinely terrorize neighborhoods like toddlers in a supermarket, or as the report states: Community members often raised specific concerns over task forces, whose members wear distinctive military-style uniforms and are referred to throughout the City (and colloquially within the police department) as “jump out boys.” One sergeant, assigned to a community relations position, acknowledged that the task forces “are perceived by the community as jump out boys, dirty cops, the ones who are going to be brutal.”

“…the ones who are going to be brutal.”

Often this brutality goes undocumented, via shoddy record keeping, or “issues” with the body cameras. Supervisors apparently spend more time looking at their phones than they do supervising the task force they’re assigned to. The report, though general, documented a systematic failure that allows task force officers to just run wild.

The Monitors audited 4 districts over a 6-month period, November of 2019 – April 2020. They audited districts 2, 4, 6, & 7. Some highlights:

District 2:

Two sergeants’ Daily Activity Reports could not be located.

“…could not be located” (like at all, like they did no work in 6 months)

District 4:

One Task Force shift had no Daily Activity Reports from any supervisor for the entire week, although the Daily Lineups indicated a supervisor was working.

District 7:

One sergeant worked six of seven days during the audit period, but, according to his/her records engaged in almost no supervisory activity during that time. Other supervisors similarly spent significant periods of time with no records of engaging in supervisory activities. Two Task Force officers openly discussed on their BWCs “what we should do today,” strongly suggesting the officers were not given any particular mission or assignment.

Tire from crashed & stolen SUV that killed 3 and burned down historic building after unauthorized police chase

During this time task force officers also chased two minors who had stolen a car until they (the minors) crashed into a beauty salon, killing themselves and a lady who was getting her hair done. Another task force, served a warrant, i.e. possibly kicked in somebody’s door, “without supervision, without a plan, without proper uniforms, without vests, and without an appropriate focus on officer or civilian safety.” That’s the type of police work that got Breonna Taylor killed in Kentucky.

Maybe we should file a complaint. I wonder if it would be ignored or met with hostility. All tasks force operations have been temporarily suspended while the NOPD accesses the situation, and the 40 page audit ends with an 11 page declaration from the NOPD to conduct a thorough review and a vow that if the the task forces are reinstated their supervisors will do what they should’ve been doing all along — their jobs. We’ll see. Meanwhile, stay woke and tuned in.

3 thoughts on “At the NOPD – The Buck Stops At The Top”
  1. LBRC- Chief said on WBOK Radio- “Our people are in the community, we have Imbeds in nearly all community organizations”? A Freudian Slip or hmmm…
    Our Public Air Waves, Radio/TV, are hardly unpolluted!!! There has to be other explanations as to why “Personalities” rule “Facts” rather than the other way around. We agree with Chief with this Proviso- Imbeds and Propaganda run parallel! Propaganda is a mind bending lie! Contradictions reveal and expose liars! “How does a thief profess to be honest”!!! The Most High Hates Liars and “A loud rebuke is better than silent praise”!!! Lies prosper when Truth is Silent!!!
    Peace Out…

  2. Mary, Joseph and Marta Caroli- Add 3 in a Fiery Furnance…
    LBRC- Definition of Incompetence- a : lacking the qualities needed for effective action 

    b : unable to function properly /Webster/end/

    No wonder NOPD Chief is “Clueless” about what is going on in the field and actions taken by officers! Already under a “Consent Decree”, this is egregious! “Fundamental” reports are nowhere to be found? This speaks to competence! The Truth!!!

    1. How does Chief know anything, technically or in writing if officers are “Constitutional Policing”? Officers aren’t submitting “Written Reports”? Uh oh!!! We know NOPD has issues with “Basic” writing skills (Aggression? No problem!), let alone “Accurate and Truthful” ones! btw- How many years have we been hearing about these issues, which begs the question- Recruitment? Who reads at NOPD? Maybe officers and “Supervisors” aren’t writing because “Higher- ups” do not read! “Hiding” something? 

    2. Chief exclaims at media interviews- “We Constitutionally” Police? Upon examination, investigation and review of the data? “The ‘Okedoke!!! Federal Monitors say- Supervisors aren’t “Supervising” or writing! How can Chief be reading? Extrapolation?  Now we know why Chief so- called “Didn’t” know about gassing kids on a Bridge! How does the “Public” trust anything Chief says about a “Police Action”, when officers aren’t writing compulsory reports? Chief says- “We’ll correct it”? After getting caught doing…?

    3. Why hasn’t the mayor insisted on reports, or does she know they’re required? Question? How can the mayor know if NOPD is “Constitutionally Policing”? She complains about cost! Her conclusions are backed by? Confirmation and “Written Reports” aren’t there mayor! It seems, the mayor simply takes the word of Chief! How is it, the mayor didn’t insist on “Written Reports” before addressing “The Public”? Isn’t it expected ‘Dat the mayor at least know what’s been written about an issue by employees? Compounding these issues is “Hard Rock”! Uncertified  “City Inspectors” were “Ghosting” jobs. These issues were revealed via “Investigative” Media Reports. A building has collapsed Downtown! Those entrusted with “Public” safety are implicated in the loss of life of “2” Citizens (Still entombed after months)! How competent is the mayor? We like you mayor, unrelated to your competence! However…

    a.Virtual Building inspections? 

    b. NOPD are not writing “Required” Reports? What is incompetence?

    4. All is not personal Mayor and Chief! Most working adults are held to standards! Lots are “Fired” because they lack competence to meet “Standards”! Politics are jobs whereby “Rhetoric” substitutes for competence? “Feel Good” speeches, pontificating and serious looks are sufficient in place of “Deliverables”? Does the IRS allow for a lack of evidence Madam Mayor? Does ‘Dat hit home- We just ‘sayin…

    5. Sum ’em is wrong with ‘Dis ‘Pitcha! The Mayor, Chief and Office of Permits are Executively positioned departments, as well others, supervised and appointed by our beloved Mayor, who most voted for! However, there is a “Pattern” here and it speaks to competence! 2020 is no time to pontificate or for the ‘Okedoke! Some can be fooled most of the time. Sycophants kiss- up and fool “you”, ‘Simps are fooled all of the time! The literate and those who reason examine the “Record”! Incompetence only requires promotion to the level of its inadequacies”! 

    7. Citizens should get what their taxes, Public Dollars, are designated to deliver! Frankly? Y’all and “Miscellaneous” have corrupted, if not via malfeasance, our “Public Dollars”? Not your money, right? Peace Out… 

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